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Server Evolutions & Tahyang

Wanderer / Jul 28, 2017
As you no doubt have already heard, Trion recently announced another tide of "Server Evolutions,", which, as we all know, is fancy Trion-speak for Server Mergers.

The above linked post details what that means, but for the sake of simplicity, here are the key facts:

  • Tahyang will merge with Ollo and Salphira to become CONVICTION
  • The merger will take place on September 7th through September 9th, 2017.
  • Your properties will be returned to your inventory as pre-assembled kits. You will need to participate in a land-grab to get your land back.
  • Guilds, families, and nations will be disbanded.
  • You will lose your UCCs, but be given items to bring them back in to game.
  • Trion will be enforcing queues and AFK-kicks on the 9th to keep the traffic steady during the initial login rush.

This will not significantly affect, though it may have an impact on individual RPers. It's strongly recommended that, if housing is a key factor in your RP experience, you begin to collaborate and make plans for the change. At launch, many RPers were able to stake out claims for entire RP villages, but it took team work and some planning. There is plenty of time to begin to make those plans now.

This forum exists to help you do just that! We also have a Discord server, which you can join here:


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