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Miki's doodles!

Hi people! Bet i caught you off guard with this? (no? no? okay :c)Well,anyways,to serious things. Here i will post some doodles i made (or found on my old folder) from my stories or events that happened on my characters backstories,plots or relare...
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Fan Creations

Looking to sell art for gold or APEX

Heyo! I posted a thing not long ago showing off a piece I drew and figured I may as well offer pieces for in game currency or APEX. This will be only for flat color sketches and below are the pricing tiers.Flat Color Portraits - 150gExample:Flat C...
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Fan Creations

Share Your UCCs!

A UCC (User Created Crest) is a custom design that you can upload in ArcheAge and apply to cloaks, sails, posters and 3D shapes in ArcheAge, allowing you to customize a plethora of aesthetic items in the game. This thread is here for people to sha...
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Fan Creations

An art thing

So since making Rohald, my Firran, I've been really wanting to draw him, so this happened.You can check out some more of my work at my deviantart or my tumblr page.Interested in commissioning me? Check out my price guide.
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Fan Creations

A Little Observational Humor

I was wandering around City of Towers today when I happened to stumble across some of the elephants outside it. Showing the above screenshot (without caption) to some friends produced a couple remarks that ArcheAge's elephants were "psychedelic p...
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Fan Creations

LFM RP/ gaming community

Me and a friend run a little streaming radio show, now before you all go running away we are yes looking for listeners but we are also looking for a community of gamers/ RPers to help us shape the show a bit to be a show for the gaming and RP comm...
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Fan Creations

Wolf & Jackdaw

Really amazed at all the art here. I just spent a bunch of time looking through all the old threads, it's a shame most of em don't seem too active. Figure I might as well liven it up a bit.Did this one a couple days ago, to help cheer Cerrin up wh...
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ArcheAge Anniversary Video / Slideshow Thing

Heyo. I made a thing! Please like, comment, share, and subscribe. Do a rain dance, take of all of your clothes, and recite the opening song from the Lion King backwards. Thank you, and have a nice day.
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Fan Creations

Return of Doomy & Crew

That's right folks, Doomy & Crew the radio show about RP and RPers is back, and this time hopefully with out all the technical issues. Join us on July 16th at 6pm PST/ 8pm CST/ 9pm EST for are welcome back show. We will disscuss the changes th...
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Fan Creations

Looking for signature!

Im looking for someone to help me with a nice signature - because I stink at it! :)
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Fan Creations

Paragon Arts for School

I'm reopening my commissions because I need money for my current quarter of classes ($1629). So hopefully I can raise some here.Rules I refuse to do anything pornographic or just too erotic. No nudity. Sorry, but no. The privates need to be cov...
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Fan Creations

Red Light Night on Doomy and Crew

Tonight on Doomy and Crew we are bringing you our Red Light Night. We let Erik loose, and bring you adult themed music. Need less to say this is a [size=5]Mature Rated / Adult Rated / R Rated [/size] Show tonight. You can listen in live at http:/...
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Fan Creations

Doomy & Crew Rp raido Talk show

[size=5]Thursday 5-14 and Friday 5-15 6pm -9pm PST, 9pm-12am EST[/size][size=6]Doomy & Crew the Radio talk show for RPers[/size]This week on Doomy & crew...Thursday night we have open mic, if you wish to join us on air let us know and joi...
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Fan Creations

Alistair's Dumb Scribbles

Here's a link to my commission prices. They might be a little pricier now due to my style change, but we can discuss it and all that. Those are just good starting points. c:
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Fan Creations

Skully's Art :D

since everyone's drawing all of a sudden I thought I'd do some drawing as well heheh :P
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Fan Creations

Xardent's Drawings!

So I'm not the best drawer. I've pretty much had to teach myself. A little over a year ago, I got a drawing tablet and a "The Art to Drawing Manga" instructional book. And since then, I've been trying to depict RP characters with a more cartoonish...
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Fan Creations

Thannel's Art

Hey, so this is a place I'll post random art specifically pertaining to ArcheAge.For now, here's a rough painting of my elf.
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Fan Creations

Dalgrimm The Photo Journal:

Night O'er the Airlift TowerFirst time standing at the loading platform of the Air lift tower in Ezna. It's exhilarating to be at the very top o' the tower. Looking up I saw the moon shine like an opalescent pearl in the sky swirling with differe...
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Fan Creations

Roa's Art

Have a small collection of various sketches and doodles I've done since 2013 and bother to allow them the light of day.Never mind the giant heaps of practice thumbnails or discarded, unfinished drawings...Hope you enjoy.TERA Character Art (2013) N...
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Fan Creations

Ciaran's Arts and Stuffs

Artwork from AA, GW2, ESO (though I didn't play passed Beta), SWtoR, WoW, as well as some photoshop stuff for forum sigs, and crests.Photoshop AA GW2 ESO SWtoR WoW Unaffiliated
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