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Welcome traveller's Dark Stories(Eastern, Omega)

*You arrive at the city of towers from the west entrance you feel though you are being watched. A harani man approaches you he appears to be dressed in a Nobleman's attire but on his belt he has two daggers attached the sheaths of the daggers have...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Things I Want To Run at Live;

1) GuildsThe guilds I want to run are aimed at entry level players; people who need basic direction and light roleplay before they find out their specialization and hopefully placing them in good guilds for their desires as they move up int he gam...
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World Traveler

I am Quentin, world traveler. I have walked many a world across arid deserts and frozen tundras. I've climbed the tallest peaks and explored the deepest oceans. I am a wanderer, never content to sit always seeking knowledge and new sights. Sometim...
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Off Topic Discussion

Gripping Gundam Story

So, I was going through my old pictures and junk, and I found this... I made this proooobably... 8 years ago at this point. The amazing effects you see are done with MS Paint, and the prop work involves paper and scotch tape. I don't really know w...
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Fan Creations

Official ArcheAge Music

Track 1 - Successors of Life (Nuian Theme)Track 2 - Exiles Who Dream (Elf Theme)Track 3 - Galloping Across the Meadow (Firran Theme)Track 4 - (Missing Track) White ForestTrack 5 - Hymn of the City, MarianopleTrack 6 - Secrets of WoodsTrack 7 - Gua...
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Character Profiles


THERE WOULD BE AN IMAGE HERE IF NOT FOR ME BEING UNABLE TO GET INTO ARCHEAGE AT THIS MOMENT, SORRY FOR THE INCONVINENCE!!! Name: SavinyaAlias(s): The Heartless Vyxn, Vyxn, Domitor Vajra (Tamer of the Vajra), SaviRace: HaraniGender: FemaleAge Appe...
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Character Profiles

Setau "Naskoche

OMEGA WORK IN PROGRESSName: Setau Naskoche (Set-ow Naas-kow-chee) || Nicknames: DarkfurAge: 35 || Race: Firran || Gender: MClass: TBD (Possibly Solder- Battlerage/defense/auramancy)Occupation: TBD || Guild: n/aComing Soon...Coming Soon...Player Al...
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Off Topic Discussion

I challenge you!!!!! To a Meme off

Do you think you have the best Meme there is!? Well then..... it is up to you to choose whether you wish to accept your invite to this battle of mass amusing carnage. Please keep this clean and away from any "unethical" topics. Time for just a lit...
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Hey guys, I'm pretty passionate about Arche Age and the idea of creating or being part of an RP-community. I'm on Naima Server - East. I run a faction called Sanctuary that wants to be a Crafting, RP,Mid-Size PvP Guild with an emphasis on teamwork...
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[NA] North American Guilds

<W> Birth of Sanctuary (NA, Elf, 3rd Continent)

Pengolod, was a petty thief in the Elven community of 'Outcasts', an untouchable low class of Elves who are branded with tatoos for being born orphans, thugs, pirates, thieves, cattle herders etc....He has founded a Sect called 'Sanctuary' a place...
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Off Topic Discussion

Ipni Message?

I believe the message says:Ladies and gentleman, I am happy to announce de completion of de Ipni phont
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Hello all! I'm a 24 year-old graphic design student from Sydney, Australia. I've been roleplaying on different platforms since the age of 14 -- though I only began roleplaying in MMOs last year. Since then, I've been an active roleplayer in GW2 an...
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Roleplay Discussion

Weapon names?

Does anyone else have their character name their weapon of choice? I always liked this idea and am trying it out with my character (she has dual knives. The possibilities! The word plays! I'm actually having a really hard time deciding xD). Is any...
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Roleplay Bulletins

The Halcyona Cartel

The Halcyona Cartel is a guild that I wish to be making on Vran'Dul some time in the future after his character gets sorted out abit and he is free from slavery for a little while.I know that there obviously some other guilds out there that plan o...
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Off Topic Discussion


Yep! Back again with some RWBY OC templates. Which Kai had the awesome (surprisingly not racist) idea of doing!Full name: Gender: Age: Faunus or human: Nickname: Nationality (Skin color): Family: Appearance(including but not limited to hair, eye c...
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Roleplay Discussion

Crests, Roman Letters, and You

So,Immersion is often something that roleplayers try to preserve as best as humanly possible, but sometimes we are guilty of ruining the immersion for others by the same token. My big concern with this game is that people are going to be putting g...
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Require help founding Sanctuary (Eastern, RP, PvP, Crafting)

Sanctuary,, offers a warm and friendly environment for collaborate teamwork for crafters, PvP, and future game launch community making its debut in closed beta. We plan to be a major launch ready guild that is Role-Pl...
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ArcheAge Discussion

ArcheAge CBE1 Recap Event

Scapes and Firecait will be discussing the past closed beta event and the next one. Maybe we'll get some answers on some of the current issues with AA. Let me know if you are going to be listening in! I will try to be there as soon as it starts if...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Now what? To excited to wait!

So I purchased the $49.99 Founder pack today so now what?I can hardly wait to get back into the game, I was in Beta last weekend, and want to know ...Can I log in and play now?Do I have to wait until the next Closed Beta session to start before I ...
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Another new face! Hello!

Hey there!I imagine there's been all sorts of new comers as of late, given the CBT events, so consider me part of the bandwagon. c: However, as new as I may be to Archeage itself, I am no new-comer to the wonderful world of RP or MMORPGs. In fact,...
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