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Character Profiles

Jukar "Spiral" A'sil

GeneralFull Name: Jukar A'sil(As a habit, Jukar tends to casually gloss over giving his name.)Nicknames: Spiral(If pushed, he will be irately offer this as an unfavorable nickname.)Level: 40Class: Reaper(Currently)Race: FirranGender: MaleAge: 33Ha...
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Fan Creations

MML Songs

As you all know, ArcheAge allows people to compose and perform songs. The character limit is increased in tiers. Finding some low-level 400-character songs is difficult, to say the least. The more variety we can give to people, the better.So, here...
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I should prolly get this over with

Hello fellow RP enthusiasts! I'm so happy that there is already a community for Archeage because I think that it's an amazing game that has massive RP potential. I'm really excited about it actually xD haha I play lots of other games and have ...
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Character Profiles

Miyuna Roshu (WIP)

((WIP subject to minor changes))GeneralFull Name: Miyuna RoshuNicknames: "Miyu", "Mimi"(her mother is usually the only one who calls her this though)Level: -Class: Athame Race: HaraniGender: FemaleAge: 19Hair: Dark chocolate brownSkin: Fai...
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Hi from Umkankik, looking to RP a Firran

Hi everyone,So I found out about Archeage and I think it has an amazing RP-PvP scope. Roled a few chars in alpha to get their 'feel' and after a few tries the Firran stood out storywise and backgroundwise. So I'm using the Alpha to explore the gam...
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Hello ArcheAge RP

Hey community, Drom here, I would find this forum and start lurking as soon as finals are coming around =P. As you can see, I am a college student with a love for RP and MMO's! I am a big Star Wars fan, and it was through that genre that I learned...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Chat Bubbles?

Have a quick question for the Alpha-Players, how are the chat bubble mechanics. As an RPer, when MMO's don't give me chat bubbles I get a little turned off. So how is AA doing with chat bubbles? Can you do custom emotes as well? If so do they show...
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Habitual Writer looking for a home...

So... To introduce myself, Im going to tell y'all a story.My name (at the moment) is Bonfriar, and I'm currently playing a Ferran in Alpha (that might change later, I havnt decided for sure yet.)Two weeks ago, I was known as Ardenn Neraia in Falle...
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Hey y'all!Finally gotten around to making my intro here. I'm Zorphiel's wife, he finally got me to try the game out a few days ago, and I"m pretty impressed so far! I've played a few games in the past, all the way back to Asheron's Call, to WoW, a...
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Um, hello... ^_^

(Gaaaaah, I accidentally hit a button and lost the original version of this post. T_T)At the risk of sounding redundant: um, hi. I go by Alicia Jewel, Alicia or AJ for short. I've been watching ArcheAge's development on and off since before its Ko...
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Hi from Selunaris (Sel)

Hey Everyone, Selunaris here. I've been MMOing since 2001 with my very first experience with EQ1, and have been addicted ever since. I've played EQ1, EQ2, FFXIV, Aion (very briefly) City of Heroes, City of Villains, Wow, Matrix Online (I really mi...
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Crux - The (usually) one and only.

Well guess I'll say my hellos and give a small overview of my RP history. (likely missing tons of parts...I play too many games)I go by Crux, and often my main character will have the same name to match. I've been RPing for a long time, and tend t...
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Hey everyone, Zorphiel here. I stumbled across this site a couple days ago and figured I might as well get around to introducing myself. I watch Twitch quite a bit and stream a bit myself. Don't worry, no one really watches my stream so I won't be...
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With nerves of Steele...

...I say hello to you all!Feeling a little lazy, so I'm gonna stick to the list to start.How did you hear about ArcheAge?Friend of mine literally came running to my house when it was first announced in NA to tell me as he'd been following it for a...
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Hi, I'm Cherry!

Hey guys,I'm Cherry (that's my ingame name now and hopefully at launch). I've been gaming and roleplaying for as long as I can remember. I've not only roleplayed in MMORPGs, but in pen and paper games as well. I'm currently playing an ork mage in ...
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Hello!I'm Archby, Archbizzi or you can just call me Zach. I'm one of those freaky kids studying to become a teacher in university (English of all things) from Perth, Australia. ArcheAge... what got me excited about ArcheAge to begin with was the p...
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*casually sneaks into forums*Hi!I'm Lyrielle. I am here because ArcheAge looks totally friggin' awesome, and though I am not in the alpha nor did I play the KR version, I'm super excited and will be hopping on the beta bandwagon (most likely). I g...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Nuian Smut '-'

So, this book is a thing.Just thought I'd share. >.>
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

Dust and Ash

"Be proud," they told me. "Be bold and be thankful. You are heir to the great traditions of the Firran people."The great traditions of the Firran people. Hah! you want to know what being a Firran is all about? Dust. Dust, dirt, ash and more b...
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Get in the car, it's a kitten!

Hiya heya~!What to write, what to write..!? Oh! The name's Rynaria Chuan, pleased to meet ya and stuff! I stumbled upon this place while looking around for an RP community in ArcheAge. Currently I'm in Alpha and while I normally stay far away from...
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