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[Pinned] Art Resources
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[Pinned] Art Resources

So I got asked earlier today what brushes I was using during my art stream today. For years now I've been collecting brushes by various artists I follow as well as watching their videos of their speed paints and picking up tips and tricks along t...
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[Pinned] April Community Drive Challenge: Helping the RP community grow.

In the beginning, ArcheAge's roleplay community was large, spread-out, and there were three active roleplay sites and forums. With all new MMOs, populations dip around the six- to eight-month mark. Players who put gameplay before other forms of pl...
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So, I just stared playing AAU a few weeks ago. Loving the game and can see there is huge potential for good roleplay. I've seen multiple sites advertising roleplay on the AAU servers, but they all seem to be dead at this point.My question is this....
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Is it possible to center youtube videos in posts?

I'm trying to center a youtube video on my character profile, but the tags aren't working. Has anyone been able to center videos in posts?
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Small Animals Habitat

The Ferret Nation Animal Cage is the ideal home for your small pets. Great for ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and other small animals.
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Music on Your Playlist really love One Direction, I hope to hear them song altogether again.
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Why did they stop the Mirage Monthly magazines?

It seemed pretty cool, cant imagine it wasn't popular.
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Archeage Roleplay Discord Channel

Click the link to join our growing chat community!Click to join the AA Community DiscordThe Archeage Roleplay community discord was created to allow fast communication between all members of the AARP community. Whether you need to seek out current...
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Still Active

Is anyone still active on this site? I feel like its really dead. Am I just on at the wrong times or what?
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Stone Springs Restructuring

Just to let people know there is going to be a section of land demoing behind Stone Springs in Lilyut Hills , the Town Square will still be maintained but the land behind the INN will be demoed shortly . Due to members leaving the whole area can n...
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"What you just ate for dinner"

Well... "just" isn't entirely correct. But I always love food threads on forums so I can try out new stuff and stuff. ;D So, here's what I ate for dinner... A while ago.Raw stuff!So, what's everyone else eating for dinner?
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Departure Announcement

Greetings AARP,This post is to announce what some of you probably already saw coming: my (relative) departure. ArcheAge, for me, has unfortunately become less of a source of entertainment, and more of a source of stress and responsibility than I a...
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Funny videos (Safe of course)
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Request For A New Section

I wasn't sure where to put this so I decided on this area.There has been talk about a "Wanted" section being added to the forums. Could we get this added please and thank you.
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Character name!

Let's think of some unique or short name of your favourite game character.Like Jake from Tekken can be called as Joe!😋 Though 'Joe' is not unique but it's short.😀Let's try this , it will be a fun!!😃😄
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And im back!

Yes, i know, people have seen that i has been not as active as before (Due school),but now (for this 2 weeks) i will!So yeah....Hello again!
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I've returned from the grave that is work and I'm looking to reconnect and to return to growing my roots. If anyone is at all that can help me put my feet back firmly upon the ground, it'd be much appreciated.
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Upcoming (RP-Friendly) MMO worth checking out

Foreword : I have not posted here before yet I have been in Archeage for a very long time. I was a founding member of the RP guild IRON, led by Volikov during alpha and launch. I love Archeage but while time trundles onward I found myself looking ...
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Noob goes RP

Anyone know the webcomic "The Noob"? If you don't, you've been missing out on something. It's quite funny to any mmorpg player, and tackles really every situation we've all seen in mmorpgs before. If you have the time, you should read it some time...
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News: MiKi Not as Active Cuz School

MIKI WILL ROLEPLAY FOREVER! BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ!*Waves* Hey guys, I uh, you know, i think mostly everyone knows what's going on due my saying on the Skype chat, but if you don't know I'm going to say it:AND THAT'S SCHOOL DUN DUN DUU...
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