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#14400892 Aug 07, 2020 at 02:09 PM
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Dear Vahn~

Hello again~! Happy Day!
(written in Haranyan that looked like it had been copied exactly out of a dictionary).
I have been practising speaking Haranyan, but I don’t know how good it is! My nephew gives me weird looks when I do! He’s only four years younger than me! Isn’t that funny!
Ellie has three new foals in the herd! Two are fillies, one’s a colt! I want to name the colt with a Haranyan name--do you know a good one for a horse?
I found a journal in Windshade that has a list of all the places in the world and what to see at them! It even has places in Haranya! I hope I can visit soon, I want to see all of Erenor!
I really liked the books you sent! I want to read more, especially about magic! I focused really hard one day, and I think I made a fairy light! Cole (that’s my nephew) said it was a firefly, but they aren’t green!
Jere (my brother) is coming over tomorrow because Ellie said he needed fresh mountain air! He’s only a year older than me, but sometimes he seems like he’s much younger! But he’s really quiet, and draws for hours! Not just pictures, but patterns and designs too! He really likes the horses too!
Okay, I have to go do chores now, but I’m sending this letter with Ellie’s!

~Yours, Japhne
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Haranyan | Nuian

Dear Japhne,

Great job (great job) with your Haranyan! Learning a new language is a monumental task. If you're not the best at speaking a new language, don't worry. You'll only get better and better as you practice. I hope that I get to speak with you in Haranyan someday. I'm not an expert in Nuian either. I have a difficult time with the accent, so you might think that I sound a little strange when I try to speak Nuian.

A lot of horses and other animals in Haranya tend to be named after characteristics of the animal. For instance, if your new colt really likes apples, you might name them
Apple (apple). If your new colt is a fast runner, you might name them Quickhoof (quick hooves). I recommend looking up a word you think fits (and that you like the sound of)!

What place in Haranya would you like to see the most? Vrekka and I live in Hasla, which is where I was born and raised, though we have friends all over the continent, especially in Mahadevi. We'd love for you to visit some day!

It's very possible that you conjured light magic. As it sounds like you have already read, small lights are one of the foundational magical feats. Keep trying it, and see if you can replicate it. Remember to focus less on your body, and more on your mind. Somatics will come later on as you get better at magic. Small lights don't require it. Remember to practice magic outside where it is safe, away from dry brush, and with someone not far who can make sure you are safe in case you accidentally conjure more powerful magic. Always keep water nearby, just in case!

Please tell Jere and Cole I said hello! I would love to see what sort of things Jere draws. I hope that you and your family enjoy the plums we're sending. I hope that you are all healthy and happy!

Take care,
Be well,
Vahn Draren
Vahn Draren
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