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[Pinned] Concerning Account Errors

Concerning Account ErrorsThis subforum is best for dealing with overarching website errors, primarily concerned with theme and CSS errors, as the hosting is managed by an entity outside of our control. If you are having issues with your Shivtr acc...
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Wanderer11403Small Wanderer 7y
Feedback & Errors

Old Shivtr account

My account is an old shivtr account that i made when i was in the slaughtered donkey guild. I'm considered an 'ally' here, displayed in the upper right next to my profile name. The old Slaughtered Donkey website is now gone/deleted and I no long...
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Rhett (Flak)4920Small Wanderer 1y
Feedback & Errors

Vote: How about a refreshing new layout?

Hey AARP!So, I dunno about you guys, but I get real tired of site layouts after a while. This one, for all of the labor that went into it, is comfortable and familiar, but... I'm tired of it. I was thinking of possibly working on a new theme for t...
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Feedback & Errors

Regarding Miracles

There seems to have been some grave error. I made a post laughing at my own character and a goofy dance I had him do IC'ly only to be treated with disrespect and be sent a letter asking I don't do such things again. And the fact that the post was ...
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Alchuilas187127Member avatar small Lofn 5y
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Feedback & Errors

On Removing the Primary and Secondary tags from server names.

Is there any way we can get the 'secondary' and 'primary' tags removed from Lucius and Tahyang, respectively? The idea that Lucius is a secondary server is likely to inhibit the growth of RPers here, as everyone is going to funnel into a server if...
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Kasimir6745495Member avatar small Tigrera 6y
Feedback & Errors

Access issue for two weeks.

Not sure what is up with the forums but I've had access issues for the last two weeks. By access issues I mean the page is so slow to load for me that it eventually times out, this is the first time I've been able to login without a timeout error...
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Chiela31941Small Wanderer 6y
Feedback & Errors

A request

I was wondering if the Announcements and Bulletins sub-forum could get a pinned feedback thread similar to the one on the Stories sub-forum. It would be greatly appreciated! I would prefer the thread I made to not have any excess posts, but I stil...
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Feedback & Errors


I was curious about what people might think about an All Game Topic section. A place to talk about the last games coming out whatever they are. I know alot of us are watching Everquest Next Round Table and some are keeping an eye on Black Dessert...
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CrimsonWolf21569Small Calli Tahmo 6y
Feedback & Errors

Feedback: Font size & forum colors

I hope I'm not out-of-line with this post, and I apologize if I am. But wanted to ask if there's something that can be done to make the tiny font larger, as well as a brighter hue? I find it difficult to read the forums without suffering from eyes...
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Feedback & Errors

Help us grow!

Hello Roleplayers and Visitors alike!Now that we're up and running, it's important to us to keep this community thriving and healthy. In order to do that, we want to get more people involved in the community and more people signed up to our site. ...
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