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[Blurb] Sabiena- Diamonds

[Just a little jam I figured I'd post]The cool breeze of the summer noon drifted past her nostrils and filled them with the saccharine sweetness of a pasture in bloom. Small comfort to the summer dress clad human who cowered from the sun's wrath i...
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A bowl of salad on the table

Hiya there! Time for you guys to get to know this salad you'll be seeing a lot.::How did you hear about ArcheAge?::Through a stream, watched the streamer create her character and play. It looked interesting.::What are your hopes for RP i...
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Well Hi There!

Sweeney (or Natty as Bonfrair likes to call me.) checking in. My original purpose with AA was to simply be his farming slave. Problem was, he showed me footage of the game. Let's just say my jaw dropped faster than the banana hammock of a five dol...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Server Selection Curating

So! I've said it a few times but I guess it does bear restatement: The server polls are going to be curated to get rid of those servers that have the big zergy guilds and ultra-competitive individuals per popular request.Watching the official foru...
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I like the Count of Monte Cristo (The newish one, not the black and white), V for Vendetta, all the Marvel Movies, strategy games, and MMORPGs. I am inappropriate, crude, frequently abrasive, and honest. If I come off as mean that's because I'm tr...
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Off Topic Discussion

Interest Checked!: An IC news source

THIS IDEA HAS PASSED! Please see here if you want to be a member of our staff!In GW2 I started a blog on tumblr with the intention of publishing IC articles written about characters by the owner of said characters. The moderation team was also set...
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Good day to you all!

Hello folks!Firstly I want to say you've got a great site up and running here and it's very nice to be able to come visit. So introductions are in order. *clears throat*My name is ClockworkWolf (well that's not what my parents named me but it suff...
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Kaiser brings his Greetings to the Roleplay Community.

I knew about the game for a few years but never got into it. Then I heard more about ArcheAge from a Semi-Insane friend of mine, who would not shut up about the game. I finally gave into him roughly 3 Months ago, and am now exactly like he was in ...
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Fan Creations

Elaida's Art Commissions - [NightEve Designs]

Hey all. I create renders of people's characters from various games. At the moment I've completed works for people from various games including, GW2, WS, ArcheAge and SWTOR. I do my art in Poser/Carrara/3DS Max and Photoshop. Pricing details can b...
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Fan Creations

Foxy Doodles

[/center]Hey all! Figured I'd share some of my art now that I've been trying to work with my drawing tablet more. :) Feel free to request your character drawn, though I don't guarantee it'll look remotely good since I'm just practicing really! All...
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Fan Creations

Xehara'a Art

I'll make this all pretty later with details of the stuff I do and so on. In the mean time... If you would like some photoshop editing done for your character profiles or guild adverts, please let me know. I am putting this up now so you can be aw...
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Brynwulf's introduction

Howdy everyone, Brynwulf here!Like I said, Brynwulf is the name, though many just call me Bryn for short. I was born and raised in the small country, better knwon as the Netherlands and have been an active gamer and eventually, roleplayer for quit...
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:Tips his hat:

Hello, been lurking about for several months, as my old guild has come back together for ArchAge I thought it was time to say hello the community before launch.I am an avid Role Player that really feels that past time does not need to impede the a...
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Friendly greetings

I cant originally call where I had heard about ArcheAge originally except some trailers a few years ago, had forgotten about it, then heard about it again I believe earlier this spring along with the news of it entering beta phases in North Americ...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Server Selection Concerns

Hey guys, so as I understand it there will be pretty much the beta servers to begin with at head start. For launch though, the plan is to add more servers on top of those.This presents all kinds of problems I'm concerned with, such as servers with...
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Character Profiles

Allister Darrow (WIP - In need of some format tweakin')

General Info Full Name: Allister Roland DarrowNicknames: Usually goes under the alias “Crow” to those in his profession.Race: NuianGender: MaleAge: 28Hair: A dark reddish-brown, usually swept messily off to one side.Skin: A lightly tanned tone tha...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Preparations for Launch (Or Early Access)

So I'm completely set to jump in when the floodgates open on the 12th. One of my coworkers is trading shifts with me (bless her). Also planning on nabbing enough game fuel (trail mix, jugs of water, poop bucket, non-perishable fruits) to keep me r...
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Nice to meet you

Hello my Name is Paul, I'm 20 years old and I currently live in germany and my parents are from Japan that's why I lived there for almost 4 years, It's nice to meet you all! I heard about ArcheAge arround one year ago, when someone in another game...
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Roleplay Discussion

island inn and interfaction roleplay hub

Hi everyone, I have an idea I would like to throw out there to see if there is enough interest to justify pursuing. I am thinking of running an in game inn and pub on one of the islands situated between both main faction continents. The purpose wo...
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