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Wynn Server Lock (Open Windows 12th & 13th)

Wanderer / Oct 12, 2019
Per the Devs:

The Character Reservation process in the NA region was opened at 10:00am PT but endured technical difficulties for the first 30 minutes of availability. A resolution was pushed and the reservation system became fully available.

The East/West faction distribution was surprisingly close across the board, with less than 0.5% difference on some servers. NA-Wynn reached initial capacity quite quickly and was temporarily locked.

We continue to monitor the populations on Tyrenos and Denistrious and will enable similar locks when necessary.

To ensure that there are additional chances to reserve characters on ALL NA servers (both factions), we will open reservations again without restrictions in place (at least initially) on:

Sunday Oct 13th at 10:00am PDT and again on Monday Oct 14th at 10:00am PDT.

These locks and restrictions are required to ensure population evenly distributes across available servers, and most importantly to mitigate extremely lengthy login queues at release.


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