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Joined: Sep 11, 2014
Nick Name: Riya
Gender: Female
Country: United States of America
State/Province: Montana
I am an Idealist: living in a dream world of thoughts and hopes. I am told I am sensitive and compassionate for others. It is true that I am empathic and live by my heart. I am a daydreamer and stargazer yet down to earth, I am spontaneous yet structured, I am effervescent yet reserved, I am sympathetic and sensitive yet cold, I am blunt and honest; will say it how it is, yet kind and caring, I am introverted yet extroverted, I have priorities yet not a clue, I am creative yet cannot focus, I am empathetic and a great listener yet have many stories to tell, I am a great supporter of others but not of myself, I am deep and thoughtful yet scattered