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Wanderer / Jul 28, 2017
As you no doubt have already heard, Trion recently announced another tide of "Server Evolutions,", which, as we all know, is fancy Trion-speak for Server Mergers.

The above linked post details what that means, but for the sake of simplicity, here are the key facts:

  • Tahyang will merge with Ollo and Salphira to become CONVICTION
  • The merger will take place on September 7th through September 9th, 2017.
  • Your properties will be returned to your inventory as pre-assembled kits. You will need to participate in a land-grab to get your land back.
  • Guilds, families, and nations will be disbanded.
  • You will lose your UCCs, but be given items to bring them back in to game.
  • Trion will be enforcing queues and AFK-kicks on the 9th to keep the traffic steady during the initial login rush.

This will not significantly affect, though it may have an impact on individual RPers. It's strongly recommended that, if housing is a key factor in your RP experience, you begin to collaborate and make plans for the change. At launch, many RPers were able to stake out claims for entire RP villages, but it took team work and some planning. There is plenty of time to begin to make those plans now.

This forum exists to help you do just that! We also have a Discord server, which you can join here:
Wanderer / Aug 16, 2016
Greetings once more AARP!

Our third moderator named today is none other than the relatively new but obviously very heavily invested and active Keyshin of the Freehold! He's the founder of the AARP Discord channel, and will be assisting as well with forum-related mod-ship! His dedication to the continued progress and longevity of the community will be a valuable asset to us all.

Welcome Keyshin!

As usual, if you have any troubles, concerns, or suggestions, please reach out to a moderator like Keyshin, or any of our new moderators, and they will assist you!
Wanderer / Aug 15, 2016
Greetings again AARP!

We have another new moderator among us today, coming just shortly after instating Vrekka as a new moderator. Nadhiya has applied and been approved for moderatorship. Her honesty, understanding of impartiality, and conviction to providing the community with a constructive, forward-moving momentum will come in handy!

Please be sure to let her know if you have any concerns or anything requires moderator attention!

Welcome Nadhiya!
Wanderer / Aug 15, 2016
Greetings AARP!

Today I'd like to announce that we have a new moderator to the forums who responded to the need for more moderators following the news that the admin duties might be scaled back some. Vrekka has been a long-time member of the ArcheAge RP community and has long invested in the prosperity of the community!

Please give her a warm welcome to the new rank, and contact her via PM or any other methods of contact you have with her, should something on the forums or in the Skype chat require moderation! She's here to help!

Welcome Vrekka!

We still need a few more moderators, so if you're up to the task, please check out the Moderator application thread, fill out the form, and PM Wanderer.
Wanderer / Apr 27, 2016
Greetings ArcheAgeRoleplay!

Everyone knows that names are rather important to RPers as a general rule of thumb. Many still active members of this community remember rushing headstart to try to get the names that they had selected for their characters. Some transferees to Tahyang might also have realized their desired names are sometimes claimed, and anyone who has alts might have run into the same issue.

Well, in early May, Trion will be offering a name change service and freeing up the names of players who have been inactive for 7 or more months and who are under level 30. This is good news for many members of our community, so rejoice! Woop!

Wanderer / Feb 06, 2016
ArcheAge Roleplay Books

Perhaps long overdue, has finally added a section on the website primarily for the in-game text found in books throughout ArcheAge. These books are invaluable resources for lore, and are not often easily accessible in game, thus, they have been published here.

There are a few titles missing, however, as you will find if you navigate to our new section, either through the menus "Media & Extras," -> "Books," or by simply clicking here. We could use your help completing them!

Even so, the resource is finally up and running, so if you haven't had the chance, feel free to bounce over to our new books section, get cozy, and settle in for a good read.