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Pirate Faction roleplayers

Hey all! Since there are effectively three factions in game, I'm curious as to whether or not there will be some roleplayers joining the pirate faction. I know that many RPers aren't too fond of PvP, but pirates are a pretty PvP faction, so I want...
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Character Profiles


Name: IskanderRace: HaraniSex: MaleAge: Twenty EightProfession: Warrior ScholarWeight: One hundred and eighty poundsHeight: Six Foot EvenHair: Dark Brown to Black, well coifedEye Color: Forest GreenClothing: Iskander is Sartorially inclinedPiercin...
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Roleplay Discussion

Firran Lore

I noticed that alot of people were interested in playing as Firrans when AA launches. I could not be happier! So I took it upon my self to start taking some notes about the lore when I started my Firran today on the alpha. These are just random po...
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Character Profiles

Asane Song

Asane, the Irritable Witch The hut, it had been decided long ago, was well suited for some grand witch of the forest. Indeed, if some of the stories that flitted from the lips of the more superstitious were to be believed, a witch did reside ...
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[NA] North American Guilds

<W> Greymoon Trading Company

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Off Topic Discussion

Anime shows!

SUCCESS IN OFF-TOPIC THREAD NOW!Show list:RWBY - Action / ComedyBaby Please Kill Me! - Comedy / Slice of LifeLucky Star - Comedy / Slice of LifeAkuma no Riddle - Action / Yuri undertonesmore to come!Tahmoh; I need your list now!
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Off Topic Discussion

ArcheAge Blogs

Tumblr, Livejournal, Wordpress, Blogger, it doesn't matter! If you have an ArcheAge dedicated blog then reply below with the details so others can connect with you. I'll try my best to keep this post updated but feel free to nudge me if I miss a r...
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Hi everyone!I will be Tsaiye in game, but will go by my online handle here in the forums.I have been roleplaying on MMOs for a very long time and I am just so excited to get all up in this game. ALL UP IN IT. I am excited to see how the rolepla...
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I don't think i have done one of these yet if not here it is, if i have well nevermind!Thoose that don't know me i'm Greg though go by the name on this forum as Esreian a name i used for a character in Aion. After knowing our man behind this site ...
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Hello to all

Looking forward to this game, played in beta and will probably go patron.just wanted to say hello and also let you all know I am looking for a good RP guild for launch :)thanks.
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Uhm, well.... pleased to meet you.

Well, how to begin.... its time for me to join I guess. Uuuh, well, I'm not really a good or well experienced roleplayer. I actually roleplayed only some time ago in Lineage2, and for a while also on Tera, the European server Samael. I don't real...
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ArcheAge Discussion

ArcehAge RP site skype group?

Hey there! I saw mentioned of a skype group over on the official forums posted in one of this site's threads, and was curious if it's an open skype group? If it is, how does one go about becoming a member? If it's not, well, disregard! :)
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Roleplay Discussion

Confused about all the Roleplaying Communities? Don't be! Here is the situation!

Lock Notice - This thread is being locked to avoid further arguments. If you need a post of your own edited or deleted and find you are not able to do so, please contact a moderator for assistance. Thank you!Greetings Roleplay Community.I know tha...
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Character Profiles

Luci Aomi ((WIP))

Hi all,I would love some feedback/suggestions on Luci, this is my first RP character and she is basically an open book and almost entirely malleable.What I need most is a real purpose for her, and I think that might be finding Arisea, and it becom...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Appearance save question!

Anyone know if our character appearance saves will save to open beta and release? Or is there some way to save the files and keep them separate just in case? I spent waaay too much perfecting, and want to ensure I don't lose all that work!
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Character Profiles

Fiara Bladeborn (NA - East) WIP - Comments/Feedback Welcome

&lt;Fiara Bladeborn&gt;((Link to profile site above. It is unfinished, will post the history soon.))
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Roleplay Discussion

What RP situation do you look forward to the most?

Good Evening, AARP'rs,In other MMOs I found myself getting excited for Guild Meetings in a local NPC house, or "Preparing a ship to fight naval battles" that would never actually sail. Although these situations were awesome, I feel like Archeage b...
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Character Profiles

Joaquin Assante - Hunter, Tracker, Trader, Merc WIP

General Full Name: Joaquin AssanteNicknames: Prettyboy, HandsomeLevel: Class: Race: NuianGender: MaleAge: 28Hair: ShortSkin: Caramel ColouredEyes: Light BrownJoaquin also has a five o'clock shadow that sometimes is darker or lighter depending on...
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Feedback & Errors


I was curious about what people might think about an All Game Topic section. A place to talk about the last games coming out whatever they are. I know alot of us are watching Everquest Next Round Table and some are keeping an eye on Black Dessert...
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Roleplay Discussion

General Ship Terms for RP

I stumbled across this old post that I had made from when I had a pirate guild in UO. I know some people of planning on roleplaying pirates so thought I would share in case someone could make use of them.Ship Terms Above Board Cabins above the wa...
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