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GeneralFull Name: Kieron YukiaNicknames: KiLevel: --Class: DarkrunnerRace: FirranGender: MaleAge: 22Hair: Faded BlueSkin: FurEyes: Dark blueBiographicalPlace of Residence: None, adventuererPlace of Birth: Skyfang VillageRelatives: 1 younger brothe...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang] [East] Rikoako

(( Under Construction ))
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Character Profiles

Dainichi the Storyteller (EU - Eastern Faction)

I haven't fleshed out the little details yet but I've come up with a storyteller character that I intend to play come release on whatever server the EU RP community designates as 'home'. Working on a little stock of stories and thought it might be...
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Character Profiles

Ajit Song - (NA / Eastern Faction)

My Five Voices Speak for HonorName: Ajit Race: HaraniSex: MaleAge: Twenty FourProfession: Deadly Individual Weight: One Hundred and Forty Five PoundsHeight: Five Foot NineHair: Black and shining, long and carefully oiled.Eye Color: Stormy Grey Clo...
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Character Profiles

Keelut Dragontooth (Eastern character)

Name: Keelut DragontoothBirthname: Teskaza tomokishiAge: --Height: 5’9inWeight: 140lbsRace: Harani/ NuianClass: Blade Dancer/Berserker (possibly)Profession: Pirate Captain/ Pirate Hunter/ co-owner of Tavern and Inn (guild leader)Weapon of Choice: ...
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Character Profiles

Silas "Wolf" Kard

An Artist's depiction of Silas. Silas KardKnown as: "The Wolf" / "Sea Wolf" / "Dread Captain"Physical Age: 30Real Age: 33Gender: MaleRace: NuianClass: [ Shadowplay / Arc...
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Character Profiles

Serilda Fallon

GeneralFull Name: Serilda FallonNicknames: ''Sadistic'' Serilda, ''Sinister's Lady''Level: -Class: Witchcraft - Shadowplay - Vitalism: Assassin (Not for sure)Race: NuianGender: FemaleAge: 32Hair: Dark Red / ScarletSkin: FairEyes: Dark Gr...
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Character Profiles

Elaurien Tardariel, The Former Captain

GeneralFull Name: Elaurien TardarielNicknames: Cap, Level: 10Class: PrimevalRace: ElfGender: MaleAge: 26Hair: BlackSkin: PaleEyes: BlueBiographicalPlace of Residence: RoamerPlace of Birth: Gweonid Forest Relatives: Elwyn Tardariel, MotherGomoth...
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Character Profiles

Cailda The War Matron

GeneralFull Name: Cailda (takes no surname)Nicknames: Cail. War Matron. Cai.Level: TbaClass: DoomlordRace: FirranGender: FemaleAge: TBAHair: BlackSkin: White leopard Eyes: RedBiographicalPlace of Residence: TbaPlace of Birth: UnknownRe...
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Character Profiles

Nea 'The Iron' Larch

GeneralFull Name: Nea LarchNicknames: The iron , Stone maidenLevel: 29Class: Hellweaver Race: haraniGender: FemaleAge: 31Hair: Turquoise Skin: PaleEyes: Yellow]BiographicalPlace of Residence: Lutesong Harbour Place of Birth: City of T...
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Character Profiles


GeneralFull Name: Vran'Dul Nicknames: None Level: Class: FarmerRace: FirrenGender: MaleAge: Does not knowHair: Has dark brown dreads, one of the strands that hangs over the right side of his face has woodens braded in. it goes , red blue ,blue, re...
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Character Profiles


THERE WOULD BE AN IMAGE HERE IF NOT FOR ME BEING UNABLE TO GET INTO ARCHEAGE AT THIS MOMENT, SORRY FOR THE INCONVINENCE!!! Name: SavinyaAlias(s): The Heartless Vyxn, Vyxn, Domitor Vajra (Tamer of the Vajra), SaviRace: HaraniGender: FemaleAge Appe...
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Character Profiles

Setau "Naskoche

OMEGA WORK IN PROGRESSName: Setau Naskoche (Set-ow Naas-kow-chee) || Nicknames: DarkfurAge: 35 || Race: Firran || Gender: MClass: TBD (Possibly Solder- Battlerage/defense/auramancy)Occupation: TBD || Guild: n/aComing Soon...Coming Soon...Player Al...
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Character Profiles

Fenuth Omil, The Grey Sailor

Physical Description:At 5' 11", Fenuth was no particular giant. His caramel skin, pockmarked by small recent scars, was pulled tight over lean muscle acquired from his tenure as a deckhand. Fenuth's neck bore a tattoo of a black serpent coiled aro...
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Character Profiles


GeneralFull Name: Qilin EzichenNicknames: Barmaid, Girl, Wench, Blondie, Violet, ect.Level: NAClass: Monk (Vitalist//Necromancer//Songweaver) (?)Race: HaraniGender: FemaleAge: 19Hair: Strawberry BlondeSkin: Pale Golden TanEyes: VioletBiographi...
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Character Profiles


How I imagine her looking out and about!GeneralFull Name: Yang AikoNicknames: YangyLevel: 1-50Class: Abolisher / PaladinRace: HaraniGender: FemaleAge: 16Hair: Long, wavy blonde hairSkin: FairEyes: GoldBiographicalPlace of Residence: Whatever inn s...
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Character Profiles

Raxus Omaritau

General:Name: RaxusSurname: OmaritauRace: ElfSex: MaleClass: Cultist / ZealotSexuality: None yet open mindedAge: Unknown, does not believe age should be countedTheme: Noah Movie clip - I'm not alone (2014)Story Line/Background:Raxus Omaritau was b...
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Character Profiles

M'ya "Wolfish" Sandpaw

((WIP))GeneralFull Name: M'ya SandpawNicknames: Wolfish, Mia(for those who can't quite pronounce the name 'M'ya' correctly)Level: (Currently) 27Class: (Currently) AbolisherRace: FirranGender: FemaleAge: 24Hair: Light blueSkin: Fair, with leopard...
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Character Profiles

Chiqui Jalayir

The Basics• Full Name: Chiqui Jalayir• Nickname(s): Chi, Kitten, Beast• Title: Druid, Sand-Priestess, Lion-Speaker• Age: 19• Birthday: April 13th• Species: Firran• Nationality: Plains Nomad• Sex: Female• Gender: Female• Preferred Pronoun(s): She/H...
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Character Profiles

Malcolm "Maverick" Hall

General(Malcolm in his earlier years as a mercenary.)Full Name: Malcolm Robert HallNicknames: (the) Maverick / "Mav" / MalLevel: ~25 [Alpha]Class: Liberator [Combat/Defense/Archery]Race: NuianGender: MaleAge: 32-33Hair: Coal BlackSkin: Fair-skinne...
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