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Nox Arcana - Prologue

Tysia regarded the Athame "A Coven you say, somewhere that we may further our knowledge?" she croaked "But you are no Necromancer, and relations between those of your discipline and mine are not what they once were."Lifting her chin at the Necroma...
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oh hey

oh hey guys. i'm brand spanking new to this and Lyrielle convinced me to do this lol. soooooo sup.
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Roleplay Discussion

Putting out Feelers

Soooo I'm curious, and since I haven't really seen any around...Would there be any interest in an Eastern guild focused on Bounty and Pirate Hunting? It's sort of what I'm most interested in personally, and I feel like it'd be an excellent rp oppo...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

Forum RP anyone?

Just wanna gauge a little interest before I start one and no one has the time to respond or are too busy with alpha. Let me know if you would be interested in starting some Forum RP on this site again. It will be an awesome way to develop our char...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Patch 1.2 to Hit next week

In the latest livestream it was asked when next week patch 1.2 would hit the alpha server(s). Victoria responded with the answer that it wouldn't be Friday or Monday but in-between so that leaves obviously Tuesday - Thursday. One thing to look out...
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Roleplay Discussion

Forum an rp character background info consolidation thread.

Or to put it abit more easily understoof: the lets list forum based and character background created organisations and relavant npc's here so people dont contradict each other and cause problem with guild based storylines later thread. :)So yeah i...
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Roleplay Discussion

Common meeting place?

In my experience, there are often some well known locations that get established in other games where RP'ers can go and meet up for some impromptu RP... anyone have any ideas where that would be for ArcheAge? I would guess somewhere in the main ci...
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ArcheAge Discussion

How to skip the intro cinematic

For those of you in alpha, I found out how to skip the Intro Cinematics from a GM on the official forums"you can change the system.cfg file to skip the opening movie. The system.cfg file is located in \Documents\ArcheAge on your main HDD. Open thi...
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ArcheAge Discussion

RPer's Wishlist

Thread on Official ForumsThis is a repost with some edits to address the English Alpha version of the game. The original thread was also published by me here at, obviously we all want something from this game. A lot of people...
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first time for years!

Hello!I am 22y old man from Finland so I am active at different time from americans that I guess are at least half of people here?I have been RP player for most of my gaming career that started at vanilla WoW.In AA I am aiming to have or be part o...
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Roleplay Discussion

Aging options, and who's going to use them?

So I saw while watching character creation videos (since I don't have the moneys to throw at alpha I'm researching like mad going "waaaaaaant" T.T) and I noticed that they had some kind of awesome aging features for the faces, even going from "s...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Rollcall: vote for RP-tagged server on playermade poll currently has no plans to tag a server 'RP'. Maybe we can change their minds?
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A Dorky Introduction With Too Many Words

How did you hear about ArcheAge?Oh, I heard about Archeage a few years (maybe a couple of years) ago while looking at some of Trion's other games, namely Defiance and Rift. I never got into the other two games that much, and then promptly forgot a...
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Roleplay Discussion

Merchant-Pirate relations?

With ArcheAge's focus on crafting, PvP and BOATS, there are many possibilities for RP in trading companies (think East-Indies), privateers and naval mercenaries. Something got me thinking, and that was the possibility of partnerships between Pirat...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Patch 1.2

Looks like we're getting patch 1.2 with launch. I'm not sure how I feel about this. At least until we get patch notes... Honestly this partnership between XL Games and Trion seems a little shady lol..Source;
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Taking a different approach...

Usually I create a character for a game and then, upon release I get under the skin of my new character and explore the game and game-world a bit before looking for a guild. That certainly worked for a few years but sadly hasn’t done recently. I e...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Firrans: Furry or Not?

In my curiosity over why so many roleplayers are avoiding rolling on the East, I've been out and about asking various Western players why they would consider West over East. While some simply have a taste for Western architecture, and/or the gener...
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Lore Resources & Discussion

Perinoor Engravings

Engraving: "The Fallen God" This is an abridged version of Lucius Quinto's famed The Scoundrel. Based on a story by Inoch about an original Mother Goddess who gave birth to the world, the play was infamous for its mocking of other gods... and t...
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[EU] European Guilds

<W> The Collective [EU. Heavy RP, West]

Website: HereGuild Type: Heavy RP, Mercenary Naval FleetRecruitment: EU, Western Faction, OpenGuild Admins (ooc): Emmazor, Mattfire, CarlolimusMembers thoughts: Reviews of The CollectiveOur goal is simple, to offer roleplay to those who seek it. ...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

Saga of Vanschiver

Saga of VanschiverCaynessa VanschiverCaynessa Vanschiver was married off at an early age to a local wealthy baron of sorts named Lord Joseph Eurus. Joseph was a ...
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