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Character Profiles

Mesrop Aquitània [Tahyang West]

Note: I had to remake my account to get registered properly on AA-RP, so please bear with the duplicate character profile until the other gets deleted. Sorry!GeneralFull Name: Mesrop Aquitània de RenaultNicknames: Mesrop, Messi (childhood)Level: 1...
Small Mesrop 5y
Mesrop21269Small Cerrin Corvus 5y
Character Profiles

Mesrop Aquitània [Tahyang West]

GeneralFull Name: Mesrop Aquitània de RenaultNicknames: Mesrop, Messi (childhood)Level: 17 Class: Swordsman (IC), Darkrunner (OOC)Race: NuianGender: MaleAge: 26Hair: Reddish BrownSkin: PaleEyes: BlueBiographicalPlace of Residence: Wanderer, passes...
Small Mesrop 5y
Mesrop0840Small Mesrop 5y
Character Profiles

Tsamira [Tahyang - East]

{Please note that this is currently unfinished. This note will be removed when I consider the profile done.}GeneralFull Name: TsamiraNicknames: None yet!Level: 7 (for now)Class: {undecided, may replicate my character from another server}Race:...
Small Rael 5y
Rael0846Small Rael 5y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Liandra Tindóme

Liandra Tindóme~starlit dusk~ Full name: Liandra TindómeName Pronunciation: (li:əndrʌ) (tɪnd'omæ)Nickname(s): LiaTitle(s) / nobility: noneAge: 130 (about 25-30 in Nuian age)Race / ethnicity: High ElfGender: FemaleOccupation: tailor, alchemist, ta...
Small Liandra 5y
Liandra21337Small Dorien the Gray 5y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] - Serpentis

SerpentisThe Wandering ScholarFull Name: Serpentis Tulian MardovaNicknames: None.Level: 30Class: SwiftstoneRace: NuianGender: MaleSexuality: StraightAge: 28Hair: Dark AuburnSkin: FairEyes: CeruleanManner of Speaking: Formal, Noble-like a...
Member avatar small Serpentis 5y
Serpentis01139Member avatar small Serpentis 5y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang]<W> Sabitha

GeneralFull Name: Sabitha BelacroixNicknames: Sab, SabbyLevel: 35Class: NightbearerRace: NuianGender: FemaleAge: 25Hair: Wavy hair as red as wineSkin: White with a light tanEyes: Pale blueBiographicalPlace of Residence: DesireenPlace of Birth: A f...
Small Sabitha 5y
Sabitha01156Small Sabitha 5y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Elisan

Full Name: Elisan Haran'ElethNicknames: EliLevel: 48Class: GypsyRace: ElfGender: FemaleAge: 125ishHair: blackSkin: Sun kissedEyes: Silver blueBiographicalPlace of Residence: NonePlace of Birth: An outpost west of the ForestRelatives: Parents still...
Small Elisan 6y
Elisan53117Small Elisan 5y
Character Profiles

[WEST][Tahyang] Rusgon

GeneralFull Name: Rusgon SarroleeNicknames: Rus (I pronounce it 'Roos')Level: 55!Class: InfiltratorRace: ElfGender: MaleAge: "Young" (looks about 21-22 in human years, IS actually around 122 in elf years. Apparently.)Hair: Fairly wavy, and...
Small Lysa 5y
Lysa126953Small Lysa 5y
Character Profiles

Cerrin Corvus [Tayhang West]

Cerrin Corvus [left] and Veric [right]Cerrin Corvus..Race: Presumably Elven, though his heritage is unknown.Language: Prefers the continental dialect, Nuian secondly and elvish last.Gender: MaleAge: 34Hair: Ashen brownEyes: Amber orangeDistinguish...
Small Cerrin Corvus 6y
Cerrin Corvus105266Small Cerrin Corvus 5y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang] <W> HeavenLeigh Experience

GeneralFull Name: HeavenLeigh ExperienceName Pronunciation: Heh-ven-LeeNicknames: Leigh, HeavGuild: EternusLevel: 54Class: Shaman / arcane casterRace / Ethnicity: Elf, possibly what could be seen as a High Elf in some realms.Gender: FemaleAge: unk...
Small HeavenLeigh Experience 6y
HeavenLeigh Experience32224Small HeavenLeigh Experience 5y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Flakfizer Moore III

GeneralFull Name: Flakfizer Moore IIINicknames: Flak, Flakkie, Flak the Yak,Race: NuianGender: MaleAge: 20Hair: BlackSkin: FairEyes: BrownAppearance: Standing 5'10” Flakfizer appears to be young. With black hair and brown eyes, he has no real dis...
Small Rhett (Flak) 5y
Rhett (Flak)31728Small Rhett (Flak) 5y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang - West] Nau'uss

(( working on filling this out. Things will change and be updated as I go. TY))GeneralFull Name: Nau’ussNicknames: no one, PriestLevel: 43 with a bulletClass: Inquisitor/DervishRace: Hiram Gender: maleAge: unknownHair: SilverSkin: AlbinoEyes: Cr...
Member avatar small Masks of Reality 5y
Masks of Reality21300Small Lysa 5y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Selaesori

Selaesori Qhoran “Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.”– Edgar Allen Poe GeneralFull Name: Lord Selaesori Qhoran Nicknames: Sel, Sela, SelaeClass: SkullknightRace: MixedGender: MaleAge: ...
Small North Light 6y
North Light1610256Small North Light 5y
Character Profiles

<E> Captain Rashara Bloodraven (updatetd, didnt wanna find the old one)

GeneralFull Name: Captain Rashara BloodravenNicknames: Rasha, Bloodraven "Please gods no!"Level: 53Class: LamentatorRace: FirranGender: FemaleAge: 22Hair: Short and black (near a pixie cut)Skin: White tiger styleEyes: Large and violetBi...
Member avatar small Rashara 5y
Rashara01185Member avatar small Rashara 5y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang][East] Khali

GeneralFull Name: KhalaratriNicknames: Khali (Preferred name)Level: 20 and counting!Class: ShadehunterRace: FirranGender: FemaleAge: Young AdultHair: Black dreadlocks, arranged to stay out of her face but otherwise un-styled.Skin: Most of...
Small Khali 5y
Khali73190Member avatar small Rashara 5y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang] <West> Ethira

Biographical Full Name: EthiraAliases: Hyacis, (Ethiramissa Sarrolee - Only family knows her by this name)Appearance: She is a average sized elf. Older but not elderly elf woman with long length, light blonde colored hair and charcoal eyes. Reside...
Member avatar small Glass Feather 6y
Glass Feather2014138Member avatar small Glass Feather 5y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang][East]Nayuta Nirra

Name: Nayuta NirraProfession: Shadowhawk Assassin &amp; Thief Shroudmaster - Shadowplay/Occultism/WitchcraftDefining Characteristics: Red eyes, pale skin, and a plain, youthful appearance. For someone who relies so much on deceptio...
Small Symphonia 5y
Symphonia52984Member avatar small Rashara 5y
Character Profiles

Melkor Varrin [work in progress]

GeneralFull Name: Melkor VarinNicknames: MelAlias: The CollectorLevel: N/AClass: n/a (abolisher)Race: HumanGender: MaleAge: n/aHair: n/aSkin: n/aEyes: n/aBiographicalPlace of Residence: n/aPlace of Birth: n/aRelatives: n/aEnemies: n/aAllies...
Member avatar small Melkor Varrin 5y
Melkor Varrin31549Member avatar small Melkor Varrin 5y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Veric

VericRace: NuianGender: MaleAge: Roughly 30Occupation: Blacksmith, Supplier to Corvus CraftsFamily: None/UnknownAppearanceVeric is both tall and well built, traits which are arguably his best. His dirty-blonde hair has been bleached bright by the...
Small Veric 5y
Veric73299Small Veric 5y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang][East] Ameira Valure

--------------------------------------------------The Basics--------------------------------------------------Full Name: Ameira ValureNicknames: MiraTitle(s): She claims noneIn-game name: AmeiraLevel: 45Class: BonestalkerRace: HaraniGender: Femal...
Small Sersei 5y
Sersei0959Small Sersei 5y