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I am a storyteller style role player. I like to immerse myself in intricate stories with realism utilized, suffering consequences for the actions of my character and developing them while progressing a story. I do not shy away from controversial t...
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Hey everyone! My name is Kieron (Kyron in alpha). Been playing AA under a different name since April, and have played many MMOs. Despite some of the changes, I think this is still the best MMO out at the moment.I'm kind of an "on the fence" RPer. ...
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Character Profiles


StorkA boy with a shrouded past Race- Harani | Gender- Male | Age- 20Appearance"Well, you know you really shouldn't judge a book by, well... you get what I mean..."Stork looks rather mild for an Harani. Average height, average weight, with muscle...
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Character Profiles


GeneralFull Name: Kieron YukiaNicknames: KiLevel: --Class: DarkrunnerRace: FirranGender: MaleAge: 22Hair: Faded BlueSkin: FurEyes: Dark blueBiographicalPlace of Residence: None, adventuererPlace of Birth: Skyfang VillageRelatives: 1 younger brothe...
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Howdy Y'all, I am Mezlo.Let's see I have been Mezlo since 1979,when I first got my D & D red box set at 8 years old. I have been a role player ever since, I have a lot of table top experience and more recently. The last 8 years some PC online ...
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[NA] Kadum (Legacy)

Haranya Empire Looking for Western Trade Friends.

Haranya Empire is on the new server Tehyang,we are looking for a trade partner from the western continent. Are there any Western Role Play Guilds that would be interested in a trade alliance?
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Roleplay Discussion

When are you ready to RP?

As another Beta event closes I wanted to gather people’s thoughts on this rather specific and kinda random topic. When are you ready to start RPing in game?Here’s what I mean. I’ve been founders of quite a few MMO’s For now I’ll just be using SWTO...
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Roleplay Discussion

Any CB4 event planned?

Anyone know of any events planned?Anyone want to meet up?
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Hi folks. Any ex-UO rpers here?

Hi allLooking forward to doing some RP in ArcheAge. No MMO since Ultima Online has fit the requirements for a good RP playing field imo, but this looks very ripe for it.I played on the Europa server for years in the Vesper (-V-) town guild.Anyone ...
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Hi everyone!

Hey all!So, not gonna lie, I'm still not 100% if I'm going to play this game, but it's hitting a lot of my favorite things like player economy and freedom of classes and all that jazz, it kinda looks like fantasy Eve Online and that turns my dials...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Poll: Alpha/Beta Access

Hello!I'm taking a little census of our modest membership for future use. Please cast your vote above!Feel free to explain your answers if you'd like!
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*Bumbles about* "Uh, hey guys!"

Figured I'd extend myself into this site and see what's what. You all look stunning. I'm a young lifetime gamer living on the west side of the pond (specifically the state of Maine, 207 represent). Been playing video games since I could breathe. R...
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Roleplay Discussion

Characters and Aliases

I've been on this forum for a few days now, and couldn't help but notice I'm the only one NOT using a character name as my forum Alias. Instead of Alan Cynderfoot or Tarayja Feralkin, I have my gaming alias Buttonmasher50.Is this a more recent tre...
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Introductions are in order.

Hey people. How are you? I hope to get to know some of you. :)Honestly, I'm never really good at this, so I guess I'll start with the basics. I am Rebecca, nice to meet you all. I got into rp at around age 11-12. And I've been doing it off and on ...
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Greetings from France

Hello! Just signed up for the forums here, nice to meet you all. Have finally recovered from the third beta and am prepping for the next! I'm not sure where I heard about Archeage, probably my husband discovered it as he pays more attention to gam...
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[NA] North American Guilds

<W> [NA] The Iron Circle Guild - Heavy Roleplaying & Tabletop Gaming!

The Iron Circle Guild - Heavy Roleplaying &amp; PvX Guild Server: This will be decided closer to launch. (NA Server)Faction: West - Nuians, Elves. (Currently playing East in Alpha)Members: Casual - Heavy Roleplayers, PvE, Crafting.VOIP: Mumble....
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Roleplay Discussion

Western Roleplayer Rollcall

I know alot of peeps here are rolling East and have been posting Forum RP threads in Eastern settings. This kinda limits Western characters in their participation in Forum RP, so let's make our own! If you are planning on RPing on the West or woul...
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Roleplay Discussion

How do you RP?

Are you inclusive or exclusive?I think most people who post on forums tend to be inclusive so maybe a better question is what are your experiences with RP?I have found many RP groups tend to be exclusive. I don't know you, you are not part of our ...
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[NA] North American Guilds


• Guild Name: THE ORDER• Server:To Be Determined• Faction:Nuia / Elves• Focus/Interests:RP / PVE / PvP / • IC Information: We are a Secrete religious and Secret Oder of the Gods we are the Authority and Guardians of the World and we have a priest...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Reminder: AAR NA Players Chose [Naima] for Beta

Hey, just wanted to get the word out there! If you're a beta player, most of us are over on the Naima server. Several RP events have happened already, as well as informal gatherings. Feel free to join, and even to propose gatherings here on the fo...
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