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Community Growth

Wanderer / Oct 23, 2019
Greetings ArcheAge RP!

Just wanted to let you all know that ArcheAge: Unchained has resulted in an amazing resurgence of interest in roleplay in ArcheAge. As such, before release, the community in general as it existed then voted to dub Wynn as the unofficial NA RP server. Wynn, however, quickly filled up and character creation was for a time locked. As a result, another vote was held and a second unofficial NA RP server was declared on Kaylin! That server has also since locked.

We anticipate that both Wynn and Kaylin will become unlocked in time. To accommodate both communities, we've added some categories to the Event Calendar, and are more than happy to also start up Kaylin subforums should that be requested.

Since many EU players wanted to stay within their server's locale as well, Halnaak was voted on as the unofficial EU RP server and has already seen some RP events crop up! We have added support to the forums per request!

As the community grows, we will always welcome support and moderators. Please post to your forums, groups, servers, reddits, and what-have-you that we do indeed have an RP resource and community right here at!


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