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Nick Name: Miki
Gender: Female
Country: Chile
Hello! im Miki and please call me Miki. I love to draw, listening to music, writing and roleplaying. Im very sociable and im looking for a Rp guild on dahuta west (eu). as well on Tahyang.

As you can see im from Chile,so i do speak spanish but also english and now im learning french (just a note,i cant really speak it really well,nor wrote it >.<)

Hmm...what else? what else? Oh yeah! Dont be affrai of speak with me or RP with me whenever you want! we can RP on Archeage or in Pm (i think we can im new). just send me a PM and i will conect!

I do have Rp characters one on dahuta (Adelaida; Elf) and ((sadly)) 2 on Kyrios since i didnt know about that Tahyang was the Rp Server, but i do Rp on Kyrios too (Na, East)

Characters (uploading profiles soon on the profile place.)

Kyrios, east, NA:
Zhang-Li Profile:

Tahyang, East, NA:

Kitani's profile:
Chayena's profile:

Tahyang,West, NA:

Drystan's profile:
claire's profile (related to Drystan's) (NOT AVAILABE TO RP!)
Adelaida's profile:

Dahuta, East, EU.

Adelaida's profile:

By the way,i do have a DeviantArt account,just saying. i will upload AA profiles and drawings there if you want to see, just look at me at Cassandra55. I will also upload fanart here if i can! hehe!

(updating profile!)