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Hi to everone

Hi I am new to the RP Scene but would love to find some people who have some experience and who can help me to get into all that staff :)
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Greetings one and all -Bows graciously-

Well met one and all. I am Grandius Aegiscoat, son of Ewin Aegiscoat, grandson of U'kain Aegiscoat. I hail from a small town in Nuia. I fear many of you do not know it's name as many of the maps I see of our great country do not even have it writt...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Looking for a specific look.

More accurately, looking for 2 specific types of hats. Does anyone know and hopefully have a reference to one of the Kasa-style hats (conical straw hats)? I'm also looking for some sort of headband, but don't know if that one exists or not. Any he...
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Yo peeps

Yo peeps. Just introducin' mahself in 'ere. So, hello . I got a beta key after waiting one day for the darn giveaways, and i am having a massive blast in archeage. I also am a beginner but very eager RPer, although i stupidly forgot to check for a...
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Off Topic Discussion


Bunnyhop is the most amazing game EVER!Play it for free here: beat my highscore! If you beat my highscore, and I can not beat yours back within 24h; I will give you a prize! (first person to get it do...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Question: Why split NA and EU rp servers?

I keep looking at forum posts and discussions about which server NA is gonna be on, and it seems a lot like the EU isn't going to be on the same server as the NA rpers. But why is that? I don't get why we can't group up all together in one server...
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Roleplay Discussion

Trader guilds? Are there too many, or not?

My guild and I are dabbling heavily on the idea of being a Traders Guild, which has been fun in the beta. But one of my members have expressed concerns on if there might be too many traders guilds, and not enough merc groups. We chose this avenue ...
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Want to say Hello

Hello, my name is Revolus,i´am from germany and waiting over 3,5 years for the european ArcheAge version.I played mmos since 9 years, first the pve part for a long time only, but i was very interestet in the rp aspect so i tried it out after some ...
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hello everyone

Hi, im an RPer and been waiting for AA and this seems like the place to be lo for us rpers!!!!l. Can't wait to see you all in game
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ArcheAge Discussion

EU Beta Players: What Server Are You On?!

Hey folks,I personally am not on the European servers (being North American myself), and most of the EU players that I am in constant contact with have chosen NA servers for beta. However, I realize that a lot of you out there are EU players playi...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Beta Servers Wich one should Role Play Guilds gravitate to for NA?

I run a Role Play Guild and I would like to try to be on one of the NA Beta Servers with other Role Play Guilds. Does anyone have a suggestion or Idea,currently we are set up on Tehyang.Mezlo
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Roleplay Discussion

Which hairstyle do you prefer?

I've made two variations of a female elf nightwitch which I'm not sure about, still open to drastic changes, but I wanted her to have something of an unsavory look to her but also a bit mystical. She's basically a bard but she has some devious rog...
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Hey Everyone

Just grabbed my silver level founder code on steam and I am really looking forward to diving right into this game. I have a level 14 character sharing the same name as my username here and I really hope this game succeeds beyond my expectations.I ...
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Salutations, Fellows of the Third Degree

Greetings! My name (or as I like to go by online) is Renegade. Don't get me wrong I'm not hell bent on breaking rules though I certainly don't mind calling to attention when something doesn't sit quite right with me.Names aside, I've been roleplay...
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ArcheAge Discussion


The friend I was holding a beta key for never contacted me for itIF YOU WANT IT CONTACT ME ASAP. I will watch my mailbox all night...first come first serve!On your mark...Get set....GO GO GO GO GO!
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Hi all! I'm Toxa.I might know a few of you from different communities...maybe? But to those I have yet to meet , I look forward to making a few new friends.
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HA!Hello! I'm Crimson, some of you might have seen me from That-RP-Community-Website-That-Must-Not-Be-Named. Well here I am cause I guess I was too snarky for them, I mostly joined them for two reasons. They were on Enjin and their website was pre...
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Nice to Meet You!

Hi there! After having creeped this forum for a while and finally cutting my losses from the Enjin site (username Soah), I'm thrilled to be joining a community that seems far more tight-knit. I'm very excited to be playing AA, and am happy to be w...
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Hey guys! My name's An, and I am a pretty heavy roleplayer. My last venture into the weird world of DayZ roleplay went quite well, so I think i'm going to branch out a bit. See you guys ^.^~An.
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Greetings from Atheraniel Wildfire.

Good morning fellow RPers,I am Atheraniel Wildfire. A long time ago, I was an active Text-Based RPer on fantasy forums and now I would like to try it in a MMORPG like ArcheAge. When I first heard of this game, I knew at that time that I wanted to ...
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