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Character Profiles

[Tahyang West] Sahadi

GeneralFull Name: JasmineNicknames: SahadiLevel: 52Class: EbonsongRace: NuianGender: FemaleAge: 20Hair: BlackSkin: DarkBiographicalPlace of Residence: Wherever she has made camp.Place of Birth: Depending on the story she wishes to tell ...
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Sahadi31697Small Rajaikann / Longshafts 4y
Character Profiles

Tahyang (West) Longshafts

NOTE: Comments ARE welcomed – both IC and OOCGeneralFull Name: Erik LongsaftsNickname: None YetClass: Fighter HealerRace: NuiaGender: Male Place of Birth: Somewhere in the Solzreed Peninsula.Relatives: Mother and Father unknown, was given up/tak...
Small Rajaikann / Longshafts 4y
Rajaikann / Longshafts2935Small Sahadi 4y
Character Profiles

Tahyang[East] Dunare {WIP}

ArcheAge Breakdown Character Sheet300+ Questions(Omit any fields that don’t pertain, or that you do not want or need to answer.)Name InformationFirst Name: DunareLast Name: SapirName Meaning: Born of the DunesName Origin: From the Solis Headlands ...
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Character Profiles

Tahyang (East) Rajaikann

NOTE: Comments ARE welcomed – both IC and OOCGeneralFull Name: RajaikannNickname: RajaiClass: FighterRace: Harani Gender: Male Place of Birth: Arcum IrisRelatives: Mother (died during childbirth) and Father (died from a fall during at construction...
Small Rajaikann / Longshafts 4y
Rajaikann / Longshafts1893Small Rajaikann / Longshafts 4y
Character Profiles

[Dahuta][East] Kahori

GeneralFull Name: Kahori Amakhaza.Nicknames: -Level: 35 (but ongoing)Class: Cleric.Race: FirranGender: FemaleAge: 24Hair: WhiteSkin: White- Snow leopard fur.Eyes: Icy-skyblue.BiographicalPlace of Residence: Wandering in Mahadevi.Place o...
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MiKi01065Small MiKi 4y
Character Profiles

Angelique Parch [Tahyang - West]

Race: ElfGender: FemaleName: AngeliqueMarried Name: Angelique ParchMaiden Name: Angelique AristonNicknames: Angel, Angie, Honey Bun(s)Apparent Age: TwentiesRank/Title in The Black Rose Society: QuartermasterSkin Color: Fair, Flawless, Freckles ...
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Little Bleue44191Small Little Bleue 4y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang West] Xilona

GeneralName: Xilona BrookNickname: XilRace: Nuian (half)Gender: FemaleAge: 23Hair: SilverEyes: Deep blueSkin: FairBiographyPlace of Birth: MarianoplePlace of Residence: White ArdenRelatives: Mother (living), Father (unknown), Siblings: two half br...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang - West] Dorien Runaz

Character Imagine InfluencesGeneralFull Name: Dorien RunazNicknames: DoriLevel: 55Class: Gypsy/Spellsong/SkullKnightRace:ElvenGender: FemaleAge: 173 Elven Years, but looks like a 21-22 year old in Human yearsHair: Ebony in color and past her shoul...
Small Dorien the Gray 5y
Dorien the Gray138374Small Dorien the Gray 4y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang][Nuia] Nerridia Ash'aar

~~~~~~~~~~~~Stats and Misc Information~~~~~~~~~~~~Name: Nerridia Ash'aarAge: She doesn't know her exactly birthday but she looks to be around 20.Height: 5'4Weight: 115 lbs.Hair: Nerridia's hair is raven black in color and cascades down to her uppe...
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LittleShinStabber01045Small LittleShinStabber 4y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang] [Nuia] Auréliane Blood-Fire

ArcheAge Breakdown Character Sheet300+ Questions(Omit any fields that don’t pertain, or that you do not want or need to answer.)Name InformationFirst Name: AurélianeLast Name: Blood-FireNicknames: Commonly called "The Soulless warrior with a Pale ...
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Character Profiles

[ Tahyang West] Elisandrinette Kataleya Antoniea Von'Arkton

First Name: Elisandrinette Middle Name: Kataleya AntonieaLast Name: Von'ArktonNicknames: Elise or ElisandreTitles: Duchess or DuchesseRace: NuianNationality: NuianBirthplace: MarianopleClass: NobleIncome: Above Average income inheritance from her ...
Small Elisandre 4y
Elisandre31518Small Teg 4y
Character Profiles

[Dahuta][Tahyang][East] Yumeji

YumejiHithaerien (Daughter of Sea Mist)Harani nameYumejiElven nameHithaerienPlace of birthTigerspine MountainsNationalityHaraniAge19AffiliationsDahutaRPHistoryTwenty or so years ago Kanai Asami, a young daughter of a prosperous merchant, was visit...
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feanturi31551Small feanturi 4y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang - East] Akane

GeneralFull Name: Akane Kuromori (Pronounced: AH-kah-nay koo-row-MORE-ee)Nicknames: Miko (her most recently adopted alias)Level: 25Class: Edgewalker (Occultism, Vitalism, Auramancy)Race: HaraniGender: FemaleAge: 17Hair: BlackSkin: Somewha...
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NorthWulf9431450Small NorthWulf94 4y
Character Profiles

[Tahyang - East] Abyad

GeneralFull Name: AbyadNicknames: No. Just Abyad. He's a little odd that way.Level:Class: Battlerage, Shadowplay, VitalismRace: FirranGender: MaleAge: Young adulthood. Not even he knows his exact birthdate.Hair: Snow white, styled into medium size...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang West] Sydarian

(There will be pictures coming down the line. Or if anyone gets any decent ones let me know!)GeneralFull Name: SydarianNicknames: Darian (by his parents), Level: Over 9000! (No, just kidding. I would have to update the number a little too often, t...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang East] Azande Rhakshakan

Name InformationFull Name: Azande RhakshakanNicknames: SunmaneAliases: None as of yetTitles: Senshi-kai. Senshi loosely translates to "Clan Blade", making Azande a sworn-sword to a Firran Mahra. It is comparable a Thane's status in more modern fe...
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Character Profiles

Snowberry [Tahyang East]. With footnotes.

Biography/HistoryShe has pure white fur and is named after the Snowberry plant, a shrub that bears clusters of white berries, and also in honor of Mulberry; their parents are very close friends and regard each other as family. As a small child she...
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Character Profiles

Shoben Ukiyo (Tahyang-East!)

Small Ukiyo 6y
Ukiyo95056Small Ukiyo 5y
Character Profiles

Kialya S.Nitya

((Heyas! This is my 1st Bio for Archeage, sorry if it's not my best. also; I hope Wanderer doesn't mind, i sorta mixed the basic bio template with the 300+ questions one so It'd fit well for me. Anyways, hope you enjoy reading it! :) ))GeneralFull...
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KialyaS.Nitya01205Small KialyaS.Nitya 5y
Character Profiles

Sahan <New RP'er Tahyang EAST>

GeneralFull Name: Sahan (Sah- Han)Nicknames: Level: 25Class: Blighter Race: FirranGender: MaleAge: 25Hair: Black hair Skin: Blue and black stripeEyes: Emerald green BiographicalPlace of Residence: Anywhere he can lay dow...
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