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Hi, I'm Cherry!

Hey guys,I'm Cherry (that's my ingame name now and hopefully at launch). I've been gaming and roleplaying for as long as I can remember. I've not only roleplayed in MMORPGs, but in pen and paper games as well. I'm currently playing an ork mage in ...
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Hello!I'm Archby, Archbizzi or you can just call me Zach. I'm one of those freaky kids studying to become a teacher in university (English of all things) from Perth, Australia. ArcheAge... what got me excited about ArcheAge to begin with was the p...
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*casually sneaks into forums*Hi!I'm Lyrielle. I am here because ArcheAge looks totally friggin' awesome, and though I am not in the alpha nor did I play the KR version, I'm super excited and will be hopping on the beta bandwagon (most likely). I g...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Nuian Smut '-'

So, this book is a thing.Just thought I'd share. >.>
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

Dust and Ash

"Be proud," they told me. "Be bold and be thankful. You are heir to the great traditions of the Firran people."The great traditions of the Firran people. Hah! you want to know what being a Firran is all about? Dust. Dust, dirt, ash and more b...
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Get in the car, it's a kitten!

Hiya heya~!What to write, what to write..!? Oh! The name's Rynaria Chuan, pleased to meet ya and stuff! I stumbled upon this place while looking around for an RP community in ArcheAge. Currently I'm in Alpha and while I normally stay far away from...
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Lore Resources & Discussion

[KR] Ipni Writing System

Greetings,Today I'm bringing you one of my happiest finds regarding ArcheAge lore in the past year or two. This is a chart that was re-created by fans but taken from the preview booklet of ArcheAge which was distributed to players who bought in to...
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Greetings ladies and gents.

Hello all I am known as Nanduan or Nan and by some people Nanner LOL with all that said nice to meet you all.So from what I have seen of everything ArchAge is shaping up to be a very fun and entertaining MMO and much more to the style I have been ...
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Lol for my intro im just going to follow the bullets lol.How did you hear about ArcheAge?I have been following ArcheAge since before trion picked it up just havent played it til NA AlphaWhat are your hopes for RP in ArcheAge?Well i havent RPed muc...
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Hello all.

Hello everyone! :)I am Esreian, or Esre for short i have played many mmo's over the years from SWG to City of Heroes, Matrix Online, to TERA and FFXIV: A Realm Reborn.I have also played Aion where (the name Esreian came from after being my main ch...
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Greetings from Rotshot (Domnall in-game)

Hello everyone! So glad to see an RP community emerging so early for this game. I just started playing today, but the world building has astounded me, as well has the overall interactivity with the in-game world. I can't wait to see what a dedicat...
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Katsu: The River Always Changes

Hey guys, I'm Katsu. I'm the leader of Ishvara Kai RP guild on the East Faction.I heard about ArcheAge from my friend Malik, who always seems to have his hand in every upcoming game/MMO that comes down the tube. In this case however, I'm ridiculou...
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Ryaad - [Clever Subtitle]

Hello all I'm Ryaad. I have only really RP'd in Rift but I am a long standing member of one of the most well known and active RP guilds in that community (led by perhaps the most well known RPer in the game in fact) so I do have plenty of exposure...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Share some features!

What are some cool, important or unique features that you love about Archeage? No matter what it is, I want to hear about it!At the minute I don't have access to the game, but I've heard a lot of interesting things about the different options and ...
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Issmir: A spotter's guide

Oh hi there! I didn't see you come in. You know, people are often coming up to... no wait, that's a terrible introduction. Let's start over.Ohai! I'm Issmir. I'm a Londoner who lives and works in New Jersey with his wife and loves gaming and R...
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The Wanderer...'s player.

Hello everyone!I'm the Wanderer, and this here is the second time I've introduced myself on this site--though the first time was on another forum server. Sooo, all of that was lost.As I'm sure you've noticed, I'm the founder and administrator here...
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Hi(gh hopes...)

Hello! I certainly have high hopes for this game. I'm somewhat frustrated because from what I understand, progress in the alpha won't translate to the final release. In spite of that, I can't seem to put it down and I really find that encouraging....
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Heya - Come give me a high-five!

So who am I?Jespah, real name no gimmicks.I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I love to colour outside the lines. Trees fascinate me and life is stupendous. Kicking back in the sun and just going by the flow is a great way to get by. But what do I do? ...
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Sup everyone,I've been around mmo's for quite some time beginning with FFXI and EQ and down that long road through many other games. I'm very excited to see where AA goes with its great potential and am debating the idea of leading an rp guild ag...
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Hiya all!

Hello,I am rather interested in ArcheAge. It's been a good opportunity to get out there and play the alpha when I've had the chance! I'd been hearing about AA for a good long while from one of my closest friends and now I understand why he was ant...
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