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Share Your MMLs!

MMLs are music compositions written in simple text, which ArcheAge uses for the composition of music. While MMLs are not unique to ArcheAge, the way songs are written and the lengths they're allowed make for difficult times hunting down some music...
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Fan Creations

Saeva Draws

Hello! As the title of the thread states, I draw! I've posted before, but I prefer to have an updated thread, rather than the two outdated ones. So, I will put all my art here now! Please, feel free to leave comments, let me know what you think an...
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Fan Creations

Vaeryn Duill's Sketches

Sheep.I fucking love the sheep.
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Fan Creations

Vaecay's sketches

Actual Disney Prince Vaeryn.
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Fan Creations

[Comic] Wanderer and The Slaughtered Donkey [By Ciaera]

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Fan Creations

Xu's Art

Hello. This is my first commission /(0 -0)/ <Breanne and Galse>.I hope you like it > ,,,,,, <)/ i'll keep practicing more, sry for the lineart(specially the shading ; - ; ), i tried to observe how other people do it but I just cant get...
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Fan Creations

Drawing Chenyu ໒( ᓀ ‸ ᓂ )७

I still haven't darken the rest of the lines 'cause I ran out of pencil lead.. but heres the progress so far, I hope you like it chen.this one is free for chen but I do wanna try commisioning once > -< really need money to buy any drawing t...
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Fan Creations

Lottie's Headshot art!

A semi-painterly look of LottieA quick sketch and color of RashmiI'll post more as I make them. If anyone would like me to draw them a headshot, please let me know!
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Fan Creations

A Little Group "photo" of IRON :)

I've put this off for too long and's finally finished lol
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Fan Creations

Wanderer's Wonderful, Wild, and Wacky Windscour Wildlife Walkabout (with Ciaera) (A comic)

I can't make a cool flash magazine like Wanderer does, but here's the next best thing. Enjoy.THERE IS A WHOLE COMIC AT THE LINK.
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Fan Creations

Jeong Dynasty Flag.

Hey all,I just created the Jeong Dynasty guild. I will be posting the guild details and story soon. I was wondering if anyone who had some artistic talent might be willing to create a flag that I can upload into the game to be used as the Families...
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Fan Creations

MML Request anyone make me a proper, detailed MML list from that song? (starts at 25 seconds)Only the piano notes..I would creately appreciate it. :) (Obviously, you dont have to do the entire song; but choose a ...
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Fan Creations

Rinnie's Imaginings

Hi All I'm coming to Arche Age from Rift so most of my drawings at the moment are based on those characters. This being the case Hopefully I will upload some of my newer pieces with Arche age characters as I get them established IC.I've finally go...
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Fan Creations

Kyren's Sketches

Heyas all! :) It's so nice to see an artsy type of forum here. I have a modest gallery over at DeviantArt that has some character sketches for ArcheAge and a lot of them for other games.
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Fan Creations

Lina's daily sketches + Commissions

Hi there, as I mentioned in my introduction post I consider myself a digital artist, and I'm totally thrilled to be joining the other amazing artists I've already seen in this community. I'll be dumping various art here, though before the launch m...
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Fan Creations

Archeage Adoptables

Firstly, using this thread to set up a sale thread but for now here are some previews:Would you pay for these adoptables? If so about how much? (Gold wise)
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Fan Creations

Nab's archeage sketches. [i'll draw your character for free!]

Hey doods! I`m here to post some of my art and take commissions for AA characters. Although i draw lots of stuff, I`ll restrict the art i post to only archeage-centric sketches (or random rpg stuff that could fit into the archeage universe.) Also,...
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Fan Creations

Talore's Art Page - comments welcome!

"Throne"full size version
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Fan Creations

Professional Art Commissions

Hi there everyone, I'm a mostly self-taught but skilled artist who has been doing player characters in MMOs since early City of Heroes. I'm now open for sketch, non-color, and inked commissions with a price point varying based on the levels of det...
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