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Fan Creations

Music anyone?

Well, who knows if I'll actually do anything ArcheAge related, but uh, here you go. I do music. And since this forum doesn't support soundcloud, it has to be a link. Sorry about that.
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Fan Creations

Signature ''workshop'' ?

NOTICE: Since headstart started, the game itself will be taking priority, so I will be much slower on the signature requests depending on how much I have to do in game still. Please be patient if you are in line.If anyone here on the forums is sti...
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Fan Creations

Sketches, doodles and more

Dexina in her priestess garb Rylee & Aureus Now for some none AA work
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Fan Creations

Elaida's Art Commissions - [NightEve Designs]

Hey all. I create renders of people's characters from various games. At the moment I've completed works for people from various games including, GW2, WS, ArcheAge and SWTOR. I do my art in Poser/Carrara/3DS Max and Photoshop. Pricing details can b...
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Fan Creations

Foxy Doodles

[/center]Hey all! Figured I'd share some of my art now that I've been trying to work with my drawing tablet more. :) Feel free to request your character drawn, though I don't guarantee it'll look remotely good since I'm just practicing really! All...
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Fan Creations

Xehara'a Art

I'll make this all pretty later with details of the stuff I do and so on. In the mean time... If you would like some photoshop editing done for your character profiles or guild adverts, please let me know. I am putting this up now so you can be aw...
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Fan Creations

This Wolf can hold a pen and paintbrush! [Commissions: OPEN]

For the last .. two or three years now, I've been taking digital-art commissions, through guild members, fellow Roleplayers and recently through DeviantART. I've also done a few logo retouches for companies, an array of themed photography and some...
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Fan Creations


I was wondering whether anyone would be able and willing to do a doodle or graphics art piece based on this image of my character, that I can use as an avatar please? Ignore the blush on her cheeks I'll be altering that :)
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Fan Creations

Guild Bannering/Emblem

I was just messing around with some vector object to great some kind of epic bannering for an asian militaristic guild. Not sure if these are lore friendly though, haven't played the game yet. Any commentary is welcome ;)
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Fan Creations

Official ArcheAge Music

Track 1 - Successors of Life (Nuian Theme)Track 2 - Exiles Who Dream (Elf Theme)Track 3 - Galloping Across the Meadow (Firran Theme)Track 4 - (Missing Track) White ForestTrack 5 - Hymn of the City, MarianopleTrack 6 - Secrets of WoodsTrack 7 - Gua...
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Fan Creations


Just been writing a little fanfic, I in no way shape or form think I'm a good writer, but so far my story has been pretty well received (Weird, over 10K views!). I don't know if anyone watches RWBY or anything but I decided to share my story with ...
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Fan Creations

MML Songs

As you all know, ArcheAge allows people to compose and perform songs. The character limit is increased in tiers. Finding some low-level 400-character songs is difficult, to say the least. The more variety we can give to people, the better.So, here...
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