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[Pinned] Tahyang Events
Kadum Events

[Pinned] Tahyang Events

Tahyang EventsThis forum is for the planning and announcement of player-created roleplaying events. Whether it's a recurring informal tavern night, a spectacular ball, a lively festival, or a commercial attraction, RP events can unite a community ...
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Kadum Events

Night Ronin Showdown

Test your strengths in DnD friendly combat! The Night Ronin Dojo is hosting a bi-weekly event on Fridays where people may gather around, watch the tournament, drink, and make friends! This is NOT to test gear score and class against one another, b...
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Kadum Events

Farewell to Tahyang Party

Farewell to Tahyang PartySaturday 26 August5:00pm Pacific ~ 6:00pm Mountain ~ 7:00pm Central ~ 8:00pm EasternLittle Chord, Rokhala MountainsCome set aside rivalry and resentment for an evening; come together to remember and celebrate our home, Tah...
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Kadum Events

The Wedding of Emberly and Hawthorne
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Kadum Events

The Wedding of Alyria & Alyahric (Jan 27, 7:30 PM EST)

LOCATIONCONTINENTHaranyaZONERokhala MountainsNEAREST HUB FOR EASTRokhala Community CenterMAP & DIRECTINOSSee map & pictures below. The Ceremony will be held in the garden. CATERINGMini Beef MarianoplesRoasted Green Lilyut Hills Asparagus...
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Kadum Events

End of Year Celebration & LC Reopening (Dec 30, 8 pm CST)

END OF YEAR CELEBRATION Catering (food & hot cocoa) by Angelique Parch, Idylewyld Bistro."Secret Santa" gift exchange. Everybody please bring a small gift! (( an IC gift is fine ))Possibly more activities and surprises.Do I need to mention th...
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Kadum Events

Acolytes of Shatigon's 1-Year Anniversary Mirage Car Race

Join us for the celebration of our first anniversary! We will be hosting a car race in Mirage, with prizes as follows:1st place - 1 APEX2nd place - Costume3rd place - 100 goldThis event is open to all factions, and will begin at 8:00pm EST on Dece...
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Kadum Events

Little Chord (bi-weekly on Fridays 8 pm CST)

>>> We currently have job openings for bartenders & waiters! <<<>>> Contact Asheliaa (E) or Leniya (W) for info! <<<Little Chord will be open on Friday evenings every 2 weeks.Little Chord is a bar with event...
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Kadum Events

Erenor Explorers Club

*Notice posted in major cities and local pubs*Seeking Explorers!!The Eranor Explorers Club has allowed a new branch to open for fresh explorers. But we must earn official fellowships by finding and visiting over 400 places across Eranor. Seeking f...
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Kadum Events

Acolytes of Shatigon: Feast of Shatigon's Abundance

Join us in a feast of gratitude for the gifts of Shatigon and his bountiful harvest!We have rented out Regulus' Banquet Hall and grounds in Golden Fable Harbor, Sanddeep (up the stairs from where we port in), on Sunday, November 27th, from 6pm est...
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Kadum Events

Acolytes of Shatigon: Hallowtide Adventure

Ghosts of pirates are restless on Thunder Island. How will they be appeased?Sunday evening, 10/30/16, at 6PM ESTJoin us for Acolytes of Shatigon's first RP event! We will be getting the /cower emote through a RP adventure. All factions are welcome...
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Kadum Events

Iron Coin/Alestorm Hallowtide Night

Iron Coin night is moving to the other side to 2C to Alestorm for a Hallowtide party. Come dressed up if you wish or just come and enjoy your usual Monday night drink. For those who enjoy the spirit of the holiday there will be a couple of games ...
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Kadum Events

[Tahyang, IC] Hallowtide Treehouse Party

HALLOWTIDE TREEHOUSE PARTYSaturday, October 29th at 7:00 PM CDT It's a party, and you're invited!Khoshekh invites you to celebrate this most spookiest holiday of the year with friends from all around the world. Come mingle, have a drink (or two, ...
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Kadum Events

Need Opinions!

Acolytes of Shatigon wants to hold our first adventure on Sunday evening - a Hallowtide event. What time (EST) would be best? We don't want to interfere with content or other scheduled RP. We were thinking maybe 6pm?
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Kadum Events

West Eranor Confederacy Privateering (Monday Night)

You see a bulletin posted on a wall while passing through Marianople...Are you a thrill seeker looking for your next adventure?Are you green and looking to gain your sea legs?Does the thrill of sailing the open ocean excite you?The West Eranor Con...
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Kadum Events

The Lilyut Hills Moonshine Festival (2016)

Accumulate points and prizes across three days of festivities. The team of two that collects the most points will be crowned Moonshine King(s)/Queen(s).Entry Fee: 30g (15g each). Fee waived if participating in the Date Auction.Festival Officiant: ...
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Kadum Events

Summer Chord Festival - Sat-Sun Sept 17-18

[ UPDATE 09-19-2016 ] Click here to advance to pictures and talk after the event![ UPDATE 09-14-2016 ] Map of the area and more details about the games!Summer Chord is an open air (late) Summer Festival, for all to attend.The main event will take ...
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Kadum Events

Black Rose Soceity invites you to the Iron Coin Pub (Monday, 8pm Central, 8/29)

An invitation for you:Date: Monday, 8/29Time: 8th evening bell ((8pm Central))Location: Iron Coin Pub, Two CrownsGrand Opening Fun Stuff:Dirty Clipper RacingBelching ContestCliff Diving Dares((This week the Black Thorn Tavern Open House will be he...
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Kadum Events

< Multiple Guild Hosting > - The Bluefin Café -

Guilds that currently are hosting: The Relentless &amp; The Black Rose Society members are participating. Points of contact: Vorenus, Morgaine, Laearra.Location: [Tahyang West] Nuian Continent, Solzreed Province, Moonswept Bay Time: This time sl...
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Kadum Events

Movement in the darkness

The Cult of the Kraken has reclaimed thunder island! The mysterious cultist who inhabit there are secretive yet welcoming to those who are of like minds and spirits. Come for a visit or a worship session, who knows maybe the Kraken will bless you!...
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