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Hello there c:

I've decided to come back to Archeage after well. a long time not playing; and never really integrated the RP Scene; or knew much about the lore either, so I'm pretty much fresh RP-wise, to Archeage at least. In terms of RP experience I've got the...
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Character Profiles


Nicknames: Ret, Tribe Cat (nicknames are reserved for friends,folks can make some up)Gender: FemaleAge: ??Race: FirranProfession: Wanderer of a Traveling Tribe of Firran called the SunweaversAlignment: Neutral GoodOOC Class: ImmortalistHobbies/In...
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Roleplay Discussion

Archeage Unchained Discord. anyone who wants to join.
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Character Profiles

[Wynn][West] Ignatious

GeneralFull Name: Ignatious LafeauxNicknames: IggyPrimary Class: DarkrunnerRace: HumanGender: MaleAge: 26Hair: BlackSkin: TanEyes: BrownBiographicalPlace of Residence: Two CrownsPlace of Birth: Haven, HellswampRelatives: None Living KnownEnemies: ...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

[Wynn][East] Alchemical Mysteries

Khoshekh read the letter over a couple times. He folded it and put it in one of his satchels on his belt. He glanced at the shelf in his lab and shrugged. He opened the hatch on a small still and stirred the contents with a paddle. Everything seem...
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Character Profiles

[Wynn][West] Aiden

GeneralFull Name: Aiden Nicknames: The Autumn Bard, Truthseeker, Firewalker, Taleweaver, Honeytongue (etc.)Primary Class: BardRace: ElfGender: Male Age: 36Hair: Fiery red down past his waistSkin: Pale and decorated with silver and green le...
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Character Profiles

[Wynn][West] Lysander

GeneralFull Name: LysanderNicknames: Pretty boy, or some variant thereof, much to his confusionPrimary Class: Healer (of some sort)Race: ElfGender: MaleAge: Unknown, believes he's around 40Hair: White, short & wavy, side shavedSkin: TanEyes: ...
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Character Profiles

[Wynn][East] Gale

GeneralFull Name: Gale (Real name: ?)Nicknames: Painter, Slave boy, pet, puppyPrimary Class: PaladinRace: HaraniGender: Male (Often mistaken for female.)Age: 24 Hair: Black with orange highlights, mid back when down.Skin: Pale but tanningE...
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Roleplay Bulletins

[Venue Profile]Sweetbriar Teahouse & Inn

Location: TBDDate/Time: TBAFaction/Continent: Nuia/West(but Easterners can sneak)Host: Eiluned☼ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ☼ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ☼ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ☼Come one, come all to the opening of the Sweetbriar Teahouse & Inn! We're a brand new establishment loo...
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Lore Resources & Discussion

Race MSQ Transcripts

Hey everyone~ Just realized today that there aren't typed-out transcripts of the little illustrated cutscenes from the racial storylines (at least, none that I can find), so I figured I'd start typing them up here.Think that's about all the introd...
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A little intro....

*clears her throat with a soft cough, peering round the room with a bright smile* Hello. I never know what to say in these intro's...I have played AA for over 5 yrs, in Legacy. Just started a char in Unchained, and quite honestly, never knew ...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

We Are As Brothers

Content Warnings: maternal mortality, suicidal ideationWe Are As BrothersEarly memories--senses of my identity--come in images like dreams; Dashing through bamboo thickets on four legs, shadows cutting through the woods beside me; Rending flesh ...
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Character Profiles

[Wynn] [East] Khoshekh

This is certainly a work in progress. The BasicsName: KhoshekhName Pronunciation: Kahsheck (Rhymes with Aw, Heck! Convenient!)Nickname(s): KhoNegative Monicurs: Red Claw (This is an offense to him)Age: His Bajent trials are well behind him.Race / ...
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Roleplay Bulletins

News from Mahadevi Port

News from Mahadevi PortThe current Mayor of Mahadevi Port, Jinreo Mikat, has raised concerns over a breach of a historic Port-Crown Accord by an individual named Nesu Thampsis, late this week. Thampsis, a man under the employ of Amarendra IV's roy...
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Roleplay Bulletins


Due to recent events, rumor runs rampant through Mahadevi of a winged Warborn sighted flying through the skies of Mahadevi. There have been positive sightings recently in the City of Towers itself.Posters and fliers have appeared in Mahadevi, cour...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

[ᴡʏɴɴ] The Su Heir

Kwang Su was dead.It wasn't a natural death, though a natural death hadn't been far off for the sickly old man. Vahn did his best to bear that in mind, but it didn't make it any less horrifying to have witnessed and played some part in his murder....
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

The Journal of one Lady Hazel Vermillion of Halo Hollow

The journal is torn, and battered, and burnt. Its seams barely hold together and its pages nearly turn to dust beneath even gentle fingers. Yet somehow, against all odds, it survives to keep its writer's memories alive. Emblazoned onto its cover i...
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Character Profiles

[Wynn][West] Vrekka Datann

GeneralFull Name: Vrekka DatannName Meanings: Vrekka: Old Nuian for "colt"; Datann: Old Nuian for "great old stone"In-game Name: VrekkaRace: NuianGender: Male (cis)Age: 24 (birthday in fall)Hair: Black, longSkin: TannedEyes: Dark gray/brownBiograp...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

[E][Journal]Notes of the Heart

Kahinu's Musings:❦ Notes of the Heart ❦1/15/19Entry 1. [On the outside one would note Kahinu has taken relatively good care of this latest journal or perhaps he'd just gotten a new one? It had a few loose notes and pressed flowers. There's a few...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

[East][Wynn][Journal] A cold and foggy dream - Leng wu

Time passes and weeks have gone byThings go up and down, far and widethere have been many traversing highsa journey spent on weary sighsNice people enter our livesInto thoughts we at time diveThings go way too fastyet on the foot of elk we lastCan...
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