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Journal Entries - Nea Larch

-Page #1-Its been months since iv founded the group known as the Eastern Slaver Corporation. The first two weeks was very un-pleasing but im finding enjoyment in fooling those who think there safe in there snug homes. Regardless from selling the l...
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Hi all.

Hi all. I've been playing in the alpha for a while now but I'm so terrible at introductions (I never know what to say), and have been trying to build up the courage to drop in and say hi. I'm 29 years old, currently living in Canada, and I love to...
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Hi and thanks,

Hello ..... I have been a pen & paper role player for yrs and have RP on STO as well as AOC ...... I play a variety of game in many genres..... I am excited for this game it seems to incorporate a lot of types of game play...... Look forward m...
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Character Profiles

Nea 'The Iron' Larch

GeneralFull Name: Nea LarchNicknames: The iron , Stone maidenLevel: 29Class: Hellweaver Race: haraniGender: FemaleAge: 31Hair: Turquoise Skin: PaleEyes: Yellow]BiographicalPlace of Residence: Lutesong Harbour Place of Birth: City of T...
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Character Profiles


GeneralFull Name: Vran'Dul Nicknames: None Level: Class: FarmerRace: FirrenGender: MaleAge: Does not knowHair: Has dark brown dreads, one of the strands that hangs over the right side of his face has woodens braded in. it goes , red blue ,blue, re...
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Downloading and installing Archeage now, so I figure nows the time to introduce myself.Hello everyone!I've been active in MMOs for over 15 years now, starting back with the original EQ1. I've also played FFXI, Silkroad, and spent most of my time o...
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Off Topic Discussion

Sick Hearthstone Deck Draft in Arena!

This is probably one of my nicest drafts so far <3 First game was an absolute nightmare though (didn't get ANY fire elemental etc)4-1 right now.. lets see how it keeps going :D
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[NA] North American Guilds

<?> The House of the Eternal Flame. 18+ RP PvX guild.

They dreamed of fire, a fire that led them to each other. On the same day, the same time they all arrived at a house in the middle of a valley. Without the need to speak to one another they all knew that they were here for the same purpose, led he...
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Hello all!

Hello all, i'm Keelut and I been roleplaying for about 18 years. I began WAAAAY back in Yahoo Chat in the 90s in a chatroom called Ayenee (A&amp;E) and then moved on to Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, Everquest II, City of Heroes/villains, Star Wa...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Drom's Getting Started in ArcheAge Guide

((Work In Progress))With the recent Beta events coming, I thought I would take the time to work on this for new players to get their bearings. The guide isn't complete yet, but the UI and Tips sections should get most players started.The User Inte...
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ArcheAge Discussion

ArcheAge is now on the Steam Store

It must be new, because it was on the game news popup when I logged on this morning.Check it out here: wonder how this will affect the player base - in my opinion then the broader the audience and more ex...
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Off Topic Discussion


Now it is law!
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Roleplay Discussion

Character help

Greetings everyone! Im having a bit of a problem setting up my soon to be, bad arse, character for AA and was hoping to get a little help here. Im looking at creating my RP character and my idea is, My character is going to be named "(unknown as ...
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Off Topic Discussion


It's...too...bloody...warm....So... I live in Sweden and I'm used to a maximum of around 25* celsius like 2-3 months a year, the rest mostly bellow 10* or even 0*Right now it's around 30* - 36* and I just can't take it...I'm swimming in my own swe...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Don't forget about the EU servers!

So, do we have any people here who are playing on the european beta-servers?If so, what server are you playing on? (I can't remember it's name...)What faction are you? (I'm Nuian!)Have you joined a guild? (I have a guild!) do you want to join a gu...
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Roleplay Discussion

RP & PvP - Speculations/Questions

So, I do not have access to the game at the moment, and thus all of the information I have about the game comes pretty-much straight off youtube and other peoples commentary. I love what I see so far, but I must admit the notion of PvP being so ev...
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Hello! Finally time to introduce myself!

Hello! I've been in alpha for some time now, I've got to meet some of you, and I've always meant to make a proper introduction. I'm a 28 year old male living on the east coast of the US. I've been RPing for quite some time now, in MUDs, forums, an...
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Hello =x

Hi there~ I'm Mint.. I'm new =x &lt;3Er.. I'm 24, female, and.. I like animals and science ...but not science performed on animals . _ . just.. separate entities..I'm excited to play AA when it becomes available as free to play (I always seem to ...
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I'm pretty terribad at everything, so this introduction probably will be too! *:|I am Eevie currently in game, but I might make a Harani... I'm undecided. I was bought a founder account by my boyfriend at the time and we have since split, so here ...
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Roleplay Discussion

The (un)importance of Lore

I think we can all agree that game Lore is important to some degree. Certainly one doesn't want to refer to a cell phone in a fantasy game where such things do not exist nor to dragons if such creatures are not around.Having said that, how importa...
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