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[Pinned] Introductions Guideline: What to say?

Welcome to ArcheAge RoleplayNot sure what to say about yourself? Here are some suggestions for you to get a thread going in order to introduce yourself to the ArcheAge Roleplay community. How did you hear about ArcheAge? What are your hopes for RP...
Small Wanderer 7y
Wanderer12248Small Wanderer 7y

Hello there c:

I've decided to come back to Archeage after well. a long time not playing; and never really integrated the RP Scene; or knew much about the lore either, so I'm pretty much fresh RP-wise, to Archeage at least. In terms of RP experience I've got the...
Member avatar small Amrak 1y
Amrak2368Small Wanderer 1y

A little intro....

*clears her throat with a soft cough, peering round the room with a bright smile* Hello. I never know what to say in these intro's...I have played AA for over 5 yrs, in Legacy. Just started a char in Unchained, and quite honestly, never knew ...
Small Tater 1y
Tater4464Small Wanderer 1y

Headless chicken greetings!

Hi, hello.I'm really terrible at writing these kinds of posts, ahem! I've just returned to Arche Age since Unchained was released, I havn't played Arche Age for a long, long, loo-oong time, and I've completley forgotten just about everything about...
Small Valyriel 1y
Valyriel7690Small Wanderer 1y

Decided to dive in, new to the game.

I've played a bit back with the older version, enjoyed everything but the Pay2Win, saw this and decided that I would jump back in.My hopes is to find a good community for RP and fun. My concept I'm working on is a traveling bard or merchant. A bit...
Member avatar small Blackwell 1y
Blackwell4796Small Kora 1y

Greetings & Salutations Worthy Friends

My name is Rabbit, and I'm not entirely new to the game nor to role play but I'm definitely a little rusty. I enjoy spending time in game on the more crafting/farming side, but I do enjoy helping others out! I'm not a hardcore player but I have a ...
Small Rabbit 1y
Rabbit3404Small Rabbit 1y

An odd familiar face has returned.

Hello! I'm Takkaris (A Firran and an artist) from the Free2play version of Archeage. I doubt my character was this memorable since I've been gone for quite a long time, even before the new races were a thing, but when the game was still fresh and ...
Small Takaris 1y
Takaris3759Small Vǝǝ 1y

A Bland Intro + Questions @w@

So hey! I've known about AA since it was still a purely Korean game and then tried it out while it was still a beta for EN territories then quickly forgot about it...UNTIL A FRIEND OF MINE GOT ME TO TRY OUT AAU. wooooh yeaaaaah. Still waiting for ...
Small Idrissel 1y
Idrissel4817Small Idrissel 1y

New player for unchained!

Hullo! I just finished buying unchained and thought to myself "While this downloads I need to see if this game has an rp community" and this is the (admittedly) second site that popped up for me! I'm unsure what faction to go but would love some i...
Small Master Mirror 1y
Master Mirror4620Small ro-monster 1y

A familiar bounty hunter saunters in....

Heyo, 'tis Vrekka. I heard about Unchained recently, then finally thought to take a look at this site and was pleasantly surprised to see activity. I'm toying with the idea of playing again, but haven't committed to it yet.How're you folks doing?
Small Lord Vrekka 1y
Lord Vrekka3794Small Lord Vrekka 1y

Returning player.

Been a long time. Hoping to hop straight back into roleplay in archeage. Hoping to run into the same familiar faces I met 4 years ago. Maybe the same guild freehold, daggerhold. Too much wow I forgot who they were. I hope they culled sloth worship...
Member avatar small theprimesinreaper 1y
theprimesinreaper3410Small ro-monster 1y

A Re-Introduction

(a third attempt.... apparently I truly am bad at forum-ing )Might as well jump on the bandwagon and re introduce myself to all my old and soon to be new friends! Some old timers may remember my old character, Flakfizer on AA and I am excited to...
Small Rhett (Flak) 1y
Rhett (Flak)2387Small Kora 1y

It's good to be home

AA was the first game I ever Rp'd in and I'll never forget it. Heard about the (for real for real) no p2w system this time so I guess it's a good a time as any to come back, seeing as I love both pvp (I play a rogue in classic if you know what I m...
Small Marius 1y
Marius5864Small Calli Tahmo 1y

Returning AA Player, new to AARP!

Hello all! I'm generally known as Rickie, which is also usually more or less the name of my character. I spent several years as GM of Goon Squad on what ultimately became Nazar before quitting. Used to be a dedicated green pirate, and though I wil...
Member avatar small Rickie 1y
Rickie6919Small Vǝǝ 1y

Returning roleplayer! REBORN!

Hello all, it's been many moooooooonns since I've thought about RP and AA in the same sentence, but now more than ever it has me excited for the future of AAU, and the people it will bring. Along with the war and such, but asides the point...My na...
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Lofen1567Member avatar small Lofen 1y

Returning player, waiting for Unchained!

Like it says on the tin. I played ArcheAge a few years ago when it was relatively new, and made it all the way to 50 before I got lonely and bored and quit. Hoping to make some longer-lasting connections this time around, at least when Unchained l...
Small starforger 1y
starforger5524Small Calli Tahmo 1y

New Player looking to give Unchained a try

Hi everyone! I dabbled in Archeage some time back but never really went very far. I had a hard time getting into the world at the time, but with the revamp and release of Unchained I have decided to give it a try. I will likely be playing a Elf...
Small Selona 1y
Selona4847Small Selona 1y


Just wanted to drop in and say hi. I played AA waaay back in the first year and quit due to probably the same things most did. Currently, my main MMO is FFXIV, but I could not resist the pull of a non P2W ArcheAge and so here I am and it's incredi...
Small Vǝǝ 1y
Vǝǝ6912Small Vǝǝ 1y

New to Archeage not to RP

Hey I been interested in trying out Archeage and hopefully finding some rp buddieslittle bit about me....I have played and roleplayed in many mmo's in the past a few of my faves being mabinogi, maplestory, tera and cabalI'm in eastern Canada and w...
Small Gravure Bunny 3y
Gravure Bunny61314Small Skycrown 3y

Quite a bit of excitement!!

Hey there ArcheAge Roleplay!! So I just downloaded the game and I'm about to create my character, thought I'd post here first though. I only ever play MMO's for roleplay and when I heard how great the community was here, I just had to join in.I do...
Member avatar small LadyVee 3y
LadyVee2745Member avatar small Romilus 3y