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Hi there! Just joined the site. It's looking very nice ^^ I am Sastra, but I've also been called a plethora of other names as my RP mains have changed through time. I've been roleplaying for 5 years in various games, and I have played MMORPG's for...
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A frigid draft sweeps across the room..

a seat taken..a drink served and pipe lit..through the haze.. a distant gaze..
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Hi there!

Hi guys!Soooo I go by Harmony, though my in game names tends to rotate between a few. I don't have ArcheAge yet, as I'm waiting to see if I think I'll like it before shelling out $150 for an unfinished game, BUT as part of my finding out if I like...
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ArcheAge Discussion

This may have been answered already but.... Founders Pack Question!

I've been bouncing back and forth in my head the idea of buying one of the packs available. Now, I typically do not like the idea of 'buying my way in' to any kind of Alpha or Beta at an inflated cost but something about the packs available caught...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

Message in a bottle... [IC][OPEN]

They'd be on her soon. Thinking fast, she scrawled a few lines hurriedly onto the parchment. Stoppering it into an empty phial, she palmed the desperate message, waiting for a chance to drop it inconspicuously. It had all happened so fast... Befor...
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Hello there! Fresh meat over here!

Pretty much as the title says I am extremely new to Archeage and the site BUT after reading about the game for the past week I'm extremely excited about it. In all honesty I don't know how this game slipped under my radar for so long. So I'm looki...
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Character Profiles

Ukko Tanang (WIP)

GeneralThis is a work in progress – several things may be subject to change as I won’t know what properly fits in with the lore etc until beta.Full Name:Ukko Tanang (Subject to change)Nicknames: The Ragged BardLevel: - None yetClass: Gravesinger(O...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Trade Run Table

Not sure if this is completely accurate, but i've done many and its pretty close to what the tables list so I just thought I'd share it if anyone is interested. I know many of the names of the items are wrong but if you just go by the order of ho...
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Character Profiles

[Dahuta]<East> Umkankik

GeneralFull Name: Umkankik of Clan SabrefangNicknames: KikLevel: 52Class: outriderRace: FirranGender: MaleAge: 39Hair: Jet blackSkin: Jet black furEyes: YellowBiographicalPlace of Residence: Mahadevi coastPlace of Birth: Falcorth plainsRelatives...
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ArcheAge Discussion

I never noticed this before...

So I was playing around with my settings and have NEVER notice this function before. Since I started playing with it, I've been a little hooked.Now! Feel free to laugh, because I'm sure a lot of other people were playing with this well before I ev...
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Lore Resources & Discussion

[Book] East Ishvara Biography

╔═══╗║ 4 ║ East Ishvara Biography #4╚═══╝ One hundred fifty years have passed since King Rujin settled in the east. However, the royals never stoppped fighting. Today a king, tomorrow a beggar. The land and its people suffered. The only peace rema...
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Greetings all from the Evernight Order

Hoi!Soaps/Blank, I'm a role player and lurker on these forums for sometime before I signed up at the Midnight Reveries Gaming Community. Just introducing myself as the Realm/Faction leader for the main group for EU players. I'll be Vol's little mi...
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Greetings from Melkor Varrin!

Greetings!I am Melkor Varrin and I am happy to be meeting all of you! I can not wait for ArcheAge to finally go live to experience this game with all you fellow Rper's. I plan on having at at least two characters, no more than three , Playing Nuia...
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Just throwing my 'hello' hat into the ring - whatever the hell that means....

Hello!Really just posting to say hello as I am still working out my main character ideas for Archeage. Very hyped about the RP possibilities that will come with this game's launch, and can't wait to try my hand at crafting, ship-building and class...
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Roleplay Discussion

Show don't tell

This has slowly become a pet peeve of mine: show don't tell. As with literature show how the character feels and reacts, don't tell. It's more immersive and makes for more dynamic play. In real life people don't have a bubble over their head narra...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Min-hee's Novels, Trion's Lore, & the Story Behind the Trailers

The lore of Arche Age is based on Min-hee Jeon's novels The Fir and the Hawk and The Heirs. Trion has not yet made any definite plans to translate her work into English. After reading the lore posted here, on and, and on ...
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A random somewhat broken looking stranger enters.

Ello allGot linked to the site via a thread on the official forums and after checking out the naming traditions page(awesome idea) i decided to sign up and see what else you folks have to offer this lorehound, heck i may even give roleplaying a go...
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Character Profiles

Soaps: Guardian of the Order of Evernight

Name and Nickname: Lathe "Soaps" BiosasGender: MaleAge: 24Race: Nuian, but rumoured also Elven by the time of his appointment in Evernight.Height: 6"4.Hair Color: Unknown.Eyes: Hazel, but rumoured bronze and gold by folk-lore.Origin: Having drifte...
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Character Profiles


(Work in progress)Name: IshamaelRace: ElfSex: MaleAge: 23Occupation: Voodoo AssassinClass: Hermit- 185 lbs.Height: 5'11"Hair color and style: Long Dark Hair.Eye color: Red (From dabbl...
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Howdy :)

Hey folks Im the new kid on the block! Some of ya might know who I am (my mantle is an acronym of the full title I use :). But lets just say that I enjoy wearing smoker jackets and a certain type of bird :P. I'm an experienced roleplayer and a gui...
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