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Roleplay Discussion

The Science of Storytelling

While not a guide per say - the article gives some interesting insight on why storytelling engages our brains.
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Roleplay Discussion

[NA] Is Rp alive in Arch age?

Hello, Im Eric, i couldnt tell you what my characters names are atm cause i havent played AA in a long while. I recent took a long break from black desert and though im getting Rp there its just as stagnant as i remember... So im writing cause i s...
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Hello Archeage RP!

How you're doing, AE RP? Hope fine.I'm new to this game and to this site. I have played it briefly though, but I'd like to taste of what the game's RP side has to offer! I have been roleplaying in WoW for like 2 years, great experience, just left ...
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Roleplay Bulletins

[Venue Profile] The Iron Coin Pub [Tahyang, West]

((The pub is located in Southern 2C - Ketryn usually keeps it's doors and windows thrown wide open so visitors can drop by whenever they wish (Open To Public). There is a limited store of complimentary drinks, jars of roasted peanuts, and jars o...
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[NA] Kadum (Legacy)

Hermitage for Sale

Greetings ArcheAgeRP!So, for the last few months I have been virtually absent from ArcheAge following a more formal departure from the game. I have, however, kept up the maintenance of properties in the game. More or less, I was holding out for th...
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Character Profiles

Cleddyfwr (Tahyang-West)

GeneralFull Name: Cleddyfwr von ArdenNicknames: CleddyLevel: 55Class: TankRace: NuianGender: MaleAge: 30Hair: BrownSkin: Peachy, Light skinEyes: Pure Hazel (Green hue)BiographicalPlace of Residence: White ArdenPlace of Birth: UnknownRelatives: Amr...
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[NA] Kadum (Legacy)

Support your RP Castle

Hey folks, building a castle from scratch (cause player nation tore it down) is a monumental task. Both factions can help out(and get rewards)! Come on up with a "Work Permit" from your guild prestige shop, get documented to work in Nuimari, and...
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[NA] Kadum (Legacy)

CONGRATS FREEHOLD OF ARANDOR! [First RP owned castle site]

Through sheer skill and determination we have secured the first castle zone to be owned by RPers.
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Good morning, noon or night,I'm Brandon, a zealous writer with about ten years of role play behind me this year. I have frequented most every MMORPG on the market but am only just discovering this gem this week thanks to a coworker. I'm making my ...
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Somewhat Newbie - Big Aspirations!

Hello, the title says it mostly! I am helping run two guilds with the same theme while being new. Pretty big process in itself. But this section isn't for advertisement so -I am excited to get more involved in this community and hope to meet you a...
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Kadum Guilds

Roaming RP Guild of East/West

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ArcheAge Discussion

Dazed and Confused

I seem to have lost the thread of my Racial quests; in my Quest Log, it shows Chapter 2, steps 1-4 as finished...when I got shoved off the cliff. After that, I don't actually recall if it was a Racial or Basic quest that sent me on to Tigerspine, ...
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Character Profiles

Tahyang East - Baszhar

A very young, male Firran (just old enough to attempt his "Bejant" trials), Baszhar is the 4th son in his family; his Father, Djinubuhr, is from the Oxion Clan, while his Mother, Heshrushesh, is a member of the Whisperwind Clan. Having little (non...
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Greetings and Salutations

Hello, all. My in-game persona (for the moment, at least) is a young, female Harani named Nantechildis; I am *very* new to Archeage, although I did dabble with the game several months the time, though, I was also involved in another MMORP...
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[NA] Kadum (Legacy)

Need people to play/RP with!

Hello there! Just came back to the game a few days ago, I am not a highly developed character yet but I'm pretty good at the game. I just can't overcome the lonliness that's surrounding me in this great game. I've been having fun, messing aroun...
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Kadum Guilds

INTEREST CHECK [WIP Guild, starting] East & West

Hello everyone! I've been playing the game for a week now and attempting to find people that enjoy long-emoted stories. People that like making events, joining events, and writing about them in length!I'm afraid with leading a guild already, I can...
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ArcheAge Discussion

[PSA] Trade run safety

Trade runs are a great source of income for any player wishing to gear up or purchase goods/services in Archeage. A recurring problem I have seen in faction chat with both RPers and non RPers alike are their blatant saltiness when getting their p...
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Hello! Are people still active here? :)

Hello everyone! I want to try out ArcheAge roleplay, after being devoted to GW2 roleplay for about three or four years.I am on the NA server, Tahyang(?), and I hope there's quite some folk still busy RPing here! I hope to hear from folk, and if th...
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[NA] Kadum (Legacy)

Captain is looking for a new home

Hello everyone this notice is to inform you of my intent to settle in the nearby country land. I have been long at war on behalf of the Nuian Nation and currently retiring. I am looking for a sizeable amount of land to purchase to live out my days...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang, West] Rill Redclay

Race: NuianGender: Rill is what we would today call a transgender woman, but she's never heard any concept like that, and views herself more as a man with a strange desire to be a woman, which she generally doesn't talk about and tries unhelpfully...
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