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[NA] Wynn (Unchained)

Discord Link

Does anyone have a current discord link for the rp discord for Wynn?
Small Tistan 2y
Tistan3959Small ro-monster 2y
[NA] Wynn (Unchained)

RP Locations. RP Hubs

So I've been wondering about this for the longest time in Archeage, but where's the RP hub for both factions?
Small Takaris 2y
Takaris31491Small Takaris 2y
[NA] Wynn (Unchained)

RP Server

Hey there! I've been trying to work out where the new unofficial Rp server will be because I'm almost sure that there won't be an official one. That said, I hope to see that there will be some Rp around.
Small Red Beard 2y
Red Beard113382Small Vǝǝ 2y
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