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[Pinned] "Heard it on the road." Rumor Mill Thread

Some of you may be familiar with this type of thread and its function, and may have seen it in other RP communities. For those that haven't, I'll explain the use and rules. What is this thread for?What is the function of this thread? It's to be us...
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[Pinned] Monthly RP Prompts for Random Quirky Character Development

Alrighty, I am starting up a monthly bit, this one on character development. Feel free to use these topics and be as creative as you want. Write a story, list what things are, whatever tickles your fancy!All months will be kept in this first post ...
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[Pinned] Rolling Dice in RP [CoC 7th Ed Style]

Why Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed. Rolls?During a recent skype adventure, I suggested we try the new Call of Cthulhu style dice rolls. These rolls focus on who tells the story -- and not success or failure. If you succeed in a roll, you tell the story y...
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[Pinned] [GUIDE] Roleplaying Insanity

~ Roleplaying Insanity ~A key component of psychological horror RP is losing control of your character and allowing things to go horribly wrong. Here is a method (inspired by Call of Cthulhu 7th ed.) to determine how your character might lose thei...
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[Pinned] A Guide to Armor and Clothing Sets

A Guide to Armor SetsHey fellow roleplayers! A question I hear from a lot of folks is how or where to find the perfect set of armor or clothing to suit their character. I am constantly looking for clothing to help me portray my characters the best...
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[Pinned] New to roleplay? Start here!

Side note: I was asked if I could make a separate post on this, and sticky it by a few members of the community, so here it is! I will go through it later and clean it up. If anyone else would like to contribute advice or links, please feel free t...
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[Pinned] What Goes Here?
Roleplay Discussion

[Pinned] What Goes Here?

What Goes Here?Roleplay Discussion is a general forum to discuss all things Roleplay, and it doesn't have to be just for ArcheAge either! Discuss your ideals, your style, and your expectations. Ask questions, provide other players with the answers...
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Seeking RP/gameplay friends!

Hey there. I made a similar post on the Tahyang board here. jist of that post is that I just came back to the game and am looking for new friends to play with! I did already join a guild, ...
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Roleplay Discussion

Archeage Unchained Discord. anyone who wants to join.
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RPer on Jergant looking for friends and fellow RPers.

Hello, I know it's a bit of a long-shot seeing that Kaylin unlocked and Wynn is pretty packed. But, for personal circumstances, I had to roll on Jergant for the time being. However, I just wish to try my luck and if any other roleplayers find them...
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What kind of character are you rolling?

Anyone rolling a brand new character. playing an alternate universe version of their original character or bringing over their original character?
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Roleplay Discussion

The Science of Storytelling

While not a guide per say - the article gives some interesting insight on why storytelling engages our brains.
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[NA] Is Rp alive in Arch age?

Hello, Im Eric, i couldnt tell you what my characters names are atm cause i havent played AA in a long while. I recent took a long break from black desert and though im getting Rp there its just as stagnant as i remember... So im writing cause i s...
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RP'able races?

I hate to be that one guy, but I have to ask. I'm new to the game and am not 100% familiar with the lore, but I do come from WOW and rp'd there. I was creating my Dwarf when I noticed that I could make them look like a vampire, and its easy for ...
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Returning/New Player looking for RP in the NA server

I'm still somewhat new to the RP aspect of AA, but I have Roleplayed on multiple other games, one of my major's being on ESO. I've been wanting to devote time to AA but never could fully get into it due to the time it was taking me to attempt to g...
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RP Hubs?

I was just wondering if there were any place people were considering using as hubs and hangouts? Taverns, bazaars... Anything like that?I'm playing on eastern continent on Tahyang, but feel free to post any hangouts for your own continent/server!L...
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Returning player, fresh start server.

Once upon a time I played ArcheAge rather religiously when it first came out. I had quite a bit of fun playing on Tahyang however eventually I got burnt out and moved on to other things. With the addition of 3.0 and fresh start servers, I decided ...
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Roleplay on Tahyang

Hi there guys!I've been busy leveling my character, Waste, but I'm eager to get involved with the RP community on Tahyang. I know that Tahyang is pretty heavy with West-based RP and interacting with Nuians, Dwarves, and Elves will be difficult unt...
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Roleplay Discussion

Midnight Minstrel?

I enjoyed being an improptu storyteller tonight. What would you think about having the Midnight Minstrel become a semi-regular thing?
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RP Guilds

I have a question, is there any Guild(s) on Tahyang that does Role Play? I'm not not talking about Tavern Night stuff, I'm talking about on going daily RP story lines.If there is could you please let me know who they are and if possible how to co...
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