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Kaylin Guilds

Heartwood Trading Company Trading CompanyRegion: WestFocus: Casual/Adventure RPLore strictness: Lore friendlyTimezone: Run by EST-players primarily.Heartwood Trading Company began in Anihmar, an area that has a very up and coming communi...
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Character Profiles

[Wynn][East] Laughing Tide

Laughing TidePenitent WandererThe Shape of ObedienceLaughing Tide is a Warborn woman. A raised and glorified corpse, though one could never really say they were undead just by looking at her or her people. She was a muscular woman, lean and tall....
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Character Profiles

[Wynn] [West] Brennic Fieldred

Brennic FieldredLilyut Born, Sozlreed RaisedThe Farm BoyBrennic was the third child in his family. He had two elder siblings who would teach him how to do his chores while his father worked the field of their homestead and his mother was out to r...
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Fan Creations

InsolitumIn. Trial by art. [Commissions: might be bragged]

Hello, I'm InsolitumIn and I do art. It was some time since I did character art related drawing, but if anyone after looking into examples of my work will want one, we might organise something.I have done various of formats and everything you will...
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Character Profiles

[W/W] Vittoria Hauser

Vittoria "Vi" HauserNuian ✯✯ Appears mid-20's NarrativeThe last of her family line, a minor noble from Marionople, raised in a family that embraced a theatrical life. A curse was laid upon their crest due to the actions of her grandfather and gr...
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An odd familiar face has returned.

Hello! I'm Takkaris (A Firran and an artist) from the Free2play version of Archeage. I doubt my character was this memorable since I've been gone for quite a long time, even before the new races were a thing, but when the game was still fresh and ...
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Fan Creations

Indi's Commissions [OPEN]

Hello! I'm an amateur student artist that does a lot of character design and doodles.WHAT IS OFFERED?- HEAD SHOT - Your normal average colored-shaded-lined busts.-TORSO UP - Basically a bust.- FULL BODY - Full pictures of character's bodies! Addit...
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Character Profiles

[Wynn][East] Zantid

Life is not built on dreams. It is built on the hard work you put into those dreamsZantid GoldsteerThere is silence, between the loud clangs of pickaxes, between the grunts and the moans of hard work, between the shouts and jovial jokes; the silen...
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[NA] Wynn (Unchained)

RP Locations. RP Hubs

So I've been wondering about this for the longest time in Archeage, but where's the RP hub for both factions?
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ArcheAge Discussion

ArcheAge Costume Gallery

I'm going to begin with what I have on my Harani. I'll get to my other characters later. I hope others will add the costumes they have too!
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Roleplay Discussion

What kind of character are you rolling?

Anyone rolling a brand new character. playing an alternate universe version of their original character or bringing over their original character?
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Wynn Events

[E] Grand Opening: Koi Song on the Water!

Invite to Koi Song on the Water's Grand opening!Grand opening of Lutesong Harbor’s newest Sushi restaurant Koi Song on the Water! Join us on our boathouse for a night of delicious sea food and strong rice wine. The fish is freshly caught and prepa...
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A Bland Intro + Questions @w@

So hey! I've known about AA since it was still a purely Korean game and then tried it out while it was still a beta for EN territories then quickly forgot about it...UNTIL A FRIEND OF MINE GOT ME TO TRY OUT AAU. wooooh yeaaaaah. Still waiting for ...
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Wynn Guilds

<W> Eternus - A Storytelling Community

Eternus - A Storytelling CommunityUnchained | Wynn Server | West Faction | Roleplay Community Managers: Toxa Vanschiver &amp; Zason Eurus Officer: Sersei About EternusWe're a community of mature gamers that join here because we share commo...
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Lore Resources & Discussion

ArcheAge Lore: Haranya

It's still a work in progress but Kuyo and I have been collecting most of the quest dialog in Haranya and putting it all in one document:ArcheAge Lore: Haranya
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ArcheAge Discussion

Archeage Furniture Appearance

Hey all! There used to be a good resource I knew of that showed what certain bits of furniture looked like, but I can't find it anymore, and I'm leery of the age of threads on the forums, so, I'm running around Mirage Isle to snap caps of various ...
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Character Profiles

[Wynn][West] Imryll

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FOR RP, PLEASE CONTACT::IN GAME:: Imryll | Ahnimar Residence::DISCORD::Indicinis#0300
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Character Profiles

[Halnaak][West] Castillion

GeneralFull Name: Sir Castillion Eglamore Primary Class: Hedge KnightRace: NuianGender: MaleAge: Adult Hair: Black Skin: Fair Eyes: GreyAppearance: Sir Castillion Eglamore, the Hedge Knight of the Realm stands at the size and shape of a bear, yea...
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Character Profiles


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Character Profiles

[Wynn][East] Moxie

((WIP)) || B A S I C S ||Full name: UnknownAlias: MoxieNickname: Xie (pronounced Zee)Age: 19-ish, Exact birthdate unknownRace: HiraniClass: DeathwishOccupation: Assassin / SellswordFamily: Unknown ((Open to offers))|| A P P E A R A N C E ||Wip|| P...
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