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Character Profiles

Vahn Draren; "The Wanderer"

Vahn DrarenThe Wanderer The Basics Full Name: Vahn DrarenName Pronunciation: Vawn Draw-ren 1Nickname(s): The Wanderer, Wanderer, Scholar, Wandy, Treetop, Doc, Gentle Wanderer, Green, He-Green, SageAge: 23Race / Ethnicity: HaraniGender: MaleOccup...
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Character Profiles

< Tahyang West > Laearra Elensar

Full Name: Laearra ElensarNicknames: Lil Pain in the Ass, Captain Painette, LaeLevel: 55Class: Ebonsong OracleRace: ElfGender: FemaleAge: 119Hair: Midnight BlackSkin: paleEyes: Greenish blue (influenced by colors she wears)BiographicalPlace of Res...
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Character Profiles


Name InformationFull Name: WhitAliases: Piper, Vagrant, Lac, Finen, Marrow, Ranthelian, and Strum Name Origin: Whit named himself Demographic InformationRace: HaraniNationality: HaranyanBirthplace: Austera Citizenship: Various places, depending on...
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Character Profiles

Zilaira [WIP]

Zilaira----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Full Name: Manami Zilaira ShinkuPronunciation: Zill-air-ah Nicknames: Zil, Red, NamiAge: 24Race: HaraniGender: FemaleOccupation: Mercenary, Ex-Pirate, Travele...
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Character Profiles


GeneralFull Name: Ragged-TailNicknames: Level: 11Class: HellweaverRace: FirranGender: MaleAge: 23 Hair: Grey, messy and longer then his parents would usually accept, going just past his shouldersSkin: Brown fur, with white stripesBiographicalPlac...
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Character Profiles


SeiaThe Freeblood The Basics Full Name: Seia (IG: Seiya)Name Pronunciation: Say-UhNickname(s): Dustrat, Redblade, Rainbow PrincessAge: 27Race / Ethnicity: SalliumGender: FemaleOccupation: Freeblood MercenaryPhysical Details At a glance: Small bu...
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Character Profiles

Drystan- Character Breakdown [Tahyang/West]

[After 3 days of translating this into my language and finding information and so other things and still trying to stay and follow the lore (there might be things that might be off,but hey, freedom please,is not like He would turn into a overpower...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang][East] Shiroaki Kousuke

GeneralFull Name: Shiroaki KousukeNicknames: ShiroLevel: haven't created the character yet.Class: haven't decided yet :')Race: HaraniGender: MaleAge: 20 Hair: Red and long, the tips of his hair touch his shoulders.Skin: A lifetime of working ...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West]Captain Ciaran Paine II

Theme song: General Information(Publicly known)Known NameCaptain Ciaran Paine II(Pronounced Kear-ahn Pain - Audio)NicknameCAge29RaceNuianGenderMaleFamily Captain Ciaran Paine~ Biological Father (Deceased...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Erickar Avery

Erickar AveryHair : blond, with lighter streaks due a lot of sun and saltwater most of the timeEyes : the color of forget-me-not petals ringed with a thin line of indigo for who looks closerSkin : sun-kissedHeight : 6’1”Weight : 172lbsBody : a med...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Cirwen Summeraisle (WIP)

First Name: CirwenName Meaning: Lady of The WoodName Origin: Lilyut Hills LoreDemographic InformationRace: ElfNationality: NuianCitizenship: [None atm]Country: [wanderer atm]Other Land: [none atm]Class: Income: Average IncomeDebt: NoneAssets: curr...
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Character Profiles

Wanderer - Character Breakdown

Wanderer Breakdown Character Sheet300+ QuestionsName InformationFirst Name: VahnLast Name: DrarenNicknames: Green, WandyAliases: The Wanderer, or just "Wanderer"Titles: ScholarName Meaning: Vahn allegedly means "Little," and Draren allegedly means...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] - Bink'ana'rios

Zee Basics((Detailed info can be found HERE))Full Name: Bink'ana'riosNicknames: Bink, Binky, SunshineLevel: 55Class: Blade Dancer/OutriderRace: ElfGender: MaleAge: early 70sHair: BlackSkin: Fair (but scarred)Eyes: VioletSpoken Voice: V...
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Character Profiles

Bink'ana'rios [Tahyang][West] Character Breakdown

ArcheAge Breakdown Character Sheet((OMG he's really filling all 300 questions out? YES. Yes, he is!Name InformationFirst Name: BinkMiddle Name: He actually has none!Last Name: 'ana'riosMaiden Name: I'm sure Bink would make something up here, but...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Hereticus

(Character themes are popular... Right?) Name: Visultio Del'KrazNicknames: HereticusLevel: 50Class: ArcheMaster/NecromancerRace: Nuian.Gender: Male.Age: 26.Hair: Black.Skin: Russet.Eyes: Jade.B...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Toross The Hunter

GeneralFull Name: TorossNicknames: NoneLevel: 16 CurrentlyClass: PrimevalRace: ElfGender: MaleAge: 120 roughlyHair: BlondeSkin: TanEyes: GreenBiographicalPlace of Residence: Anywhere and EverywherePlace of Birth: Shrouded in MysteryRel...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang/West] Chayena

GeneralFull Name: Chayena from the Rasthrelaiah's clan. (pronounced Chayenn-e)Nicknames: Chay,Yena,Yenny.Chay-Chay.Level: 30 (and rising XC)Class: EbonsongRace: FirranGender: FemaleAge: 21Hair: short,black hair.Skin: white with white tige...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang/West] Adelaida Halestorm

General (screenshot belongs to me) "Even if i do desire peace...War is a path i must be ready for. But being ready for it is not the same what i do like war. For me,war is just a mere action to have peace by just two ways: victory or death. One pa...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Drystan Halestorm.

"My people,my family,my kin and my king...How much we are going to lose until we do something?" -Drystan Halestorm.- (Theme songs are popular,huh? XD)GeneralFull Name: Drystan (pronounced: Dres-tan.)House: HalestormNicknames: Dryst/Brother/big ...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West]Sonia Trieste

I'm literally ripping this out of the Three Bolt Star forums so forgive me for not matching the offered template!!! This only shows that I'm Bad and Not A Team Player-(This ran a little long because I don't know how to abbreviate myself. No one's ...
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