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[Pinned] [Venue Profile] The Royal City of Ezna [WIP]

EZNATHE ROYAL CITY Various taverns are spread throughout the city. There's one at the southeastern edge of the Commercial District, frequently hosted as The Black Wolf Tavern «CLOSED»...... another that lies in the midst of the Crafting District,...
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[Pinned] Venue Profiles
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[Pinned] Venue Profiles

Please use this forum for highlighting RP venues and destinations, both public, private, and open world. Give these posts the subject [Venue Profile]. What should a venue profile include? A marketing announcement or bulletin (IC) Map and Direct...
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[Pinned] [Venue Profile] City of Towers

Hey Easties! Many in the community have been pushing City of Towers as the main RP hub of the East. This is because of a variety of reasons such as its myriad of well furnished and NPC populated buildings and areas, its convenient location in the ...
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[Pinned] [Venue Profile] Crescent Throne

I will update this post with additional information as details for Crescent Throne are planned out by the community.The MapPoints of InterestCentral SquareThe Flying Keg TavernSleeping Dryad InnWandering Bard InnThe Royal Stash WarehouseGilded Dar...
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[Venue Profile] The Iron Coin Pub [Tahyang, West]

((The pub is located in Southern 2C - Ketryn usually keeps it's doors and windows thrown wide open so visitors can drop by whenever they wish (Open To Public). There is a limited store of complimentary drinks, jars of roasted peanuts, and jars o...
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[Venue Profile] The Drunken Dragon

After a brief period of transition, it is my great pleasure to announce the reopening of the Drunken Dragon Tavern at its new location in Northern Ahnimar! While maintaining some of its original features, the Dragon - as its sometimes referred t...
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Guild Hall Bounty Board

Location: NightRaiders Guild Hall NightRaid is known for taking on or tracking certain requests, jobs, or bounties for any region. Rewards usually depend on the requesters' class, wealth, and location. For example, if the bounty was in another co...
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Fast Ship Wanted For HireSunday the 4thShip needs to be capable to carry a large group of people. Need to sail to multiple points.Send owl to Crow
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[Wanted Poster] Dahuta East

Multiple wanted posters have been hammered into the bulletins of City of Towers and few small towns in Mahadevi, but has not quite made its way into Queensgrove.. Yet. On the poster, it is said that there have been frequent sightings of a large ma...
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[ Dahuta East, Flyer ] NightRaiders

*multiple flyers have been sloppily pinned to bulletin boards in City of Towers as well as smaller towns and ranches throughout Mahadevi, some messily soaked with black and blue ink, some with knives shoved deep into them*- If you're interested,...
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[Flyer, Tahyang East] Watermist Plaza

*Multiple flyers have been scattered through the wind, reaching various regions. They feature a view of what seems to be a nifty little town, with some construction in progress, and a list of services. On the back, there is a map.*A homeless man w...
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The Last Resort

*Flyers have been posted on nearly every bulletin board in every town, city, and along the road. Advertising The Last Resort bounty office located in White Arden.* "The Last Resort bounty office. Professionals tracking down criminals, loved ones, ...
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Feng's Deep Red Winery

The storefront to purchase wine or relax with a glass and a book. Tahyang , East
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Black Rose Society's Annual Beach Party

When: Monday, Aug 8Time: usual tavern time, starting about 7:30 CSTwhere: to the beach and join us for a lake side cookout with fun and games. Dance on the beach, go fishing...have a barrel...
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[Venue Profile] Angelique's Idlewyld Bistro & Catering [Tahyang, West]

Angelique's Idlewyld Bistro and Catering (Tahyang, West) A flyer for the following venue can be found in all major cities and homesteads:Idlewyld Bistro in Two Crowns:Sit in reverie and watch the changing color of the idle waves of the Moonswept l...
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[Reladia] Notice Posted

The baron has vanished, and a new steward has risen. Does the scarred elf have anything to do with it, or are more sinister forces at work?
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[Rumor] Raids from the West

Tavern talk and banter around the streets of Carnord echo talk of the Firran tribesman upon the plains of Windscour, talk of raiders and thieves. Not the usual criminal element one may be used to, but enemies of the West, riding out of no where, ...
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[Venue Profile] Alestorm Pub

Alestorm Pub: The brother tavern to the Roses' Black Thorn! When Captain Painette in the Arse, Laearra, can't open the doors there, her bro, Captain Paine in the Arse, C, lets the masses come drink all of Ketryn's Spice Rum and Growlgate's finest...
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[Event flyer] Time to go strong and beautiful

UPDATE: since a person important to me has to work that evening and can only make it later, I cannot do anything but adjust the clock.This event will take place at 8PM Central, NOT 6PM as scheduled before. You are all welcome, but if you decide to...
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[Rumors] Drama in Stone Springs

Variations of a conversation overheard throughout Nuia:A: "I heard that mongrel Selaesori fled Lilyut."B: "Really? Why would he do that after that publicity stunt they pulled for Hallowtide?"C: "I heard about that. My friend said it was /real/. Th...
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