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ArcheAge Discussion

Beautiful Landscapes (Screenshot Collection)

ArcheAge is set in a beautifully crafted world. :) I'd love to see the vistas that everyone's discovered all collected in one place. Here's my first contribution to the collection. :)Here are all contributions to date. :)WolfishLutesong Harbour is...
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My housemate finally nudged me hard enough that I signed up. xD Love the site and all of it's features. Started playing ArcheAge when I was selected to participate in alpha by the publishers, and I've been in full-on test mode of the game since. ...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

[IC] One-Way Trip

Disclaimer: This story is based off of events in-game but does not accurately represent the reality, nor are all the characters included necessarily true to their player's idea of them. This is merely my IC interpretation of an adventure that took...
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Character Profiles

Milo Aiken

GeneralFull Name: Milo Aiken.Nicknames: "Psycho", "The Twisted".Level: -Class: Battlerage, Shadowplay, Auramancy = Darkrunner.Race: Nuian.Gender: Male.Age: 23.Hair: Brown.Skin: Light.Eyes: Green.BiographicalPlace of Residence: -Place of Birth: -Re...
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Character Profiles

Rad Baenmore

GeneralFull Name: Rad BaenmoreNicknames: Rad "Bane"moreLevel: -Class: -Race: NuianGender: MaleAge: 32Hair: BlondeSkin: FairEyes: BlueBiographicalPlace of Residence: (Will be filled in once playing)Place of Birth: (Will be filled in onc...
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[EU] European Guilds

<W> Sinister

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________* In Character *''Lurking in the shadow with our target in sight as they laugh and drink their expensive wine.Blinding our foe with our s...
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A New Challenger Appears!

Hello!The name is Daiko/Riken/Nero, so by all means, pick whatever name works best. I'm a university student here on the East Coast, and a staunch writer/Roleplayer/storyteller. I've been playing MMO's since I was nine (Too many to count, I've tri...
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Hey, everybody.

Hello, I'm generally known as Joraiem in the mmo community. I played Lord of the Rings Online for about seven years until the Helm's Deep expansion (blech). After that I started looking for a new game and eventually settled on ArcheAge. I'v...
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Hello everyone!I heard about ArcheAge from Wanderer and decided it was about time to check it out. I've played many MMOs over the last 12-13 years or so including SWG, FFXI, WoW, Aion, TERA, FFXIV, and anything else in between.I got my RP start in...
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Of Kehen and his player. Hi!

Good -Anytime of the day you’re currently at - I’m Charlie hailing from London, heard about AA a while back, from a friend. Game spike my interest and when I heard Trion developers of my previous MMO Rift will be publishing it in the west I jumped...
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Hi there!

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Hi, I'm Longshanks!

Hey, thought I'd do an introduction here.A friend and I had found ArcheAge when it was still in its infancy, and we were hooked ever since. The game looked amazing, the concept of player faction wars was astounding...and the "no class" system was ...
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Lore Resources & Discussion

[KR Translation] Inoch

InochThe following is an error-laced translation I did of a biographical story posted to the old ArcheAge-KR website. As there may be changes and errors abounds, this is not to be considered "canon," but should provide you with some insight to th...
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Lore Resources & Discussion

[KR Translation] Kyprosa Daeior

Kyprosa DaeiorThe following is an error-laced translation I did of a biographical story posted to the old ArcheAge-KR website. As there may be changes and errors abounds, this is not to be considered "canon," but should provide you with some insi...
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