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Ipnyish Font

Bonus points if you can tell me what the picture says. :)

Anyway, eureka, we've done it! It took a few hours, but we've developed an Ipnyish font for easy use in all of your artistic and possibly literary endeavours throughout ArcheAge.

As some of you know, "Ipnyish" is the language of the Ipnya, an early race that lived on Erenor thousands of years ago. The letters they used in their language are still used in the other surviving languages, much like Roman letters are used by many languages throughout our real world.

The Ipnyish alphabet is based somewhat on the English alphabet with some modifications. For a chart detailing how the Ipnyish language works, please take a look at this image in our gallery. To enlarge it, just click on the image.

Some things you should know about this font:

  • C - For this letter, there's no Ipnyish equivalent. The character I've assigned to it is "ch." If a word has a C that sounds like a K, use K. If it has a C that sounds like an S, use S. If it has a CK, use a K and then a "repeater." There's a symbol in Ipni for double-letters, preventing the use of two of the same letters next to each other.
  • Q - There is no Ipnyish "Q." If a Q sounds like "K," use K instead. The symbol I've assigned to Q is "TH" because I had nowhere else to put it. This "TH" is also a soft TH, as in "thing," "thud," and "math." The other "TH" is the letter D and is assigned to it. That TH is a hard TH, sounding like "the," "this," and "though."
  • ; : - I assigned the "repeater" letter to semicolon (lower case) and colon (upper case). Use this letter in the event that two identical letters are side by side in a word, as the Ipni language (as far as I can tell) doesn't allow for repeating subsequent letters. If you wrote the word "ladder" for instance, you would type "lad;er."
  • Special Characters - I wasn't sure what to do with numbers, math symbols, currency symbols, punctuation, etc. I invented all of the special characters, trying to stay true to the style of the font, but I would recommend probably not using them unless you absolutely have to, because as far as we know, these symbols don't actually have an equivalent or a function in the Ipni language. They're just there for your convenience.

One last note:
Because it was very time consuming and somewhat difficult to create this font, when sharing it, please link people to this page ( ). If that's really inconvenient for you, please at least credit and Wanderer. Thank you for your consideration!

So, that's that. Have at it, folks!