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Character Profiles


GeneralFull Name: BehraalNicknames: BehRace: FirranGender: MaleAge: 37Hair: Long, thick and blackSkin: A dark blue, with black spotsEyes: RedBiographicalPlace of Residence: Mahadevi – City of TowersPlace of Birth: Mahadevi – City of TowersRelative...
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Character Profiles

Nightwing, The Honor-bound Vigilante

→ GeneralReal Name: Kept privateGoes By: NightwingAlias/Nicknames: NoneOccupation: Guild Leader→ PhysicalRace: HaraniGender: MaleAge: 24Hair: Black/BrownSkin: FairEyes: AmberHeight: 5’5”Weight: 135 lbsDistinguishing Marks:Large burn across his lef...
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Character Profiles


This is for my Launch Character for when the game releases!GeneralFull Name: Arieko MahuiNicknames: AriLevel: 1 - 50Class: Skullknight // Justicar // Paladin // Abolisher // Templar (?)Race: HaraniGender: FemaleAge: 19Hair: Silver (Dyed purple occ...
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Character Profiles

Ukko Tanang (WIP)

GeneralThis is a work in progress – several things may be subject to change as I won’t know what properly fits in with the lore etc until beta.Full Name:Ukko Tanang (Subject to change)Nicknames: The Ragged BardLevel: - None yetClass: Gravesinger(O...
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Character Profiles

[Dahuta]<East> Umkankik

GeneralFull Name: Umkankik of Clan SabrefangNicknames: KikLevel: 52Class: outriderRace: FirranGender: MaleAge: 39Hair: Jet blackSkin: Jet black furEyes: YellowBiographicalPlace of Residence: Mahadevi coastPlace of Birth: Falcorth plainsRelatives...
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Character Profiles

Soaps: Guardian of the Order of Evernight

Name and Nickname: Lathe "Soaps" BiosasGender: MaleAge: 24Race: Nuian, but rumoured also Elven by the time of his appointment in Evernight.Height: 6"4.Hair Color: Unknown.Eyes: Hazel, but rumoured bronze and gold by folk-lore.Origin: Having drifte...
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Character Profiles


(Work in progress)Name: IshamaelRace: ElfSex: MaleAge: 23Occupation: Voodoo AssassinClass: Hermit- 185 lbs.Height: 5'11"Hair color and style: Long Dark Hair.Eye color: Red (From dabbl...
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Character Profiles

Jukar "Spiral" A'sil

GeneralFull Name: Jukar A'sil(As a habit, Jukar tends to casually gloss over giving his name.)Nicknames: Spiral(If pushed, he will be irately offer this as an unfavorable nickname.)Level: 40Class: Reaper(Currently)Race: FirranGender: MaleAge: 33Ha...
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Character Profiles

Miyuna Roshu (WIP)

((WIP subject to minor changes))GeneralFull Name: Miyuna RoshuNicknames: "Miyu", "Mimi"(her mother is usually the only one who calls her this though)Level: -Class: Athame Race: HaraniGender: FemaleAge: 19Hair: Dark chocolate brownSkin: Fai...
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Character Profiles

Milo Aiken

GeneralFull Name: Milo Aiken.Nicknames: "Psycho", "The Twisted".Level: -Class: Battlerage, Shadowplay, Auramancy = Darkrunner.Race: Nuian.Gender: Male.Age: 23.Hair: Brown.Skin: Light.Eyes: Green.BiographicalPlace of Residence: -Place of Birth: -Re...
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Character Profiles

Rad Baenmore

GeneralFull Name: Rad BaenmoreNicknames: Rad "Bane"moreLevel: -Class: -Race: NuianGender: MaleAge: 32Hair: BlondeSkin: FairEyes: BlueBiographicalPlace of Residence: (Will be filled in once playing)Place of Birth: (Will be filled in onc...
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