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[Pinned] [Venue Profile] The Royal City of Ezna [WIP]

EZNATHE ROYAL CITY Various taverns are spread throughout the city. There's one at the southeastern edge of the Commercial District, frequently hosted as The Black Wolf Tavern «CLOSED»...... another that lies in the midst of the Crafting District,...
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[Pinned] Venue Profiles
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[Pinned] Venue Profiles

Please use this forum for highlighting RP venues and destinations, both public, private, and open world. Give these posts the subject [Venue Profile]. What should a venue profile include? A marketing announcement or bulletin (IC) Map and Direct...
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[Pinned] [Venue Profile] City of Towers

Hey Easties! Many in the community have been pushing City of Towers as the main RP hub of the East. This is because of a variety of reasons such as its myriad of well furnished and NPC populated buildings and areas, its convenient location in the ...
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[Pinned] [Venue Profile] Crescent Throne

I will update this post with additional information as details for Crescent Throne are planned out by the community.The MapPoints of InterestCentral SquareThe Flying Keg TavernSleeping Dryad InnWandering Bard InnThe Royal Stash WarehouseGilded Dar...
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[Venue Profile] The Fox's Bluff (Two Crowns)

The Fox's Bluff (Wynn West)Welcome to the Fox's Bluff, located on the eponymous cliffside just south of Ezna, Two Crowns. Previously a humble cottage, it has now expanded and can accommodate several guests, whether they are passersby or regulars....
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[Venue Profile] The Open Palm (Mahadevi)

The Open Palm (Wynn East)The Open Palm is a gathering place for travelers and regulars alike. Enjoy delicious food and drink before heading home or onto your next adventure! The Open Palm has a variety of seating options, both indoor and out, as w...
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[Venue Profile]Sweetbriar Teahouse & Inn

Location: TBDDate/Time: TBAFaction/Continent: Nuia/West(but Easterners can sneak)Host: Eiluned☼ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ☼ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ☼ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ☼Come one, come all to the opening of the Sweetbriar Teahouse & Inn! We're a brand new establishment loo...
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News from Mahadevi Port

News from Mahadevi PortThe current Mayor of Mahadevi Port, Jinreo Mikat, has raised concerns over a breach of a historic Port-Crown Accord by an individual named Nesu Thampsis, late this week. Thampsis, a man under the employ of Amarendra IV's roy...
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Due to recent events, rumor runs rampant through Mahadevi of a winged Warborn sighted flying through the skies of Mahadevi. There have been positive sightings recently in the City of Towers itself.Posters and fliers have appeared in Mahadevi, cour...
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[ic] [Event summary] [Wynn] Leng's event news paper! (warning: Unedited)

Wanderer is brought to near tears as people joke about the nature of the event, starting around 10 minutes late he walks to the podium. calling the names of each person they stand up and say something along the lines of "here". Soon the auction is...
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[Venue Profile] The Open Palm

The Open Palm (Wynn East)The Open Palm is a gathering place for travelers. Enjoy music, food, and drinks and relax in the hot springs before heading of on your next adventure. Owner: Kora SunHost: North LightBartenders & WaitstaffSturdy WaveKe...
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The West-Ishvara EyeWARBORN BLOODSHED IN ARCUM IRIS - SUSPECTED RADICALS ON THE RUNLast night four suspicious Warborn were stolen from the West-Ishvaran authorities in Arcum Iris. The perpetrators are dangerous radicals. They were last seen fleein...
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[Rumor][Venue Profile][Wynn] Jungle Nook

Those passing through The City of Towers, one may hear one of many rumors of a new pub on the edge of town. “I think it's called the Jungle Nook.”“If you head out the eastern gates and head south, I’ve heard it is on the right hand side.”“It does...
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[Wynn] [Poster] ♦ Jackdaw Enterprises ♦ [East/West]

Found crumpled on the streets of Enza's harbor, flown smack-dab in your face on a particularly strong breeze in Solzreed, shoved in your pocket by a shady individual you'd otherwise assume to be a thief, or sticking out of the crate of a nearby t...
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[Venue Profile] The Iron Coin Pub [Tahyang, West]

((The pub is located in Southern 2C - Ketryn usually keeps it's doors and windows thrown wide open so visitors can drop by whenever they wish (Open To Public). There is a limited store of complimentary drinks, jars of roasted peanuts, and jars o...
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[Venue Profile] The Drunken Dragon

After a brief period of transition, it is my great pleasure to announce the reopening of the Drunken Dragon Tavern at its new location in Northern Ahnimar! While maintaining some of its original features, the Dragon - as its sometimes referred t...
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Guild Hall Bounty Board

Location: NightRaiders Guild Hall NightRaid is known for taking on or tracking certain requests, jobs, or bounties for any region. Rewards usually depend on the requesters' class, wealth, and location. For example, if the bounty was in another co...
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Fast Ship Wanted For HireSunday the 4thShip needs to be capable to carry a large group of people. Need to sail to multiple points.Send owl to Crow
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[Wanted Poster] Dahuta East

Multiple wanted posters have been hammered into the bulletins of City of Towers and few small towns in Mahadevi, but has not quite made its way into Queensgrove.. Yet. On the poster, it is said that there have been frequent sightings of a large ma...
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[ Dahuta East, Flyer ] NightRaiders

*multiple flyers have been sloppily pinned to bulletin boards in City of Towers as well as smaller towns and ranches throughout Mahadevi, some messily soaked with black and blue ink, some with knives shoved deep into them*- If you're interested,...
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