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Fan Creations

New here! Possible art commissions?

Hey guys, I just joined archeage a few days ago and noticed people sell art for gold and real munies. I was wondering if any of you guys would be interested in purchasing smaller sketches of your characters, but in summer theme? (So with bathing s...
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New Player

Hello everyone,I am a new player. New to the game but not new to RP or MMORPGs.I am a casual player, much more into RP/Lore, PvE, and Character Progression than anything. I enjoy dungeons and raids the most. I am looking for a guild that takes n...
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Kadum Guilds

<W> Freehold of Arandor (NA and EU)

All across Western Eranor these posters could be seen..From the alleys of the Crescent Throne, the Docks of Ezna, Meeting halls of White Arden and the great frontier citadel of Diamond Shores messages of Join Arandor could be
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

Song of Life (Ashe's Life & Past)

This story will be covering all 3 of my characters, starting with a short introduction, and going through the story of Ashe's quest to find out about her past, and her family.PREVIOUSLY KNOWN ABOUT ASHELIARace: HaraniDate of birth: October 13, 199...
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[NA] Kadum (Legacy)

New to the server looking for RP partners

I played once on the games release and got to 40ish but Im thinking about starting again on this server and was wondering if there were folk around available for RPing, I mean currently I have no faction or character yet (still installing) but I f...
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Kadum Guilds

<W> NightRaiders

NightRaiders&lt;Respect is earned. Honestly is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned&gt; "A samurai doesn't need a reason to take action. If something needs saving, all you have to do is grab your sword."- A Note of a Swordsmen NightR...
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Kadum Guilds

<E>The Oda Clan

After a massive fire that razed the original Oda estate, and took the life of one of their twins, Harkan Oda and Emeile Haska took a small part of the Oda Clan's glorious fleet to stay on the move and keep the Lord and his heir safe. Durring thei...
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Character Profiles

[Tahyang][West] Tetsuro

Full Name: Tetsuro ??? Age: 25Accent: Tetsuro picked up a slight accent (which to others would sound Latin) from his years hiding away with the bookkeeper (foreigner) since he ultimately spent more time with him than his own father.Known for: Bein...
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Off Topic Discussion

Why did they stop the Mirage Monthly magazines?

It seemed pretty cool, cant imagine it wasn't popular.
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Soon to be new comers to Archeage RP

A friend and I will soon be landing in Tahyang on the eastern side. I'm an experienced RPer while he is going to be new but genuinely interested in giving it a try. It's going to be a learning experience for both of us as neither us have RPed in t...
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Kadum Guilds

<Wayfarers> A new East PvE RP Guild

Hello there! &lt;Wayfarers&gt; is a newer guild just getting started. Currently we have a cast of 5 awesome members who do daily RP and trades. We also work on making music, fishing, doing trade packs. We are usually in discord and having a good t...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Infiltrator Build

Does anyone have a good infiltrator build that is up to date? 3.0-3.5 wise. I haven't had any luck finding any from 3.0 or newer. Currently I am level 45 using a bow and 2 swords with Leather armor, most of my stats are in the archer spec with som...
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Returning to ArcheAge

Hey all! Decided to start getting back into Archeage this past weekend, I have a Dwarf named Kintly and a Warborn named Zivaria on the Tahyang server. I don't have any background or the like figured out for my characters yet but I am hoping to fin...
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Hello there

I have recently downloaded the game. Joined the official ArcheAge Roleplay discord before the download was complete. I have played a few roleplayed in a few mmorpgs over the years and have decent amount of RP experience. I am really looking forwar...
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Character Profiles

Elania Kurosaki [East/wip]

Elania Kurosaki "Hi.... ummm... I'm sort of lost.." Name: Elania KurosakiAge: 23Gender: FemaleRace: HiraniClass: ScorcererAppearance:Personality:To describe Elania in a mere three words you would have to call her energetic, happy, and outgoing. A ...
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[NA] Kadum (Legacy)

New RP Hub

People have tossed around the idea of having an RP hub where we could go and just find others for some spontaneous RP, as well as a place to direct new players so they can meet people. Well, a group of us decided to do something with that idea.Sta...
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Hello thar

I'm a new player and downloading the game now, curious as to whether I'll be on east or west side and if anyone has any recommendations? Got several years of rp experience under my belt and heard good things about this rp community, so decided to ...
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Kadum Events

The Wedding of Emberly and Hawthorne
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Fan Creations

WTS [Artistic Skill] - Gold Commissions Open!

Howdy, partners! Last night (in my desperation for money with which to fund my RNG box addiction), I had the brilliant idea to offer a service to the community that I think everyone can appreciate, and a decent amount of you can afford: Character ...
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[NA] Kadum (Legacy)

Looking for a Guild or some casual RP buddies, Haranya alliance

My character name is Taullana and I'm currently 37-38, working toward 40,and I have nobody to chill with between quests. It's very lonely, and I'm looking for an active and friendly RP guild that would be willing to include me. I'm a friendly pers...
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