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Character Profiles

[Wynn, East]Little Wolf

Nicknames: Wolf (Nicknames are reserved for friends,folks can make some up.)Gender: FemaleAge: ??Race: WarbornProfession: Field Worker in the Flower Fieldsoutside of Fleurstad.Alignment: ??OOC Class: DoombringerHobbies/Interests:Ceramics, Dancin...
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Character Profiles

{Wynn}[East] Zazussa

GeneralFull Name: ZazussaNicknames: Zaz, Red, FrecklesPrimary Class: GypsyRace: WarbornGender: FemaleAge: UnknownHair: RedSkin: Fair/FreckledEyes: Large slitted, ruby redBiographicalPlace of Residence: Mahadevi, Herb FarmPlace of Birth: UnknownRel...
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Character Profiles

[Wynn-East] Kuyo

KuyoSkillsets: Malediction, Occultism, Shadowplay Class: SaboteurAppearance Kuyo is a male firran, seeming to be in his early to mid thirties. He possesses white fur with black stripes and an unkempt black mane. His irises are red and he bears th...
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Halnaak Guilds

White Ravens

Guild Name: White RavensGuild Faction: EastWe're building a relaxed RP/PvE Community for those on the East side. This includes Harani, Warborn and Firrians...and any future races on this side of the content.The scope is to have a guild which feels...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

[Journal] "Tales from the Tavern"

((Rhett cannot read or write, so a 'journal' for Rhett really doesn't work out well. So with this thread "Tales from the Tavern" I plan on writing short stories, rumors, and tall tales told by NPCs about Rhett's recent or not so recent happenings...
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Character Profiles


Nicknames: Luna, Lune, Ei (only for friends, can make up names)Gender: FemaleAge: ??, looks youthful at least.Race: ElfProfession: Candlemaker(a hobby more so), Owner of the Sweetbriar Teahouse & Inn, Brewer to an extent, Budding Herbalist.Ali...
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Lore Resources & Discussion

Debunking Warborn

Based on quest text in italics. NamesThe Warborn follow a tradition of self-naming. "Goes by Running Parrot. Your kind certainly chose the strangest names..."Warborn StabilizersThe stabilizers were given for free, but the Warborn must pay to keep ...
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Character Profiles

[Wynn][East] Hwan Yoon

BasicName: Hwan YoonRace: HaraniGender: MaleAge: 32AppearanceAverage height and build, well brushed and oiled dark hair with red undertone, tanned olive skin with bright green eyes, Hwan is almost always covered neck to toe in elaborately tailored...
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Roleplay Bulletins

[Venue Profile] The Open Palm

The Open Palm (Wynn East)The Open Palm is a gathering place for travelers. Enjoy music, food, and drinks and relax in the hot springs before heading of on your next adventure. Owner: Kora SunHost: North LightBartenders & WaitstaffSturdy WaveKe...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

The Closed Palm (WYNN)

[ North Light, Kora, Kuyo, & Wanderer ]Along Ashbreath shore, North raced towards Traveler's Spring, stumbling through the moonlight. "I will send letters," he thought to himself, "They will know what to do. They must."Three owls flew before m...
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Wynn Events

[E] Hallo Hollow Mandragora Festival

Hallo Hollow Mandragora Festival in Solis HeadlandsThe township of Hallo Hollow celebrates its yearly Mandragora Festival. Around this time every year the Mandrogare migrate Westwards, as they near the edge of the land they start burrowing up! The...
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Kaylin Guilds

Pumpkin Company

Region: WestFocus: Mercenary/Trader RPLore Strictness: Lore-friendlyTimezone: EST (Though I'm GMT so expect Britishness)Pumpkin Company is a mercenary group dedicated to the acquisition of wealth and knowledge from across this grand old world. Led...
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Roleplay Bulletins


The West-Ishvara EyeWARBORN BLOODSHED IN ARCUM IRIS - SUSPECTED RADICALS ON THE RUNLast night four suspicious Warborn were stolen from the West-Ishvaran authorities in Arcum Iris. The perpetrators are dangerous radicals. They were last seen fleein...
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Character Profiles

[Wynn][East] Amaljin

BasicName: AmaljinRace: FirranGender: MaleAge: ???AppearancePhysical:Slightly taller than average with a bit of a lanky build and distinct musty moss smell, Amaljin would not leave the best first impression on anyone by any means. The firran has ...
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Wynn Guilds

[Wynn][E] Out of Character

Out of CharacterServer: WynnFaction: East About Us:<Out of Character> is a laid-back social guild for roleplayers to find like-minded friends and tell stories. We regularly organize RP events, recruit roleplayers for storylines, and general...
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Character Profiles

[Wynn][E] North Light

North LightI remember a flash of light that smelled of the cold north. It is my oldest memory that I've never been able to explain. I’m left only with the suspicion of something wrong – this face I cannot trust, the dream of a distant star, and th...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

Vi's Journal

Vi lifted her gaze and looked out across the expanse of sparkling blue water. A lop-sided smile curved into a corner of her lips. Her gaze dipped and she began writing...It has been a long road; one we are both weary of. We found a nice little spo...
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Wynn Events

[E] The Melodies of Lutesong Hill

Next week Lutesong Hill Music School opens its doors to all students and lovers of music alike. To celebrate music in all its forms, the school has invited three highly respected musicians to display their skills and share their talents. Our gener...
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Fan Creations

GonzoWorks Commissions!

I'm proud to announce my official Commission Post! I currently accept cash commissions through PayPal only, details for commissions can be found on my commission sheet.Summary: Two styles: Comic or Painterly! Prices negotiable! Base rate is $20/...
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Character Profiles

[Wynn] [East] Astee

IdentityName: AsteeFormally: Astee of MoonsingersAge: 5 years after the Bejant TrialsRace / Ethnicity: FirranGender: FemaleOccupation: Practicing the way of Ebonsong sect of archery. Range assassin.Physical DetailsHeight: short 5'1ft / 155 cm Dist...
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