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Hello Everyone!

I'm new here too, and thought I'd drop in and introduce myself. Especially since there's a forums section for it. ^_^I'm an older gamer (no, not that old!) and I've roleplayed a lot online for about the last ten years; starting from persistant pla...
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Stories, Journals & Roleplay


There is one bad word in this. This is a collaborative effort between Maelgwyn and myself.The camp was a haphazard affair. It wasn’t for lack of trying, that much was true. Exhaustion plagued every member of the tribe.. Life on the sweeping pla...
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Hi, New to Archeage and RP in general.. scared yet excited.

Hello there! I'm Exeriah and I'm new to AA, I followed it loosely but really know very little about it, I've got a general understanding of the game from playing these last two days.I'm also new to roleplaying, its always something I've wanted to ...
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Greetings and Salutations

So I apologize if I am doing anything against the rules of the Website due to the fact that I have not been able to track the rules down anywhere. The way I view it is that I was raised and have a sense of what is right and wrong so I do not think...
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Character Profiles

Sire : WIP

GeneralFull Name: to be determined Nicknames: Sire Level: Class: Doomlord (Occult,Battlerage,defense) Race: Harani Gender: Male Age: 22 Hair: Dark Brown Skin: pale Eyes: Green BiographicalPlace of Residence: none Place of Birth: Haranya Relatives...
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Roleplay Discussion

Which Server?

HiWhich server is everyone playing on and what races is everyone playing?
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*lowers her ears and bows her head deeply*

I greet you warmly and as a friend. I am called Raene and I am a Shaman to my people. I would walk among you and learn of your many peoples and ways. I have only my staff, my spells, and my companionship to offer. <She smiles, revealing tipped ...
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Roleplay Discussion

AA Roll System - A community question!

I'm working on an Archeage specific role-system, with some inspiration from Pathfinder, though simplified for everyday usage. I plan on posting it up here but I thought I'd get some feedback first on how many people might use it. It's going to hav...
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Roleplay Discussion

Roleplay Channel

Was wondering if there was going to be a RP channel setup for both NA and EU?Would be a good idea for RPers to chat and also advertise upcoming events and such.Is a custom channel even possible come to think of it :D
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A very pink welcome!

Hi there! My name is Kaloki. I'm a 27 year old female gamer that's looking to join the community of Archage. It mostly drew me in with the ability to own you're own housing (which is one thing I -love- to decorate) and all the nice RP friendly fe...
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You may kiss my hand..

I was thinking about a swanky way of opening my introduction. I think I may have found it. :)I first got interested in AA when it was in beta in Korea. Seemed like a roleplayers dream. I guess we'll see. I'm a mature player, aka 30+, from Finland ...
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Off Topic Discussion

9/7: [NA/EU] End of Beta: In Plug DJ

Doesn't matter what server you're on, join us in ArcheAge Roleplay's Plug DJ room for an end of Open Beta party! No need to request songs, just make your own playlist and join the DJ que!What is Plug DJ?Plug DJ is a browser based social community ...
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Lore Resources & Discussion

Huuuuuuuuge lore dump!

ARCHEAGE LORE DUMP!IMPORTANT NOTE!What you see below is merely a quick review of what I’ve gleaned from reading quests on respected areas. These quests can be reviewed here: Is all of this 100% accurate with...
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ArcheAge Discussion

How are you spending Beta?

Takanu, Vashuru, Vorandril and I just spent about 30 minutes ramming one ship in the rear until it was over the land barrier in Mirage Isle and we sailed off into the white unknown! What are you doing?
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ArcheAge Discussion

Looking for friends in game- Naima- <W> or <E>

Just thought I'd post.. everyone reply so we can meet up or talk in game!(Naima for beta)Kayanaa - Elf &lt;western&gt;Nahreena - Firran &lt;eastern&gt;Which characters are you? I am low level (8 and 10 atm, respectively) and just would like to hav...
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Roleplay Discussion

Beta Servers: Namia or Tahyang

Where you at? The skype group is going Namia now.
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Hail Friends, and Well Met!

A pleasure to meet you all! I'm eagerly awaiting launch (who isn't?) and looking forward to developing Erenor into something special together! As for me: How did you hear about ArcheAge?I first heard about ArcheAge around a year or so ago throug...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Laws and Order!

Hay guys with the whole Trial system in the beta's iv seen nothing but trolls xD however i'd like it if we could posabley establish some Laws on our server :D Mayhaps even have some Defense atternys , there's a lot of play with this system i'd lik...
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ArcheAge Discussion

Playing as a sellsword?

I have had this idea of playing as a sellsword vagabond type of character. I thought about selling my support for gold, goods, favors etc... Would this even work out in terms of gamemechanics and the community? I guess I could sell myself down at ...
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ArcheAge Discussion


I didn't try it in Beta but can any class wear any type of armour?Also, are there any dyes :)
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