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(Sep 08, 2019)
Working on a site resurrection. More info will be posted to our news feed and Facebook page.
(Sep 06, 2019)
ArcheAge Unchained!
(Nov 06, 2018)
And now trion has gone bankrupt and was bought by gamigo.
(Sep 26, 2018)
Sorry. I couldn't afford upkeep. x.x When the last post was like 80 days old I had to stop renewing.
(Sep 17, 2018)
Trion killed ArcheAge it seems.
(Sep 15, 2018)
Any RP in server Ezi EU, btw? If this site is still alive, that is
(Aug 20, 2018)
I'd hope it's still alive. I just came back to Archeage in hopes of getting back into this rp
(Aug 19, 2018)
I wonder if this website is still alive... I first thought the website was gone since is gone... but it seems to still be here... Hey everyone :)
(Sep 01, 2017)
Little Chord tonight for the last time, at 8 pm central!
(Aug 26, 2017)
Farewell Tahyang Party tonight, for the entire server! (7 pm central at Little Chord area)
(Aug 11, 2017)
Little Chord will be open at 8 pm central, as usual!
(Jul 28, 2017)
Little Chord will be open tonight at 8 pm central!
(Jul 28, 2017)
RP will live on on Conviction! And we're planning a big farewell party for Tahyang :D
(Jul 28, 2017)
Laleni! Member of the Crimson Ravens! -Salute.-
(Jul 28, 2017)
But it looks like i joined at the wrong time
(Jul 28, 2017)
(Jul 20, 2017)
(Jul 19, 2017)
(Jul 19, 2017)