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Roleplay Discussion

Why Bring Your RP to AA!

Please note this is all done purely from a Roleplayers perspective, and as i've roleplayerd in varius MMO's over 10 years I have some if not a lot of insight as to what's good and bad in mmo's with roleplay. Also this is all done from my personal ...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Beta server meet up?

So, CBT is here! What server is everyone on / faction?I am;Server - Naima (N/A)Faction - East Character Name - Yang (Paladin):D
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Hello out there!

Just signed up for the site mostly due to the fact that I'm trying to decide if I should take a leap into the game or not. My last few games I've played, I have not found very strong, active roleplay communities. I like to roleplay but haven't do...
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Thanks to the Wanderer mentioning this site on our guild forums I decided to sign up and check it out. As for myself I turn 30 in a few short weeks and live in Australia. I've been around numerous rp communities from swg to wildstar and now I've b...
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Greetings! Um, funny since I typed one of these on the other site as well, but I can try and sum it up a little better now that I have had some practice. I'm a refugee from several other MMOs, though I still actively play Tera, theres a list I hav...
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Off Topic Discussion

I'm back!

Hey ArcheAge Roleplayers!Been neglecting this site for the past month cause my internship finally took off and my free time was limited, so I spent it on the Official forums and with my new guild, shoutout to IRON! But I'm back now and I want to s...
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Hello,My name is JayJay, I'm 24 years old and live in the Netherlands. I have never really attempted RP very seriously before, however after playing this game in Alpha for a while, I feel like this is one of the better MMORPG's to start that in! I...
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Character Profiles

Fenuth Omil, The Grey Sailor

Physical Description:At 5' 11", Fenuth was no particular giant. His caramel skin, pockmarked by small recent scars, was pulled tight over lean muscle acquired from his tenure as a deckhand. Fenuth's neck bore a tattoo of a black serpent coiled aro...
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Playing with Roles. :o

Archeages has a bunch of potential for all of us roleplayers. Customizable housing, sails, no armor/class restrictions, chat bubbles, farming, songwriting, solid character customization, ships and ship building and the like.But what does that have...
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Character Profiles


GeneralFull Name: Qilin EzichenNicknames: Barmaid, Girl, Wench, Blondie, Violet, ect.Level: NAClass: Monk (Vitalist//Necromancer//Songweaver) (?)Race: HaraniGender: FemaleAge: 19Hair: Strawberry BlondeSkin: Pale Golden TanEyes: VioletBiographi...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay

cat and Mouse

Vran'Dul would return to his farm in Tigerspine , the cold night air brushing up against his fur as if to comfort him. Slumping his head low as he forces his tierd body along the sandy path , he would look to his left slightly , keeping an eye on ...
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Off Topic Discussion

CookieClicker! FTW!!!

I now have a purpose in life! That purpose is called.... COOKIECLICKER!!!!Thanks to Jay I now understand the meaning of life, the life that is Cookies. Creating these cookies with my mouse is probably the most fufilling thing I have ever experia...
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Off Topic Discussion

Off Topic Discussion

Discussion TopicsOff Topic Discussion on the ArcheAge Roleplay forums exists for the sole reason of allowing people to chat away about anything that piques their interest. If it's not about RP in general, or ArcheAge in general, it goes here.Topic...
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Character Profiles


How I imagine her looking out and about!GeneralFull Name: Yang AikoNicknames: YangyLevel: 1-50Class: Abolisher / PaladinRace: HaraniGender: FemaleAge: 16Hair: Long, wavy blonde hairSkin: FairEyes: GoldBiographicalPlace of Residence: Whatever inn s...
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Hai Hai! *waves enthusiastically*

Hey there AAR!Name's Melody (not really but it's what I am called xP) and I am SUPER excited for ArcheAge! I have RPed in a few other games, but none have ever met my needs. I am almost certain that ArcheAge will most definatly be the game I have...
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Roleplay Discussion

A question on timelines (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Hey all just a quick question:After taking a peek at the elvan single player story line I can't help but wonder....Are people going to rp the time period after the single player story line or before? Because...a LOT of things happened that seemed ...
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Lore Resources & Discussion

Lore from the cut scenes for those who don't want spoilers!

Archeage Lore Dump!I’m not usually one who cares about spoilers so I personally have no issue in watching the single player storyline Wanderer was kind enough to share. However it recently occurred to me that those who did not want spoilers would ...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Closed Beta Eastern Naima Server

I'd like to raise enough players and gold to start a guild, anyone on here want to help? Thanks
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[NA] North American Guilds

<?> Sanctuary RP, PvP, Crafters (pro social)

I've just started closed Beta, I need help to found our guild: Sanctuary,, offers a warm and friendly environment for collaborate teamwork for crafters, PvP, and future game launch community making its debut in closed...
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Fan Creations


Just been writing a little fanfic, I in no way shape or form think I'm a good writer, but so far my story has been pretty well received (Weird, over 10K views!). I don't know if anyone watches RWBY or anything but I decided to share my story with ...
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