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Character Profiles

[Tahyang] <East> Jeong Mangjol

Full Name: Jeong MangjolOther Names: Mang, JolieRace: HaraniGender: FemaleAge: 34Hair: Dark Brown, ShortSkin: Light TanEyes: AmberPlace of Residence: Jeong ManorPlace of Birth: Lutesong, VillanelleRelatives: Daughter of Jeong Hoon (deceased), niec...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang] [East] Shyala

[PROFILE PICTURE PENDING because i am TOO DAMN LAZY to DRAW A PICTURE]Name:Shyala(formerly Karin Haida)Profession: ShadowhawkHellweaver (Shadowplay, Battlerage, Sorcery)Defining Characteristics:Shadowhawk tattoo on her left arm, usually visible wi...
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Character Profiles

Tahyang {EAST} Tatyanna

GeneralFull Name: TatyannaNicknames: TatyLevel: 21Class: Shadowplay, Archery, Defence aka STONE ARROW BRORace: FirranGender: FemaleAge: 23Hair: Plum, short and playfulSkin: Mostly Black Fur, with a white face and belly.Eyes: Sea GreenBiog...
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Character Profiles

[West] [Tahyang] Gorawyn Astris

GeneralFull Name: Gorawyn AstrisNicknames: Gora, Gor, Gore, WynLevel: 37Class: SpellsingerRace: NuianGender: FemaleAge: 27Hair: Bright red, often has a flower stuck in it.Skin: Pale.Eyes: Deep brownBiographicalPlace of Residence: Stone SpringsPla...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang] Derik <West> (WIP)

GeneralFull Name: Derik Haun Nicknames: Dery Level: 24Class: SoothsayerRace: NuianGender: MaleAge: 23Hair: Dark BrownSkin: TannedEyes: Hazel/Mix of yellowBiographicalPlace of Residence: Place of Birth: Out at SeaRelatives: DeceasedEnemies: NoneAll...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Roa [MISSING]

«This profile is a continuous WIP and will be updated regularly.»Songs:Comissioned Character ThemeLingering Whisperby KeKoProSong Background Write-up and Llinos's Music Commissions InformationQuelqu'un m'a ditoriginal by Carla Bruni, cover by Chl...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang West] Celinthia Alexandria Eurus

Celinthia Theeradore_____The BasicsName Pronunciation:Cel-EN-thiaNickname(s):Cel, ThiaTitle(s):Age:27Race / Ethnicity:NuianGender:FemaleOccupation:Dancer and acrobat. Thia leans towards dance over all things. Examples
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Character Profiles

< Tahyang West > Aesar Starclaw

Guild : Black Rose SocietyRank/titles : PrivateGender : MaleRace : Nuian ElfHeight : approx. 6’5"Nickname : OwlAge : 130Skin : slightly tannedHair : sandy blondeEyes : intense aquamarineAppearance :At first sight Aesar seems to have an even more s...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Lobelia [WIP]

Voice and song she's always singing Name: Lobelia CourcelleNicknames: None yetLevel: 18Class: PaladinRace: NuianGender: FemaleAge: 20Hair: BlackSkin: PaleEyes: GreenBiographicalPlace ...
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Character Profiles

[West][Tahyang] Zoeyah

Full Name: Zoeyah Leigh Sai Zoeshi Nicknames: Zoey, Zoe-Zoe, Zoe, or Wood Nymph (given by Dya)Race: Nuian as far as Zoey knowsGender: FemaleAge: 32, however with her short height and smooth, olive skin, it can be hard to determine her age.Guild: S...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang, West] Sylvadris Caill (WIP)

GeneralFull Name: Sylvadris Caill Nicknames: Sylva, Syl Level: 19 (and constantly going up!) Class: Arcanist Race: Nuian Gender: Female Age: 19 Hair: Dark Brown Skin: Pale Eyes: Green BiographicalPlace of Residence: None Place of Birth: Unknown R...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Dion

Name: DionProfession: Warrior &amp; Sword-For-Hire Blighter (Battlerage, Shadowplay, Defense)Defining Characteristics: Features suggest he is of Haranyan descent Looks like he hasn't had a nap in his entire life, good god man y...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang] West - banaShee

((A couple of OOC Notes before I dig in. First off, this is a really dark character, and so I have a curb on anyone that wishes to RP in depth with him must be at least 18 years old in RL. By dark, I mean he will get morose. There will be topic...
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Character Profiles

(Tahyang, West, Elf) Talanthamus Kildare

Full Name: Talanthamus KildarePronunciation: Tal- ann- thay- misTitles: NoneNickname: Tal or TalanLevel: 54 and risingAlignment Trend: NeutralOccupation: Wanderer and Dabbler in Arcane Arts. Bounty Hunter and Adventurer for HireEthnici...
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Character Profiles

(Tahyang - West) Milah'ni Amosai

((Always updating - Sorry about the mess!)) *´¨)¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ вαsιcs ¤Full Name: Milah’ni AmosaiNicknames or Aliases: Milah, MimiIC Blog/Journal: Tumblr link NSFW IC Class: BardIC Professions: Songstress, adventurer, con artist...
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Character Profiles

[East][Tahyang] Kitlesel

GeneralImage created by meFull Name: KitleselOther Names: Might be referred to as Miss Kit, but not infront of other FirransRace: FirranGender: FemaleAge: 20Hair: Short black hairSkin: Her fur is black save for her chest and face, which is pure wh...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang][East] Densharra

DensharraThe BasicsName Pronunciation: Den-shah-rahFull Name: Densharra HalfmoonNicknames: 'Sharra, "witch"Title(s): In-game name: DensharraLevel: 38Class: RevenantOther skills: Race: FirranGender: FemaleAge: 19 yearsHair: short, bushy lig...
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Character Profiles

(Tahyang, East, Firran) Corvus Rakasha

Appearance Corvus is a male Firran who stands a little over 6.5 feet tall with an athletic build, silvery fur and hair and a stupid, sly smirk - notable characteristics of the loud Firran. A dark fur pattern trails all over his back, legs and...
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Character Profiles

(Tahyang - West) Elorin Strife

(Still a WIP every other day)Full Name: Elorin StrifeClass: PaladinRace: NuianGender: MaleAge: 27Hair: Dark BrownEyes: HazelAppearance Choice of Clothing: Elorin is mostly found wearing his full plate armor. If a rare occasion arise where he's inv...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Jenalyssa Variel

Jenalyssa Variel_____The BasicsName Pronunciation: Jen--uh-liss-uh * Vair-ee-elNickname(s): Jena or Jen to those close to her.Title(s): None.Age: 18Race / Ethnicity: NuianGender: FemaleOccupation: Odd jobs here and there. Currently awaiting to see...
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