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[Pinned] Monthly Screenshot Challenge!

Alrighty, monthly challenges of screenies for you to share.All themes will be posted in this first post and updates throughout the thread, so even if you join late, you can certainly catch up!April 2015 - DisgustMay 2015 - Inexplicable Joy
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[Pinned] How to create your crest

Chose a crest • 1. Find an image or make one yourself that you are allowed to use (so no rights on anyone else, but you). Easiest and best for a crest is an illustration (vector image).• 2. Make sure your image has no “halo”.That means, if you cu...
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[Pinned] Creative Talent, Post Here!

Creative Talent, Post Here!RP communities tend to be a treasure well of talented and creative individuals. Often times, that creativity doesn't only manifest in the literary sense, but in the visual, audible, and interactive sense. If you're a cre...
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GonzoWorks Commissions!

I'm proud to announce my official Commission Post! I currently accept cash commissions through PayPal only, details for commissions can be found on my commission sheet.Summary: Two styles: Comic or Painterly! Prices negotiable! Base rate is $20/...
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InsolitumIn. Trial by art. [Commissions: might be bragged]

Hello, I'm InsolitumIn and I do art. It was some time since I did character art related drawing, but if anyone after looking into examples of my work will want one, we might organise something.I have done various of formats and everything you will...
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Jenessa1428Small Jenessa 2y
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Indi's Commissions [OPEN]

Hello! I'm an amateur student artist that does a lot of character design and doodles.WHAT IS OFFERED?- HEAD SHOT - Your normal average colored-shaded-lined busts.-TORSO UP - Basically a bust.- FULL BODY - Full pictures of character's bodies! Addit...
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WTS [Artistic Skill] - Cash Commissions Open!

(I'll probably pretty this post up later.)Since AA:U doesn't allow in-game gold trades for real life money or items, I could probably get into trouble for offering gold commissions like I did back in the day - but since us AA-obsessed roleplayers ...
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New here! Possible art commissions?

Hey guys, I just joined archeage a few days ago and noticed people sell art for gold and real munies. I was wondering if any of you guys would be interested in purchasing smaller sketches of your characters, but in summer theme? (So with bathing s...
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WTS [Artistic Skill] - Gold Commissions Open!

Howdy, partners! Last night (in my desperation for money with which to fund my RNG box addiction), I had the brilliant idea to offer a service to the community that I think everyone can appreciate, and a decent amount of you can afford: Character ...
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Warborn Lullaby

At day's end we prepare to part, to partWe must each walk alone through the nightBut from company now take heart, take heartAnd endeavor again to bring lightRage and carnage await, yet still, yet stillFor this moment let there be no strifeAnd stri...
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Trading Art for Gold...

...or maybe items. Hello! I've recently discovered the money pit that is regrading and remodeling so I have decided to open Commissions for 2017! I work using GIMP and a Bamboo tablet to draw requested works, (oooh, ah). I shall list things in Dol...
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Room with a view

Wanted to share the view from my new farmhouse in Lilyut Hills.
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Free Blockhead Treasure Chest Mask - Happy Hallowtide from Straton and Ketryn

Deep Sea Treasure Hunter & Sunken TreasureBlockhead Crest:I was pleased to finally find a cheeky way to make use of the funny blockheads we have in the game.Happy Hallowtide to you all!
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Little Bleue22138Small Lord Vrekka 5y
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RP in MMOs: A Beginner's Guide [COMPLETE]

Hello fellow RPers! I have been hard at work for over a month collecting RP footage from various games in order to put together this general guide to MMO roleplaying! Please share with your friends, especially those who might be interested in chec...
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TheHumanFloyd148070Small Ashelia 6y
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I have a lot of fun taking screenshots and making character banners. So far they've been nothing fancy and for guild members, but you don't need to be in the Slaughtered Donkey guild for me to make you a banner!Please feel free to send me forum or...
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White Falls Rock'n'Roleplay

A brand new podcast which unites music and roleplay in beautiful harmony!"Umm, what?"What do you mean what?! Music, writing, painting, roleplaying - these are all forms of art, right?The RnRP crew believes that exploring roleplay's depths will le...
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Wanderer's Doodles

So, I figured I'd finally post some of the "art" (or more accurate, doodles) I've been doing based around ArcheAge. I recently discovered that we already have some artistic talent here in the ArcheAgeRoleplay community, and I'm hoping that by post...
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Wanderer3225637Small Bink'ana'rios 6y
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Char artz for sales!

Hello!Call me Uki. <3Not gonna lie...I'm in need of gold like the rest of you...So, I'm gonna try to get my hands dirty here and offer up some char art in exchange for some money! I'll try to make this post brief and to the point. <3Process1...
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My little music corner

Hello everyone!I thought I'll drop a link to my music account on soundcloud. I have made a few songs and while I did not make them to actually show, let alone become famous (I did it solely as a way to relieve myself of stress), I think some of th...
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Machinima, Hooray

We entered the Holiday Heroes contest. :)
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