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Sylvina Hot Springs Resort

Solis Headlands was not one of Verus' more favored areas. In truth, he wasn't very fond of it. It seemed more and more like any job he took in this blasted place was going to take him deep into the crime ridden underbelly of the world. However, th...
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Feedback & Errors

Feedback: Font size & forum colors

I hope I'm not out-of-line with this post, and I apologize if I am. But wanted to ask if there's something that can be done to make the tiny font larger, as well as a brighter hue? I find it difficult to read the forums without suffering from eyes...
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Hellluu <3

Hey. (There is nothing intresting to know about me so I'll skip that part.) I am just so glad someone is bringing all of us RP lovers together. :D 3(I had a few great and hilarious RP encounters during the last Closed Beta, and this will hopefully...
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Just saying HI!

Hey, I'm Lalina! I like to consider myself a digital artist, so once Archeage is up and running and the RP community is a bit more established for the English client, you'll probably see me making oodles of art and taking commissions. :) I come fr...
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Herp. Derp. Hai. ( ' u ' )

Terribly late intro post, but hello!Roa in-game come launch, but I tend to stick to my general screen name, Nasche, when perusing the forums and whatnot.So excited for when the game goes live! I'll be rolling with The Empyrean Divine, and although...
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Roleplay Discussion

Characters that don't conform to the norm?

What do you think about characters they don't conform to the normal characteristics of their race? For example I get the feeling the Elves are very regimented and strict, would you be ok with an open, laid back elf who doesn't care much about the...
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Feedback & Errors

Help us grow!

Hello Roleplayers and Visitors alike!Now that we're up and running, it's important to us to keep this community thriving and healthy. In order to do that, we want to get more people involved in the community and more people signed up to our site. ...
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Hello! o/

Hey all,I'm Fox, and I've been lurking here for a bit but decided to finally post. :D I've been RPing for roughly 10 years now, starting in Neopets and forums as a shapeshifting Mary Sue, growing up and doing my first MMO RP in WoW, and then trave...
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Hello. :D

Good day to everyone. Decided to come out of lurking and make an intro post haha.I'm new to the RP scene in ArcheAge but not new to RP I suppose. I never got into forum RPs and other earlier platforms for RP but I wish I had and I often feel I mis...
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Fan Creations

This Wolf can hold a pen and paintbrush! [Commissions: OPEN]

For the last .. two or three years now, I've been taking digital-art commissions, through guild members, fellow Roleplayers and recently through DeviantART. I've also done a few logo retouches for companies, an array of themed photography and some...
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Off Topic Discussion

Streaming some Diablo 3: New Patch, New Character!

@ hang out, if you want!
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Howdy all!!!

Hi all! Right now I play as Nyssa on Naima and Kyliah on Omega, not quite sure yet who the main will be when we go live. Now as for me...I've been gaming since pen and paper and TCGs in the early 80s, since then I've played everything from MUDs to...
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Hello! I'm Corvus. New to ArcheAge RPing, as this post probably suggests.I've had at least two or three years of RPing experience to date, doing all kinds of things - casual sit-and-chat stuff, fights both large and small, travelling, etc. I'm up ...
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[NA] North American Guilds

<X> A Band of Colours- An LGBTQ Family

Guild Name:A Band of ColoursServer:Naima &amp; OmegaRegion:NA but because of the lack of regional locks, we have folks from all over!Faction:Haranya/NuianFocus/Interests:We focus on all aspects of the game, MMO/PvP, Sandbox and RPIC Information:{T...
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Off Topic Discussion

AAR Is Cool and All...

But come on. Why don't we shamelessly rip off Seriously you guys. Think of the possibilities.((God I'm tired. Walmart can take a lot out of a man boy man stud.))
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I'm not exactly new here but I haven't gotten to know a great deal of Archeage role-players outside of my own lil friends circle yet. It's great to see so many people getting into this game early on. ^_^ Can't wait to start Rping!
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[NA] North American Guilds

<?> Order of the Blood Rose

This is primarily a place holder while I work on the lore but basically the Order of the Blood Rose is a neutral faction bent on the distraction or capture of all "criminal" "pirate" or "terrorist" organizations within the Archage World npc or pc ...
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Character Profiles

[WIP] The Kindling of a Flame

I Age - approx. 38 I DoB - 4th day of the 5th moon I PoB - Falcorth Plains, Graymist I " is born with a drop of magic; this is a given fact. There is no being across Enoa that does not possess a touch of Magic. Some never tap into this unique re...
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Greetings folks!

My name is Edmorian, or Ed or Morian if you like, and I'm new to the forums here and Archeage!I am 29 year old male from Michigan, U.S. I work six months out of the year managing my family owned ice cream shop, and the other six months I normally ...
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Fan Creations


I was wondering whether anyone would be able and willing to do a doodle or graphics art piece based on this image of my character, that I can use as an avatar please? Ignore the blush on her cheeks I'll be altering that :)
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