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So hello all! I am Keelut, and I come to enjoy some RP in this game. I've been RPing for about 20 years all the way back to the Yahoo chatrooms/AIM days. I then moved to Everquest, Ultima Online. DAOC, SWG, COH, Everquest 2, and about every MMO si...
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Character Profiles

Ajit Song - (NA / Eastern Faction)

My Five Voices Speak for HonorName: Ajit Race: HaraniSex: MaleAge: Twenty FourProfession: Deadly Individual Weight: One Hundred and Forty Five PoundsHeight: Five Foot NineHair: Black and shining, long and carefully oiled.Eye Color: Stormy Grey Clo...
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Character Profiles

Keelut Dragontooth (Eastern character)

Name: Keelut DragontoothBirthname: Teskaza tomokishiAge: --Height: 5’9inWeight: 140lbsRace: Harani/ NuianClass: Blade Dancer/Berserker (possibly)Profession: Pirate Captain/ Pirate Hunter/ co-owner of Tavern and Inn (guild leader)Weapon of Choice: ...
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Character Profiles

Silas "Wolf" Kard

An Artist's depiction of Silas. Silas KardKnown as: "The Wolf" / "Sea Wolf" / "Dread Captain"Physical Age: 30Real Age: 33Gender: MaleRace: NuianClass: [ Shadowplay / Arc...
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Fan Creations

Guild Bannering/Emblem

I was just messing around with some vector object to great some kind of epic bannering for an asian militaristic guild. Not sure if these are lore friendly though, haven't played the game yet. Any commentary is welcome ;)
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Lore Resources & Discussion

[KR Translation] Aranzeb

AranzebThe following is an error-laced translation I did of a biographical story posted to the old ArcheAge-KR website. As there may be changes and errors abounds, this is not to be considered "canon," but should provide you with some insight to ...
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Off Topic Discussion

Playing Games Together!

Yo, Since I am bored, is there anyone here that wants to play some other games together? Hearthstone, Starcraft 2 Aracde, Dawngate, League of Legends, whatever?If so, contact me :P Since.. well.. as mentioned, am bored!skype: jj.kunsteam: EraChanZ...
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Character Profiles

Serilda Fallon

GeneralFull Name: Serilda FallonNicknames: ''Sadistic'' Serilda, ''Sinister's Lady''Level: -Class: Witchcraft - Shadowplay - Vitalism: Assassin (Not for sure)Race: NuianGender: FemaleAge: 32Hair: Dark Red / ScarletSkin: FairEyes: Dark Gr...
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ArcheAge Discussion

CB2 Recap Livestream Notes

Here are my notes from the livestream for anyone that missed it or doesn't have the time to watch it. I have bolded the points that I feel were pretty important:-They do have ‘cool stuff’ that they will be showing at PAX-CB2 was two times as large...
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Character Profiles

Elaurien Tardariel, The Former Captain

GeneralFull Name: Elaurien TardarielNicknames: Cap, Level: 10Class: PrimevalRace: ElfGender: MaleAge: 26Hair: BlackSkin: PaleEyes: BlueBiographicalPlace of Residence: RoamerPlace of Birth: Gweonid Forest Relatives: Elwyn Tardariel, MotherGomoth...
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Heya Folks! Kov here from the Midnight Reveries Gaming Community. Just wanted to say a brief hello and extend an open invitation to everyone to contact me if you wish to expand your network of roleplayers and roleplay guilds heading into launch....
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Greetings everyone!

Hey. ... only my second post so im alittle shy. So to break the ice I will simply say Im Cailda( not my real name just the name i use for forums and for my first toon in every game"Traditional name)Im 21, live in the Usa, have no alpha access(sadl...
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Hello all

Hello. My name is Azkal. or at least that's what I go by sometime. However, in the past, I've gone by the name Zaren Sin, most notably in SWG. Anyway, just wanted to drop in an say hello. What beta server are most people on?
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Roleplay Discussion

Rp/PvP guild

Ok so... its my first time posting and I would like to toss an idea into the air Ive been conciveing since I learned of archeageI plan to make Firran female who is abit of a "battle hungry" tiger and I would like to make a guild based on rp and pv...
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Hello folks, pleasure to be here on the forums and part of a roleplaying community again. As the tag says I generally go by Ridrith, but for those who'd prefer to keep it short and sweet Rid is just fine. I'm mostly a PC gamer but I've got a lov...
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Roleplay Discussion

Roleplay Server!

Do we have any information as to a Roleplay server, or any information as to what server is most RP friendly?
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Roleplay Discussion

Firran Roleplay?

I was wondering if anyone could direct me to a place containing information about Role-playing a Firran. I'd love to learn more about them before I get in-game.
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Character Profiles

Cailda The War Matron

GeneralFull Name: Cailda (takes no surname)Nicknames: Cail. War Matron. Cai.Level: TbaClass: DoomlordRace: FirranGender: FemaleAge: TBAHair: BlackSkin: White leopard Eyes: RedBiographicalPlace of Residence: TbaPlace of Birth: UnknownRe...
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Hello, I'm new to Archeage, but have a history roleplaying in various games and was looking for a place where I could read peoples thoughts on it, so I found this forum and thought I'd say hello. :)I've played and roleplayed in numerous games befo...
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