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I'm a pretty casual roleplayer, not having the mental capacity to keep in-character for too long without going off-track or making some stupid OOC joke. I started with DnD v 1.0 when I was 12 years old, in a group with my older brother and some of his friends - using my dad's old books. I've been doing avatar-based roleplaying for only a few years now, as opposed to full text-based experiences such as Aardwolf and Armageddon which I picked up at the age of 15.

In my eyes, nothing beats the pen and paper experience. Having all your friends there, sitting around a table, having a great time both in-character and out-of-character is wonderful in so many ways that digital RP will almost never be able to match.

If you need someone to hang out with in-character, to waste time while accumulating LP or to help you on a quest, or just RP, feel free to toss me a PM!
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