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Character Profiles

[East][Tahyang] Shifa WIP

GeneralFull Name: ShifaNicknames: Shif ShifLevel: 20 (currently leveling on Tahyang)Class: Templar/HierophantRace: FirranGender: FemaleAge: 25Hair: WhiteSkin: WhiteEyes: Pink/redBiographicalPlace of Residence: Homeless/nomadPlace of Birth: unkno...
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Shifa32066Small Shifa 5y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang West] Koryani

Full Name: KoryaniPrefered name: KoryaniOther Nicknames: Kory (though she hates being called that)Race: NuianGender: FemaleAge: Early to mid twentiesOccupation: SellswordIn-game class: ArgentSkills: Armed and unarmed combat, fishing, playing the p...
Small Ninja Queen 5y
Ninja Queen01265Small Ninja Queen 5y
Character Profiles

Tallaron [[Tahyang - West]]

Tallaron Arradion."The shadows. The dark. The majesty of Haje and his secrets. It has always intrigued me. The locked doors and what's hidden behind. The seldom spoken thoughts that shelters in vague eyes. The covert movement of imagined fears. Th...
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Talorg199248Small Talorg 5y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Ignatious

Full Name: Ignatious Alexander KrossNicknames: Iggy, Priest, (And more recently) Drunk Priest.Level: 54Class: ArgentRace: NuianGender: MaleAge: 40Hair: BlackSkin: CaucasianEyes: BrownBiographicalPlace of Residence: Place of Birth: Two CrownsRelati...
Small Ignatious 6y
Ignatious32245Small Ignatious 5y
Character Profiles

(west-Tahyang) Taegann

Taegann Full Name: Taegann River RoseAge: Always saying she is between 20 to 25Birthplace: Unknown.Birthdate: In the fall. Residence: Solzreed.Occupation: Formally privateer but currently working as a trader. ...
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Taegann147151Small Elorin 5y
Character Profiles

<East> Stridela P'kohr

GeneralFull Name: Stridela P'kohrNicknames: Stride, has also been called 'Cat' due to her race.Level: 50Class: BlighterRace: FirranGender: FemaleAge: 24 Years OldHair: Brown (Long)Skin: Light brown with Darker brown spotsEyes: HazelBiographicalPla...
Small ToasterStrudel 5y
ToasterStrudel42573Small ToasterStrudel 5y
Character Profiles

Syumara [Tahyang][East] (WIP)

GeneralFull Name: Syu'mara (pronounced S-yew-mar-uh)Nicknames: Mara, SiyuLevel: 31 (for now)Class: Outrider (Shadowplay, Archery, Battlerage)Race: FirranGender: FemaleAge: 23Hair: Dark auburn, falling in thickly rolled dreads from the middle ...
Small Syumara 5y
Syumara32169Small Hereticus 5y
Character Profiles

<Tahyang West> Skorin Ellström (WIP)

Full Name: Skorin Ulric EllströmNicknames: N/ALevel: 52Class: Stone ArrowRace: Elf, presents as Nuian or Harani.Gender: MaleAge: 78Hair: Soft, black, unkempt.Skin: Olive, a bit freckled on his face and shoulders. Eyes: Golden brown irises. The p...
Small Skorin 5y
Skorin41910Small Dorien the Gray 5y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Lorne (WIP)

“We cannot change our past. We cannot change the fact that people act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude.” GeneralFull Name: LorneNicknames: Lo...
Small Trace Amount 5y
Trace Amount31619Small Lysa 5y
Character Profiles

[West][Tahyang] Fuzzy

Full Name: Greflian (Only those who can speak to animals know this name)Nicknames: FuzzyRace: Coalmane SnowlionGender: MaleAge: Middle aged for a lionAppearances and PersonalityHair: Mane is red, black and whiteSkin: Fur is black with red spotsE...
Small Zoeyah 5y
Zoeyah116580Small Zoeyah 5y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang][East] Kitani Shengsori

"Tainted hands have always been...amusing for me."-Kitani Shengsori.- (Awesome music and maybe her theme)GeneralFull Name: Kitani Shengsori (mother's last name: Razthrelaiah)Nicknames: Kitty (Zhang-Li and Zanrek/ parents.)Level: -Class: Primev...
Small MiKi 5y
MiKi85278Small MiKi 5y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Aunette

Full Name: Aunette Tar'vielKnown Aliases: The HuntressAffiliation: Erenor UnitedNicknames: Only shortened forms of her name: 'net or AunRace: ElfAge: appears the equivalent of late 20s by human standards, roughly 125 years old by elven countAppear...
Small Elisan 6y
Elisan32296Small MiKi 5y
Character Profiles

Avicena Avitus (Tahyang West)

Avicena AvitusThe Tall. The Winter Lion. The Dawn-Blade.General InformationName Pronunciation: Ah-veh-chi-na Ah-vee-tousAge: 25Race: NuianGender: MaleWeight: 212 lbsOccupation: Guardsman employed by Esao Ravencroft (current); Militiaman of Sandcl...
Member avatar small Avicena 5y
Avicena42603Small Sersei 5y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Selae

H.P. Lovecraft, The Silver Key“Never could they realise that their brute foundations were as shifting and contradictory as the gods of their elders, and that the satisfaction of one moment is the bane of the next. Calm, lasting beauty comes only ...
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North Light32116Small North Light 5y
Character Profiles

[West] Ollivia Reed (WIP)

Charater Inspiration ImageGeneralFull Name: Ollivia ReedNicknames: OllieLevel: 30 and progressingClass: Finger WigglerRace:NuianGender: FemaleAge: 19 Hair: Raven in color and long, she keeps it pinned upSkin: Sun KissedEyes: BlueBiographicalPlace...
Small Dorien the Gray 5y
Dorien the Gray21372Small Dorien the Gray 5y
Character Profiles

Lottie Adonia [Tahyang West]

BiographicalPlace of Residence: Nowhere in particular. She hops from hostel to hostel before she can afford a place to settle down.Place of Birth: Lilyut HillsRelatives: Brother Ackley, Mama and Papa Adonia, Aunt Charlotte and Uncle WilhelmEnem...
Small Lottie 6y
Lottie32047Small Bink'ana'rios 5y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Claire Willowsong (Deceased)

"Life it's beautiful...cherish it,embrace it,never give up on life...Because you only live once."-Claire Willowsong-GeneralFull Name: Claire Miranda WillowsongNicknames: Claire (most of the people), my muse/love (Drystan), Clary (family)Level: ...
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MiKi23309Small MiKi 5y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang-West] Fyda Del'Kraz

GeneralFull Name: Fyda Del'KrazNicknames: FyRace: NuianGender: FemaleAge: 20Hair: Black and WavySkin: Dusky and softEyes: Round and EmeraldBiographicalPlace of Residence: RonbannPlace of Birth: Two Crowns, EznaRelatives: Visultio, Nates...
Member avatar small Fyda 5y
Fyda178183Member avatar small Fyda 5y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang-West] Dyarmuid Reddek

Birth Name:Dyarmuid Alexander ReddekPreferred Name: DyarmuidAlias(es): Errant InquisitorNickname(s): Dy, Dyar, Dydy-of just DdAge: 23Birthday: 16th of NovemberRace: NuianGender: MaleHair Color: Rustic BrownEye Color: Orange/AmberComplexion: Light ...
Small Dyarmuid 5y
Dyarmuid76264Small Dorien the Gray 5y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang West] Averroes Abelard

Averroes Abelard Est Inventus Esse: He is Found to Be Name Pronunciation: Ahv-air-oh-es Ah-be-lardTitles: Lord Averroes Abelard; Professor Abelard; His Honorable Justice, Lord AbelardAge: 36Race / Ethnicity: Nuian Gender: MaleOccupation: Polymath...
Small Averroes 5y
Averroes21743Small Bink'ana'rios 5y