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[Pinned] The Story Feedback Thread

Hello AAR!It's come to my attention that there are occasionally comments on some stories made in this subforum that might disrupt the flow of a story. While some authors don't mind overmuch, others might, so I am creating this thread as a general ...
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[Pinned] Subforum Purpose
Stories, Journals & Roleplay

[Pinned] Subforum Purpose

Subforum PurposeThe purpose of this subforum is to house character journals and non-interactive stories that you have written. Interactive RP threads go in the Open World forum. Your character's private musings have a home here.Miscellaneous meta ...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

Song of Life (Ashe's Life & Past)

This story will be covering all 3 of my characters, starting with a short introduction, and going through the story of Ashe's quest to find out about her past, and her family.PREVIOUSLY KNOWN ABOUT ASHELIARace: HaraniDate of birth: October 13, 199...
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Waste's Journal

This small, leather-bound book was a gift from some time ago. It is weathered by use. One could call it well-loved. The writing inscribed within reveals an evolution in language and penmanship; its earliest pages messy and rife with misspellings w...
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Departing winds. (Drystan and Adelaida's life nowdays.)

((HELLO! you missed me? *gets shot* i guess not.Well, first of all, yes! an actuall story of the Halestorm's siblings! Yay! And this one has more than one chapteeer! Second, im ful with exams so i might update not so regularly buuut i will of cou...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

[Journal] Beasts of Eranor

((OOC: This journal is meant to be a collaboration of effort from a weekly RP event to take place Sunday evenings at 8PM central. It is meant to be a non-tavern, non-pvp*, rp event where anyone who wishes to join can come and go as they please. Th...
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Zadyria's Origins

I was born in the shadow of the Green Lord in Gweonid Forest. I was not a typical elven child. Most elves of our Age are fierce warriors, raised in martial arts and magic. I have invariably been of a more scholarly nature. While the other chil...
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Shattered Heart

(OOC: If you please, hear this while reading! Also put it in auto repeat for more feels. ) Tension. The only thing that Drystan was able to feel with exactitude was tension. In the air, in his breathing, in everything that surrounded him, he co...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

The journal of Erik Longshafts

The journal of Erik Longshafts (OOC Information only unless you were there or were told)09/31I feel that I need to start recording the events of my life, or at least those that have some meaning to it, such as this pesky Owl that kept screeching e...
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A Chord of Love (Ashe's Love Story)

SOME TIME, BEFORE THE SUMMER CHORD FESTIVAL......there was a girl who fell in love. She was the hostess of a music bar called Little Chord, and she was working very hard on preparations for the big open air Summer Chord Festival that was gonna tak...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

The Writings of Rajaikann

The journal of Rajaikann (OOC Information only unless you were there or were told)Sitting in his room at the Inn, Rajaikann pulls out a long slender tube with straps. He unfastens on end and tilts it, allowing a second smaller parcel containing h...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

First steps to a changing of life: Love will strike?! (Adelaida and Drystan's rambling)

[THIS IS A POST FOR BEFORE ASHELIA'S EVENT! please not this is a recient event and a lot of things stated in the character profiles as changed due Icly interactions. Bear with me since i am no writer or native english speaker!At least! enjoy!-MiKi...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

[Journal] Zahu "Do What Thou Wilt"

NOTE: Comments ARE welcomed – both IC and OOCGeneralFull Name: ZahuClass: SorceryRace: Harani Gender: Male Place of Birth: Arcum IrisRelatives: Mother’s name was Ellien; Father was unknown; Had one Sister (Giyana); all relatives died w...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

The Sheep Tattoo. (Drystan's rambling)

(For the ones who doesn't know, this is a journal/narration of a certain event that its happening in a plot (made by the awesome Nadhiya!) with our favourite grumpy ooded elf; Drystan! *coughs* Well. i was saying, this is a narration. Please enjoy...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

To Clip An Angel's Wings [Angelique's Musings and Memories - Tahyang - West]

“You seem the type that would be eaten alive in that environment. How did you do it?”“I had to adopt a different demeanor, I had to become a warrior.”“You put on a mask?”“It’s not a mask. It’s real. You have to do what you can to survive.”_____...
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[Wanderer's Journal] 08-08-XX

08-08-XXI am a father.Since we first discovered that we were with child, some seven or eight months ago, Saeva and I were filled with trepidation and excitement in equal measure. This wasn't the first time, but fate, if one were to invest in such ...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

A Story of Revenge.

((This is a roleplay forum post. Each character was played by their respective player. I was only the writer for the Nerridia parts. I have seperated each post with a line and of course if any of the players are out there. One, HIYA! And two, ...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

Blood Parade

Originally written on our official guild website.It had been days since they've left their last camp, deep within Perinoor where woodland growth was constant. Their feet swore while dragging items they had bribed traveling merchant with hanging of...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

Between corks 'n anchors

Written by Aesar and Laearra1. Live like a pirate - Erickar AveryI took the shot glass back from a young fellow listening to the name Franky, sloshing the substance all over our hands and friendly informing him he was still too wet behind his ears...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

[Open] Feels like War an OOC note, the song above is what Bink is singing in this first post here. Also, This setting is the old Fenix Hall up in White Arden. Anyone in the area can join in as the b...
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