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ArcheAge Discussion

A Guide for New and Old Players

Someone put together a nice ArcheAge Unchained Launch Guide:!
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Just wanted to drop in and say hi. I played AA waaay back in the first year and quit due to probably the same things most did. Currently, my main MMO is FFXIV, but I could not resist the pull of a non P2W ArcheAge and so here I am and it's incredi...
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ArcheAge Discussion

ArcheAge Unchained Server Vote

There are two servers planned for launch: Tyrenos and Wynn.It looks like people are gunning for Tyrenos to be the unofficial PVP server: reply with feedback ...
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[NA] Kadum (Legacy)

Looking For Roleplay Partners! ^^

Hello Everyone, new to this forums so ill try my best to make a decent post. My Name Is Chita, I started on launch in the wonderful server of Tahyang now Conviction! I love Archeage and I pvp/pve a lot but my heart really lies in Roleplaying. I am...
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New to Archeage not to RP

Hey I been interested in trying out Archeage and hopefully finding some rp buddieslittle bit about me....I have played and roleplayed in many mmo's in the past a few of my faves being mabinogi, maplestory, tera and cabalI'm in eastern Canada and w...
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Quite a bit of excitement!!

Hey there ArcheAge Roleplay!! So I just downloaded the game and I'm about to create my character, thought I'd post here first though. I only ever play MMO's for roleplay and when I heard how great the community was here, I just had to join in.I do...
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Character Profiles

[Conviction][West] Thelhalaana

GeneralFull Name: ThelhalaanaNicknames: Thel, Ana, LaanaLevel: 11(At the time of writing this profile)Class: Paladin (Battlerage, Defender,Vitalism)Race: ElfGender: FemaleAge: 138Hair: Black, Straight but the end curling a bit inwards.Skin: Slight...
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Hello there.

I've recently decided to come back to the game, and hopefully I might meet some of the still active Roleplayers on West. I'm still quite a low level though. (Literally just got my full "Class" like yesterday as I stopped for the night :P) I've nev...
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Kadum Guilds

No active guilds on Conviction?

Simple question. :)
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Greetings Archeage!

Hello! I'm just going to start off with the basic guidelines provided to introduce myself. I go by Kusark (or Kus) online usually. I have played Archeage before, but I went on a looong two year hiatus. -How did you hear about ArcheAge?I have alway...
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New to RP, not to the game

Hello,Not sure how to start this off, so let's use the guidlines as a setup.How did you hear about ArcheAge?Waaay back, when I joined the beta.What are your hopes for RP in ArcheAge?Having fun with people without feeling restricted by level to do ...
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*Curiously Peeks in*

HEYLOOOOk Sooooo I played Archeage when it first launched... Yeah that long ago. Maybe a few weeks at most and stopped due to Bugzzzzz and frustration. Recently decided to get it again. (Download should be done today) And Hell I'm an RPer. It's w...
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Off Topic Discussion

Small Animals Habitat

The Ferret Nation Animal Cage is the ideal home for your small pets. Great for ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and other small animals.
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Off Topic Discussion

Music on Your Playlist really love One Direction, I hope to hear them song altogether again.
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New Girl

Hello all, my name is Greta and I am the latest addition to this community. It was nice to be a part of this forum. I hope that all of you is having a good night/day. I work as a chat support representative for PetStreetMall.
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Hi there. :) I'm not sure whether to say I'm returning or I'm new, as when I played before I didn't really step into RP. I had the intention to, but my wariness of people (particularly RPers - it's an odd stance to have, especially when I love RP ...
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Returning, after a long, long time

HelloGonna just start with the guidelines😃How did you hear about ArcheAge?In 2015, my husband and I were looking for something new, and we found Archeage by research.What are your hopes for RP in ArcheAge?Well, I want to find a family, hopefully b...
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Kadum Guilds

<W> Acolytes of Shatigon

Acolytes of Shatigon is officially open for recruitment! We are settled in and established, with only three guild members left on Morpheus.We have purchased Thunder Island (Kraken Island) from Cult of the Kraken, gotten it set up, and all decorat...
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Kadum Events

Night Ronin Showdown

Test your strengths in DnD friendly combat! The Night Ronin Dojo is hosting a bi-weekly event on Fridays where people may gather around, watch the tournament, drink, and make friends! This is NOT to test gear score and class against one another, b...
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Kadum Events

Farewell to Tahyang Party

Farewell to Tahyang PartySaturday 26 August5:00pm Pacific ~ 6:00pm Mountain ~ 7:00pm Central ~ 8:00pm EasternLittle Chord, Rokhala MountainsCome set aside rivalry and resentment for an evening; come together to remember and celebrate our home, Tah...
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